The Sims 4 but Every Room is a Different Personality of Mine

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You've seen @Vixella 's "The Sims 4 but Every Room is a Different (Blank)" challenge trend going around. But have you ever seen every room as a different Personality of ME? It turned out to be a hot mess ...just like me!
I Built Myself AS A HOUSE in The Sims 4 to Battle My Inner Demons In:
@Alienware NOburn Channel:
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RainbowRoller - 8 timer siden
My old living rooms walls were just mirrors like the confident room
Pika Boo
Pika Boo - 12 timer siden
It’s a hot mess my eyes hurt
Pika Boo
Pika Boo - 12 timer siden
It’s so bright my God
Sadie Fischer
Sadie Fischer - 12 timer siden
You should make characters for each room
Tiny ASMR - 12 timer siden
She made insecure funny
charl Van rooyen
charl Van rooyen - 21 time siden
The outside mate my OCD tripping
Dark Devil
Dark Devil - 23 timer siden
Love the creative rooms floor
Dark Devil
Dark Devil - 23 timer siden
You should try every room is a different Afton charector
FOUND MOLLY - Dag siden
Me: *sees price of laptop*
Me: *reads out loud* “$1,549,99 OMG 😳”
Memsey McCarthy
Memsey McCarthy - Dag siden
I love the indisosive kitchen
I just choked on my banana milk
Lauren Alienware is sponsoring you every seven years in the month of August
safi09 - 2 dager siden
I trew up looking at this house and I got to stay home and didn't go to school so thank you
Warfel Fam
Warfel Fam - 2 dager siden
Me though this whole video: 👁 💧 👄 💧 👁
Hey its me
Hey its me - 2 dager siden
This is the house you never want to go trick or treating
Jenny Taylor
Jenny Taylor - 2 dager siden
The pode look cool
Girl For everything
Girl For everything - 2 dager siden
Lauren:tell me this doesn’t scream friendship
Me: I agree, even if it was William afton
Actually tho- I wanna be friends with him
Girl For everything
Girl For everything - 2 dager siden
I think crazy is good because differences make you who you are, and I like that.

Plus I’m crazy too so-
Alexus Sparks
Alexus Sparks - 3 dager siden
Why my OCD is through the roof
Madison Guest
Madison Guest - 4 dager siden
i want the gaming laptop but im broke ;-;
Scarlett - 4 dager siden
I was not even born when your first video came out
Lémon_bunní - 4 dager siden
OMG!?! Ur pretty young :0
The Katie
The Katie - 4 dager siden
Juliette Shepard
Juliette Shepard - 4 dager siden
Umm...lauren maybee in the confident room you should take out the makeup because you are confident and you don't need makeup!
Marie Lewis
Marie Lewis - 5 dager siden
Alien ware truely is a dream set
Moonlight_Blackrose UwU
Moonlight_Blackrose UwU - 5 dager siden
"Ma'm Why Is There Grass And Your'e Room?
-Lauren 2020
: K a M i L a :
: K a M i L a : - 5 dager siden
just to be clear, unless one has Dissociative Identity Disorder, they don't have "different personalities". A personality is a singular person. Instead, use "personality *traits* ", facets of a person's one personality.
don't mean to hate, just inform :)
Bøba cootie
Bøba cootie - 6 dager siden
Ur hot but.......UR ALSO A MESS
hot mess 😌😙
Vintage.cherries - 6 dager siden
I have a video idea for you! So you pick 8 different personalities you have (like the video you did about building yourself) turn them into sims and make it the hunger games, last to die wins. Whoever wins gets not only a non-problematic life they also get you to be that personality for a whole day, and you can't change it. >:)
Joanne Brock
Joanne Brock - 6 dager siden
Out side of house: *Moria Elizabeth dying inside*
Edit :wait... this entire video will make Moria Elizabeth dye inside
Not Accessible
Not Accessible - 6 dager siden
I want to see the different side sims exploring this house.
Holly He
Holly He - 6 dager siden
you been in a add about alienware
GachaMittens - 7 dager siden
When you feel no pain
Fiona Wilkin
Fiona Wilkin - 7 dager siden
Lauren’s nails are purple...
Lauren’s nails have no nail polish....COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!
Olivia Gjerdrum
Olivia Gjerdrum - 7 dager siden
you are gonna end up making a house for diffrent personalitys
Brad Henen
Brad Henen - 7 dager siden
pls look at this comint
new sims pack out
Mary Berry
Mary Berry - 7 dager siden
"You feel like your falling apart but... your not."

That is why I watch Lauren.
After I cry, I watch this and remember this.
(I am crying meh so happy)
Mary Berry
Mary Berry - 7 dager siden
Cloud lights: You have your head in the clouds with the things you want to make, or do, or see!
_Speckled Fox_
_Speckled Fox_ - 8 dager siden
I’m watching this when I’m in the shower god how much do I like your channel....probably ALOT
Arisa Bays
Arisa Bays - 8 dager siden
I feel like this is what my house will look like. Thank you Lauren. My house designer is going to be so pissed.
Yingzhu Cai ( Student )
Yingzhu Cai ( Student ) - 8 dager siden
me before watching the video:oh I wonder what she will do
me after watching half way through:she can't make it worse right?
me after watching the whole video:why did I watch this
Jamie Born
Jamie Born - 8 dager siden
n o0 .w
Jamie Born
Jamie Born - 8 dager siden
o0 .w
Jamie Born
Jamie Born - 8 dager siden
00 .w
camryn weber
camryn weber - 8 dager siden
Can I live in this house? Plz it looks amazing
jirou - 9 dager siden
Lauren: this kitchen is bad
Me: the kitchen looks really cool
RobloxKidGaming - 9 dager siden
How much da alien wair? cost?
RobloxKidGaming - 9 dager siden
It costs 2k dollars
Claire Mincemoyer
Claire Mincemoyer - 9 dager siden
Omg I had a huge knot in my stomach durring the anxious room. 😳😓
Twattery - 9 dager siden
Lauren: 2020 is crazy
Me in 2021: yep
Theresa Nichols
Theresa Nichols - 9 dager siden
lauren:i wonder how many people are cringing looking at the outside of my house. me: Not me, this is normal
Erin B
Erin B - 9 dager siden
WARNING: do not whatch this vid if you have serious anxiety or OCD
Theresa Nichols
Theresa Nichols - 9 dager siden
i sometimes have ocd but only on certain things
Saleen Fischer
Saleen Fischer - 10 dager siden
Kamila - 10 dager siden
I love the crazy outside and the grass I think I just yeeted my brain cells away
Lena Xiong
Lena Xiong - 11 dager siden
sophia christieee
sophia christieee - 11 dager siden
me; omg my mom oh no
Silje Esther Andersen
Silje Esther Andersen - 12 dager siden
Doesn’t Lauren sound like a serial killer when she made the friendly room.
“This light look friendly...”
“Who wouldn’t want to sit in this friendly room”
Lauren always sound like a serial killer.
Andrew Burton-Spearing
Andrew Burton-Spearing - 12 dager siden
I love you laurenzide
Jouji Botros
Jouji Botros - 13 dager siden
The anxious room actually makes me anxious your not alone lauren
Randy Bennett
Randy Bennett - 13 dager siden
i actualy kind of like the house. Like all of it 😅😅😅
Aria Gravley
Aria Gravley - 14 dager siden
Go back in and ad a stained glass window to the creative room.
Aria Gravley
Aria Gravley - 14 dager siden
Me 6 minutes into the video: There is no way this could get any worse...

Me 2 minutes later: O.M.G. i't got worse!?!?!
Arctic does everything
Arctic does everything - 14 dager siden
The fact that she says anxious so much makes me anxious
Beth Walker
Beth Walker - 14 dager siden
my lip is bleeding iv'e been biting it when she was doing the anxious room. I'm soo uncomfortable!
Crystal Doggett
Crystal Doggett - 14 dager siden
You should have a movie home
Catherine Cook
Catherine Cook - 15 dager siden
You're confident room reminds me of something that you see in kokana copies room
Scarlett Gomes
Scarlett Gomes - 15 dager siden
I have a alianware laptop
clifton otte
clifton otte - 15 dager siden
Its a laptop not a labtop
Charlie Kreisenkamp
Charlie Kreisenkamp - 15 dager siden
The outside of the house looks like a preschooler designed it without knowing anything about the sims catalog.
Molly Harman-Page
Molly Harman-Page - 15 dager siden
me: dieing of cring
house: every colur
me:im ligit i hospitel iv got crona but now im dyeing of cring (i got ma phone)
ll chuwy cakey ll
ll chuwy cakey ll - 16 dager siden
i really like the house and yes im weird TwT
Space Girl
Space Girl - 16 dager siden
14:12 I agree with the floor rainbows.


It!!!!!! 🥰🥰😍😍❤️❤️
Blueswap Sans
Blueswap Sans - 16 dager siden
Lauren: tell me you wouldn't wanna be friend with people sitting at a flamingo table
Me: erm I don't wanna be there friend
Butterfly Pink
Butterfly Pink - 16 dager siden
14:26 Just looking at that floor stressed me out🤣🤣🤣
cheryl Peterson
cheryl Peterson - 16 dager siden
Lauren It's not 2020-2021
Alyssa Lang
Alyssa Lang - 16 dager siden
This whole video made me feel anxious
Direwolf 231
Direwolf 231 - 16 dager siden
If u want to skip the part about Alienware click the time on this comment 3:44
Madel - 17 dager siden
Fun fact your watching the vidio mini screen
Sofia Schauer
Sofia Schauer - 17 dager siden
Raegan Robertson
Raegan Robertson - 17 dager siden
Can you do another creepy pasta series pls I loved the first one
Audrey Duvall
Audrey Duvall - 18 dager siden
Guys if you ever see multiple colors that don’t match on the outside of a house it might mean the person inside can’t choose or they are just really crazy 😖
Daylyn Brady
Daylyn Brady - 18 dager siden
Imagin 7 years from now she is Scrolling in where gallery’s and sees this and says what was my problem 😁
EmCee Parks
EmCee Parks - 19 dager siden
Is it bad that I LOVE this house😜
Erin Fisher
Erin Fisher - 19 dager siden
Upstairs its like a dance studio a day set and a haunted shack that murderers like in
Erin Fisher
Erin Fisher - 19 dager siden
I think the house is epic Lauren 😎 👌 😅 😍
Natasha Burnett-Parker
Natasha Burnett-Parker - 19 dager siden
Is it just me or does it seem like Lauren's emotions / personalities are talking to each other or something like that
Piper Isbel
Piper Isbel - 19 dager siden
Lauren:This probably makes people cringe
Me:I think it looks good maybe because I'm crazy o.o
Addisynn King
Addisynn King - 19 dager siden
they make me feel so sike
Peter Vonk
Peter Vonk - 19 dager siden
me before i watched this: this is going to be good
me after i watched this : OMG i got a headach
gacha grab
gacha grab - 20 dager siden
I hate the anxious room
gacha grab
gacha grab - 20 dager siden
Much lol
Rozy O
Rozy O - 20 dager siden
I’m not I’m tired
FruitPunch Gacha
FruitPunch Gacha - 20 dager siden
Does anyone else feel like most of the intro is only talking about the sponsor?
Kat Kowalczyk
Kat Kowalczyk - 20 dager siden
Melanie martinez too lauren:
all the best people are crazy! 🎶🎵

sorry i know this is my second comment please dont hate.
Kat Kowalczyk
Kat Kowalczyk - 20 dager siden
awwww, u should have put twilight sparkle in the friendly room.🥺😄👍
I screwed up
I screwed up - 20 dager siden
Lauren- a yard with GIANT GNOMES
me- internally crying with joy
Henry Emily
Henry Emily - 20 dager siden
Sean Hughes
Sean Hughes - 20 dager siden
Can you do a partner up with JessiVee plz (ps I'm bad at spelling so plz don't get mad when I said partner up you should know what I ment hoped)
Ruth Roundy
Ruth Roundy - 20 dager siden
Looks like there’s a party going on.
•Zay• The Kangaroo Squad
•Zay• The Kangaroo Squad - 20 dager siden
They Make me anxuis and can i get a shout out if you do those?
Roseanna Shepherd
Roseanna Shepherd - 20 dager siden
That was made 5 days before my third b-day and this one made one day after my 10th
Rita Nelon
Rita Nelon - 20 dager siden
Yes yes the anxious room I get VERY anxious
Rita Nelon
Rita Nelon - 20 dager siden
Me: -gasp- I. ❤️. The LIVING ROOM