Visiting Real-Life HAUNTED Houses & Ghost Stories in The Sims 4

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This video sponsored by Zillow. Find cool homes by checking out Zillow! #ZillowPartner Today I'll be using Zillow to find REAL LIFE haunted houses & then visiting & touring them in The Sims 4 while telling you the ghost stories that surround them.
Testing VIRAL SIMS TikTok Life Hacks to See if They Actually Work:
The Sims 4 ...but it's Actually Among Us:
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Tyler Boi
Tyler Boi - Time siden
Thanks for giving me nightmares
Lil dog Millionaire
Lil dog Millionaire - 23 timer siden
Very spoopy stories Lauren!
Georgia Booysen
Georgia Booysen - Dag siden
U should have done the Sally house
Tammy Odom
Tammy Odom - Dag siden
Is this fake or is it real my mom said it's fake
Tammy Odom
Tammy Odom - Dag siden
Idk is it real or fake
Auyzhia Scott
Auyzhia Scott - 2 dager siden
No one:
Lady Looking: what is that
Kabia zainab
Kabia zainab - 2 dager siden
This movie scared the poop out of me
Haylen Heal
Haylen Heal - 2 dager siden
You should do this again but with the conjuring house
Oryan Miller
Oryan Miller - 3 dager siden
I just got so scared that I need to sleep in my pants bro for 3 months
DSigurdsson - 4 dager siden
Zillow if the Zside family had a pillow factory
itzHarper duhhh
itzHarper duhhh - 4 dager siden
I was watching her vid with COVID and PREGO i was like NOPE
charity loves broadway
charity loves broadway - 6 dager siden
*the sims 4 paranormal has entered the chat*
Artic-Sky Midoryia
Artic-Sky Midoryia - 10 dager siden
okay, no joke while I was listening to this while drawing i saw a flash of light in the corner of my eye on the oppisite side on me. I also felt cold chills, kinda cool to be honest. So in other words, this video upset the ghosts that haunt me. meh
Indianna Dawes
Indianna Dawes - 11 dager siden
My sis is called Amity
Desislava Hadzhidimitrova
Desislava Hadzhidimitrova - 11 dager siden
Lauren: purple hair me: GUrl
Clara/ballora: the woman behind the slaughter and the man behind the slaughter
Xa X Ax
Xa X Ax - 11 dager siden
The watcher was actually about a man who stalked a family. It was NOT haunted, as haunted is a ghost infested home. The watcher could have even been the family themselves. I recommend watching the Buzzfeed Unsolved video on it if you like a true crime story.
Akemi - 12 dager siden
no one:
absolutely no one:
not even the ghosts:
me: hey that looks like my friends house!
KAYLYNN HUNTER - 13 dager siden
Lauren, I think you should do a video about the history of the old portland cement factory in Utah and I also love scary and haunted things.
KAYLYNN HUNTER - 13 dager siden
and if you didn't know it is now called the fear factory and the reason why I would like if you did a video on the history is that I think that you would really like learning about it and my mom actually works there. Anyway if you have time, please try and make a video about the history and like I said I think you would like it.
Coco Gimmelli
Coco Gimmelli - 14 dager siden
Coco Gimmelli
Coco Gimmelli - 14 dager siden
Alysa Smith
Alysa Smith - 14 dager siden
The last one is from “The Conjuring”
Sis And Bro Gaming
Sis And Bro Gaming - 16 dager siden
Bijju mike more like Biss u Klondike bar
GachaAlex 1184
GachaAlex 1184 - 16 dager siden
That last one really spooked me 😂
Noelle Letizia Angela Ronquillo
Jessii Vee would love Zillow because she LOVES haunted stuff and houses!
cruiseaharley01 - 17 dager siden
lauren how do you like this stuff its creapy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Little Bit obvious TWInS
Little Bit obvious TWInS - 18 dager siden
claire - 19 dager siden
stop now i’m terrified to sleep 😭
Katrina Fernandez
Katrina Fernandez - 19 dager siden
I believe all them but the last one
Younas Aziz
Younas Aziz - 20 dager siden
Hey you should watch snarled it’s a scary channel that there’s a woman called Sapphire who tell scary stories and you can do a reaction video on it because you love scary things so much
Ryleigh Lee
Ryleigh Lee - 20 dager siden
Lauren: Walks into the paint room *Zooms in on creepy person outside*

Me: Nothing happened all you got to do is

Maisie Fisher
Maisie Fisher - 20 dager siden
looks like Lauren is taking a leaf out of copses book
Kyah Smith
Kyah Smith - 20 dager siden
I'm not even scared of this video but I had a nightmare about it- and at the end I heard someone/something say: "ZILLOW HOUSES" I'm so confused and a little scared.
Jessee Marriott
Jessee Marriott - 20 dager siden
No one:
Absolutely nobody:
Lauren: i shall tell you scary story 😊
Me: are you normal you seem scary
Melissa Mombourquette
Melissa Mombourquette - 21 dag siden
I criedIt was way too scary
Anime god
Anime god - 22 dager siden
The second house was I saw on Ghost Adventures there are there proof of Paranormal Activity people and that's my favorite episode
Ava Myers
Ava Myers - 22 dager siden
The movie for the AmityVille house was really good, if you liked the story you should watch the movie.
amber ingram
amber ingram - 22 dager siden
I was not scared by like anyways😀
Lily Morrison
Lily Morrison - 23 dager siden
u know u thought this was a fun video but insted u tell storys like bruh......
Natalia Perez
Natalia Perez - 23 dager siden
Natalia Perez
Natalia Perez - 23 dager siden
Pretty sure i heard this story before watching thos
Natalia Perez
Natalia Perez - 23 dager siden
Brian Siegwald
Brian Siegwald - 23 dager siden
Welp this is great to do a haunted house bc Bobby at 3:00am will pass out bc of ur demon doll ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Els G
Els G - 24 dager siden
All hail the watcher
Leon Gomez
Leon Gomez - 24 dager siden
 - 24 dager siden
Your not scary. LAUREN
Tenko Nanami
Tenko Nanami - 24 dager siden
There is a book on myon and i think it’s called super scary places? And it tells you about the amitty house and it tells what happens there
•Cherry_Bløssøm• - 24 dager siden
Lol,really tho?
GlitchtrapVa - 25 dager siden
Lauren’s lights: Pretty purpleeeeeeeeeeee, HAUNTED DEMON RED!
Princess Kittymittens
Princess Kittymittens - 25 dager siden
Can you plz do more of these
Violet Baldwin
Violet Baldwin - 26 dager siden
Sana - 27 dager siden
If she were an actual narrator for books, I would actually pay attention in class
Maria M
Maria M - 28 dager siden
Haunted in my game: NO BATHROOM NO KITCHEN two bedrooms and a tiny pool For 8 sims
Amber dolphin1210
Amber dolphin1210 - 28 dager siden
At 8:30 I almost crapped myself when the dummy came up.
Nina Cliffe
Nina Cliffe - Måned siden
*Chîckën Wølvës*
*Chîckën Wølvës* - Måned siden
ForcedToMakeGames - Måned siden
i was litterly coughing and didnt care about being scared
beutiful cat
beutiful cat - Måned siden
Read more
mak ayn & zahra
mak ayn & zahra - Måned siden
How are you
Randie Park
Randie Park - Måned siden
Way blondie
Way blondie - Måned siden
You should also do The Winchester House
Maria Najarro
Maria Najarro - Måned siden
Tina Avery
Tina Avery - Måned siden
If these are real this would not be scary
ELLIE Seal - Måned siden
I sub to u
Tina Avery
Tina Avery - Måned siden
Cus there real dude
Sanders _Fangirl
Sanders _Fangirl - Måned siden
*my brain*
Mother of IOO Children
Mother of IOO Children - Måned siden
True fact about my house:haunted
True fact about my door:Haunted
Kwan Moriah
Kwan Moriah - Måned siden
These haunted house are not real right
Xxfallen_angelxX X
Xxfallen_angelxX X - Måned siden
You did not do Winchester do it it’s really haunted please
Millie Boudreau
Millie Boudreau - Måned siden
I need my sound up cause I’m loudly eating crackers, but I don’t want it to be too loud and get jumpscared lmaoo
Sarah Giese
Sarah Giese - Måned siden
lmao!!! that happened to me to XD
Kyree Street
Kyree Street - Måned siden
can you do A part two
eli 1412
eli 1412 - Måned siden
you know in Netherland there some good spooky storys as well . De witte wieven , de vliegnde hollander and many many more . maybe you could check some out .
jjjohnson885 - Måned siden
I feel like we need a part 2 and 3
Animation and gacha Marionette
Did you say... 3:15 am? Fnaf fans.... are you smelling this too? It's on the last one.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - Måned siden
potato pie
potato pie - Måned siden
Did I give you enough real life spooks GOOD
carlin carlin
carlin carlin - Måned siden
i like how she walks through things like a ghost

Amity Birbeck
Amity Birbeck - Måned siden
Idk - Måned siden
My parents have zillow
Cadence DiFiore
Cadence DiFiore - Måned siden
Some People watching the video: murder be scary imma have nightmares
Me: Lauren you’re scary I like you
R Athey
R Athey - Måned siden
Dis gorl could be a good story teller geeZz
Little Stars DIY
Little Stars DIY - Måned siden
We need more sims videos!!
puffnuts - Måned siden
Lauren why is it like this... HOW DO YOU ALWAYS GET ME TO LIKE YOUR VIDEOS WHEN YOU SAY SO!?!?? D:
Cosmo _Thewolf
Cosmo _Thewolf - Måned siden
Me at night: oh god pls don't tell the stories
Lauren: hahaha i shall tell de stories
Lilah PuppyMaster
Lilah PuppyMaster - Måned siden
My mom used to live in a haunted house 😶
•Peachxst_r• - Måned siden
Tabby - Måned siden
Fun fact: i live near the amityville house
Savannah TDM
Savannah TDM - Måned siden
louren: these are very spooky
YouTube: scary game and try not to cry
Savannah TDM
Savannah TDM - Måned siden
Do more
Tanesha Rane
Tanesha Rane - Måned siden
I think you should explore a haunted house
Allyson Fleming
Allyson Fleming - Måned siden
so uh im a litte scared bc imma kid love all the vid ✌🏻
Brooklyn Stoll
Brooklyn Stoll - Måned siden
Go watch Buzzfeed Unsolved Mysteries for further details on “The Watcher.” They explain many different theories in depth and I’m not going to spoil it, but they are pretty sure they know who it is! Go check it out!
Kristin Simco
Kristin Simco - Måned siden
Sabina Westhagen
Sabina Westhagen - Måned siden
lauren: this video is sponsored by Zillow!
me: pauses video
me again: yells to my dad "DAD, MY FAVORITE YOUTUBER IS SPONSORING ZILLOW!!!!!"
(my dad works at zillow)
I is wolf I Is also wolf
I is wolf I Is also wolf - Måned siden
Me in 2020: SIMS
Heidi Lubbers
Heidi Lubbers - Måned siden
I forgot she does sims ahhhh so sorry
Cindy Chew
Cindy Chew - Måned siden
November 13, ten days before my birthday
1974, the year my dad was born
Jenn Flowers
Jenn Flowers - Måned siden
I'm a fan i bought your leggings
Jenn Flowers
Jenn Flowers - Måned siden
Hi Lauren
RanieIQ - Måned siden
I'm a have a fun time trying to sleep
get fit with Charlote
get fit with Charlote - Måned siden
u are da best Lauren u make me happy when I’m sad :)))
Jhillian Rich
Jhillian Rich - Måned siden
Kristin Sowden
Kristin Sowden - Måned siden
I’m related to John Sowden
Jhillian Rich
Jhillian Rich - Måned siden
Jaina Keisler
Jaina Keisler - Måned siden
The basement at 8:40 was CrEEpy
Shannon Edmonds
Shannon Edmonds - Måned siden
I like creepy stuff and I'm only 7 years old by the way can you do more creepy stuff not to play I'm probably your only real YouTuber that does employee what you say not to play