what even is this app game?!

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We were told DO NOT Download this app game because you constantly have to save your date. So of course my husband Bobby & I had to play it anyway... will our relationship survive?? It's basically like that Save The Girl app game but for couples...
Couple Plays App Game That MAKES COUPLES CHEAT: noburn.info/id/video/lobLpNVyo36IsZQ.html
I Tried SURGERY on Vegetables in Fruit Clinic Because it's 2020 & Nothing Makes Sense: noburn.info/id/video/2Zq2ks5hcomRbaQ.html
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Ajiji Lps
Ajiji Lps - Dag siden
Just the name of this one
Senpai bro
Senpai bro - 3 dager siden
SARI - 3 dager siden
4M 30 WANG Jenny Kexin
4M 30 WANG Jenny Kexin - 4 dager siden
I love the way that lauren says:’ getting kidnapped again’
Juvic Abria
Juvic Abria - 4 dager siden
I love your videos
It’s Moon
It’s Moon - 9 dager siden
THE 4 DS yasssss
juliah0lmes - 9 dager siden
Lauren and Bobby’s pass time hobby activity is to
AVA SEPE - 10 dager siden
Would you murder someone or get an f on your test??? Chose.
Distant Bird Media
Distant Bird Media - 11 dager siden
Surprise Mother .HECKER.
Teddy Acorn
Teddy Acorn - 12 dager siden
For real though bobby does a really good bird impression
Leena's Fantastic Fun
Leena's Fantastic Fun - 12 dager siden
You don’t play this game this is will hunt your nightmares
Teddy Acorn
Teddy Acorn - 12 dager siden
It actually already did
Siimply Norah
Siimply Norah - 13 dager siden
“Surprise mother f-“
fatema ebeid
fatema ebeid - 13 dager siden
hey lauren i miss the troom troom pranks and bobby and the girls go games videos they are hilarious
Julianne Skye Abria
Julianne Skye Abria - 14 dager siden
That is funny
Jacquelynn Parent
Jacquelynn Parent - 15 dager siden
I actually learned how to do the heimlich in girl scouts
Kazie Grand
Kazie Grand - 17 dager siden
Lauren: we need to . . .
Lauren: what are you doing?
its syaza
its syaza - 17 dager siden
Idk why but i laughed so hard when bobby said suprise mother f-cker
ramaa kale
ramaa kale - 19 dager siden
The best part if this video was
What do you want I'm here
We're not going to kill people
Oh 4- ok one second
What other club are you part of?
A few...
Lorelei Harcey
Lorelei Harcey - 22 dager siden
Bobby: comes with murder tools and says hes a part of a diffrent club
Me: what club are you in?... Can I be apart of it.
ella - 22 dager siden
This video is 12:36 long, but it felt like _30 minutes._
Katie B
Katie B - 24 dager siden
Lauren: we're not supposed to be murdering people
Bobby: oh wrong club
Lauren: what other clubs are you part of
Bobby: a few it's fine
Çlåire Dä pēâr Iš actùally ã potatø
My mom and dad are fighting and this is helping me.
Jay B
Jay B - 24 dager siden
To be honest this video is lacking. Deal with it. Not like she has any ideas left anyways bring home the shame and bathe in it
Destiny Garibo
Destiny Garibo - 24 dager siden
Why it's access to your what photo????
Sofia Hill
Sofia Hill - 24 dager siden
I have anover D Dissapointment
Perry the platypus
Perry the platypus - 25 dager siden
Oh no it’s a robber
Me: he’s a killer
Perry the platypus
Perry the platypus - 25 dager siden
Literally case she was chasing them
『K i n g』
『K i n g』 - 25 dager siden
That artstyle..
0 Cat
0 Cat - 25 dager siden
Why don’t they make it the 5 d club and the fifth D can be divorce
Kassidy R
Kassidy R - 26 dager siden
lauren* I CANT MAKE MY HANDS RIGHT oh now i got it :D
ThisIsAllieG ASMR
ThisIsAllieG ASMR - 26 dager siden
And by the way this is just my mom I'm just a kid
ThisIsAllieG ASMR
ThisIsAllieG ASMR - 26 dager siden
I think it's cool and amazing and he's funny too
ThisIsAllieG ASMR
ThisIsAllieG ASMR - 26 dager siden
Can Bobby be more on your channel if he's not I'll be very sad 😭
Kirstie Storey
Kirstie Storey - 26 dager siden
LaurenZside:it’s like our...
LaurenZside:Relationship has
LaurenZside:Gotten worse
Kirstie Storey
Kirstie Storey - 26 dager siden
Soooo 😆
Kirstie Storey
Kirstie Storey - 26 dager siden
Hahah so funny I’m dying 😂😂😂
Sara Nibu
Sara Nibu - 29 dager siden
the murderer never dies unless he has 11110 clones or is voldemort
It's Wolfy
It's Wolfy - Måned siden
So how is the robber not dead
Alicia Burgess
Alicia Burgess - Måned siden
If u turned of your Internet there shouldn't be any adds
Katie B
Katie B - Måned siden
I know spanish :)
Leon Gomez
Leon Gomez - Måned siden
Zac Gillard
Zac Gillard - Måned siden
laruen:were not murdring peps... what other clubs are you apart of?
bobby: a few

bobbys head: dont tell her about DeathCult and The Killing Kreeps

If u know any other names for cults and clubs comment dem (:: (:: (:: 0w0
pepper ward
pepper ward - Måned siden
pepper ward
pepper ward - Måned siden
7:06 the way he frowned im dying
Amm Dz
Amm Dz - Måned siden
Surprise mother -
Teresa Larsen
Teresa Larsen - Måned siden
Turn on airplane mode for no adds!!!
Weirdly Charlie
Weirdly Charlie - Måned siden
I join the four D's club.
Can I?
Funtime Fox
Funtime Fox - Måned siden
This app was APPsolutly
Adiel Thomas-Rodney
Adiel Thomas-Rodney - Måned siden
Will mini lauren be a part of the 4d club????? 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall - Måned siden
Laurenzside I'm your big fan my name is kaelyn i like the video 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Felix Fernandez
Felix Fernandez - Måned siden
4Ds club
ella - Måned siden
Lauren you don't have to buy no ads because you can just turn off you're wifi 😭
Peter Ngigi Mbugua
Peter Ngigi Mbugua - Måned siden
how do you throw a bomb and it comes back like a boomarang
Peter Ngigi Mbugua
Peter Ngigi Mbugua - Måned siden
am a girl this is my dads account
Peter Ngigi Mbugua
Peter Ngigi Mbugua - Måned siden
I have subscribed and put the notifications
Banana - Måned siden
I just got an among us ad- wait no its tiya.
Lucy Gilbert
Lucy Gilbert - Måned siden
"Just remember, I'm a wizard,:
*You're a wizard, Bobby.*
Bruh_itz _Sav
Bruh_itz _Sav - Måned siden
Celestine Loveria
Celestine Loveria - Måned siden
Yo that dude can summon stuff like:
This dude s sick yo
They just run away with some stuff
And the cringiest couple is *STILL* alive

For now

(Sorry I was talking about when you die)
Celestine Loveria
Celestine Loveria - Måned siden
And forgot a boat
Celestine Loveria
Celestine Loveria - Måned siden
Dude I am so *eViL*
Celestine Loveria
Celestine Loveria - Måned siden
You in begging:

Me: this is the cringiest couple ever
Sierra Phoenix
Sierra Phoenix - Måned siden
Guy: *uses crowbar on door*
*person with knife comes up*
Bobby: Surpise mother-
Me: O>O I mean- Bobby isn't wrong-
lisa ward
lisa ward - Måned siden
Sharon Reyes-Bompat
Sharon Reyes-Bompat - Måned siden
Teddy Acorn
Teddy Acorn - Måned siden
XD the start tho PPPPPTTTTTT
batbold tuvshinzaya
batbold tuvshinzaya - Måned siden
is everyone is gonna ignore that lauren texted ''is this even a game''
Reen Wolf
Reen Wolf - Måned siden
Is it just me or does anybody else love seeing vids with her n bobby? Theyre amazing and funny together i love it lol
Reen Wolf
Reen Wolf - Måned siden
Omg the poop in the street
Bobby says try shovel
Guy throws with shovel
Poop lands on girls face
Lauren laughing and Bobby leaving
Me laughing too hard
Bobby: i hate this game!
Me dying of laughter XD
Grace Ficarra
Grace Ficarra - Måned siden
Me watching this in 2020 like those vids at the side have nothing to do with the 4 Ds
its Kunal Goyal
its Kunal Goyal - Måned siden
You should play save the girl
Bethel Haile-Mariam
Bethel Haile-Mariam - Måned siden
the game BitLife doesnt give u ads if u ask for it
Guadalupe Coronilla
Guadalupe Coronilla - Måned siden
Can I join i rejected 4 different boys btw Im in 5th grade
Galaxy_Nibite - Måned siden
The whole time I was laughing 😂
Green Panda Bamboo
Green Panda Bamboo - Måned siden
Keith Tonge
Keith Tonge - Måned siden
Lauren says they're not going to be hurting people

Lauren two seconds later: TRIES TO BOMB SOMEONE
Cat_BonBon - Måned siden
I dont have tictok so i got it to see your tictoks but then i couldn't find them 😭😭
Founko Dipper
Founko Dipper - Måned siden
I laughed the whole time
• Cray Cray All Day •
• Cray Cray All Day • - Måned siden
"Oh sorry, sorry, wrong club"

Lauren: *visible concern*
ᴀᴍxʟɪᴀ常 - Måned siden
Narrator : We’re stuck on the elevator!
Bobby : * sighs * *Surprise mother f–*
Ava Anon
Ava Anon - Måned siden
Not gonna lie when the dog was in the elavator I thought it was trash bags. 😂😂😂
MistressTalja - Måned siden
What the Heck
Unicorn Playz
Unicorn Playz - Måned siden
My fourth grade class was 4D 🤣😂🤣
Indypendee - Måned siden
Almost endless scrolling down yay

Yay you did it lol
Diane Brissette
Diane Brissette - Måned siden
My sister ash I I just subed when I found out that you are pregnant with a girl or a boy
BRENNA BROWERS - Måned siden
The last two d's. Who is a robot and has a realtionship. Oh yea. The originals, C.B, Ennard, so on.
(like if you know what i mean.)
alaa elbadawi
alaa elbadawi - Måned siden
If I trick you pin meh

...Read More
Swee Seng Lim
Swee Seng Lim - Måned siden

Alexis Davison
Alexis Davison - Måned siden
i just seen this and looked it was uploaded on my birthday😁😂
Hott Momma
Hott Momma - Måned siden
Me seeing the top of comment I am a piece of toast :>
Princey - Måned siden
...Lauren, I just watched the video where you played that one teacher app game and not only sprayed people with a fire extinguisher, but t a z e d them... so is that really fair to say? 😂
Bella McEntyre
Bella McEntyre - Måned siden
I love how when they lost the hair one and then an ad came on Bobby was like,”Refund! REFUND!!”
Trish Watson
Trish Watson - Måned siden
Robber:am I a joke to u
Bobby: suprise mother f-
Travis Pouk
Travis Pouk - Måned siden
Wait you have the D club well on cuphead we have the B club
• Scoobie Chan •
• Scoobie Chan • - Måned siden
Gacha Lover
Gacha Lover - Måned siden
Fun fact: my sis’s boyfriend had coronavirus
Lonnie_Pasta _Raccoon
Lonnie_Pasta _Raccoon - Måned siden
0:48 thats code for
*'I sniffed way to much snow'*
Jinx Unicorn
Jinx Unicorn - Måned siden
Fish chicken Rust
Fish chicken Rust - Måned siden
Bobby the entire video: 👁—👁 😀
Georgie - Måned siden
Monika Pap
Monika Pap - Måned siden
Btw someone probably already answered this question but
If you would choce money instead of running away.
It would be this :
"Wana give money to the rober but dont finds her wallet"
He dont finds her wallet cus he lost her wallet before her date and the wallet ben not find, just after the choice :)
Didint plays the game just guessing
щak yhatoфny
щak yhatoфny - Måned siden
"You're a wizard bobby"
"Im a what?"
"A wizard"
FGS BØØMŶ - Måned siden
that robber had the iq of a peanut
Crystal Sowell
Crystal Sowell - Måned siden
Bobby: Surprise mother-