Testing VIRAL ANIMAL CROSSING TikTok Life Hacks to See if They Actually Work 3

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I TESTED viral TikTok Animal Crossing LIFE HACKS again to see if they actually work! Everything from tips, tricks, memes, builds, designs, cheats & game hacks!
Testing VIRAL ANIMAL CROSSING TikTok Life Hacks to See if They Actually Work: noburn.info/id/video/umakdrynqYiim3Y.html
Testing VIRAL ANIMAL CROSSING TikTok Life Hacks to See if They Actually Work 2: noburn.info/id/video/nXXVgauhj4N6nYY.html
Testing VIRAL SIMS TikTok Life Hacks to See if They Actually Work: noburn.info/id/video/36y0q86raWmymII.html
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Isabella De Jongh
Isabella De Jongh - 9 timer siden
I DONT HAVE Animal crossing😭😭😭😭😭😭I'm jealous 😒
Rocket Wolf
Rocket Wolf - Dag siden
I have amcrosian to
Ryan And Raja
Ryan And Raja - Dag siden
Lauren’s face when isabelle sings : 👁👄👁
kradole - Dag siden
Lauren: Look at Bianca..
me: ain’t that Diana?
Niki Raz
Niki Raz - Dag siden
0:19 meeeeeee
Ella Emotions
Ella Emotions - Dag siden
No but Isabelle is adorable though- I can’t lie UnU she is also a bell lol
Lauren with red hair is kinda a look though
Mariahi Gallardo
Mariahi Gallardo - Dag siden
I found a spear in the game
Taylor Macintosh
Taylor Macintosh - Dag siden
Jessica Jutrzonka
Jessica Jutrzonka - Dag siden
The balloon helps me a lot I have a ton of cool underwater stuff and I like it a lot thank you for this hack
Chaoticz Chaos
Chaoticz Chaos - 2 dager siden
My ACNH tune is Never Gonna Give You Up and my parents play on the same island with me but they always play with sound off
Rose Lolol
Rose Lolol - 2 dager siden
that face when your mom tells you to do your hw : 11:23
Yente James
Yente James - 2 dager siden
I just got animal crossing and I’m so glad to leave that hellish place.
꧁Queensun꧂ - 2 dager siden
I instantly got on my switch
RosieRobloxRox - 2 dager siden
When I see her in the bikini: *insert bikini body meme*
Xxmidnight_wxlfxX - 2 dager siden
awww i play animal crossing 🐺🥺
N e k o
N e k o - 3 dager siden
Skylar's Adventures
Skylar's Adventures - 3 dager siden
Can you get the dodo stuff
• [ JustCrystel and XxRosemary Animatez xX ] v
At the start she putted Bubblegum Song
And Straight away I got an ad THAT WAS animal Crossing ad
KJ - 3 dager siden
Lolbits Nightmare
Lolbits Nightmare - 4 dager siden
How do you pick up stuff Lauren
Rachel Wohler
Rachel Wohler - 4 dager siden
10:28 okay so..i know how to make K.K. Metal its green D, blue A grey frog then green D blue A grey frog.then pink D blue A -
grey frog then orange G and yellow F then repeat the GF till you cant
Eloise JAMES
Eloise JAMES - 4 dager siden
If you have animal crossing pocket edition there is this thing where you can go into your cabin but irl ina an AR thing and it’s amazing
Gabriela Chico-Farias
Gabriela Chico-Farias - 4 dager siden
I love your Hair Color:3 :33333333
Gabriela Chico-Farias
Gabriela Chico-Farias - 4 dager siden
Can you pls help me do A bridge pls pls 🥺 My island is Georgina island
Boba_the_raptor - 4 dager siden
I’m actually playing Animal crossing right now BAHHHHAHAHA
Sarah and Bill Murray
Sarah and Bill Murray - 4 dager siden
I have animal crossing and I will try one
Zelda Letter
Zelda Letter - 5 dager siden
i LOVE the zelda songs
Milky Strawberry
Milky Strawberry - 6 dager siden
I am going to search that Roblox one because I seriously don't have a Nintendo switch
X.Emily.x - 6 dager siden
The moment I heard stranger things I jumped up lol x
Psycho Mantis
Psycho Mantis - 6 dager siden
You need the shovel to get a
Rare flower island
bertil bengtsson
bertil bengtsson - 7 dager siden
lauren im geting a nintendo 3ds can i play animal crossing on it
Mighty M
Mighty M - 7 dager siden
Person: If you dont have animal Crossing and your stuck with roblox! (you can play animal crossing kinda on roblox!!!)
Me: I dont have roblox either...
Me: But i dont have Minecraf-
Me was killed by Person
Tom Meyer
Tom Meyer - 7 dager siden
I have da star dress ;-;
•Tired Gacha Potato•
•Tired Gacha Potato• - 7 dager siden
2021 anyone? (like if u are or reply!)
ANELEH ASHLEY - 7 dager siden
did you make your star room??
Berry bear
Berry bear - 7 dager siden
I play zelda breath of the wild i already beat it its amazingggggggg tneres HORSES
Chloe Sherson
Chloe Sherson - 7 dager siden
I did it holding a umbrella ☂️ then the Island Was raining then I did it agin with nothing and it wasn’t raining
Angelė Eva Devėnaitė
Angelė Eva Devėnaitė - 7 dager siden
I have a xbox one that belongs to my sister. No im not sad but you can always have better.👍
Peggy Tomlinson
Peggy Tomlinson - 7 dager siden
I had the volume turned all the way up and when she said "well how do you do" my ears took it as unintelligible high ee's
Anxel_ The_Original
Anxel_ The_Original - 8 dager siden
I wish that I had animal crossing or other games that you're playing!
Kaitlyn Nutley
Kaitlyn Nutley - 8 dager siden
If you don't have Roblox
Porsche Poindexter
Porsche Poindexter - 8 dager siden
When Isabell sang the office theme song I- it was so scary 😭
Gacha_møøn XD
Gacha_møøn XD - 8 dager siden
i did stranger things lol i love stranger things
Melony O'Harra
Melony O'Harra - 8 dager siden
Emilia Kucharska
Emilia Kucharska - 8 dager siden
hippity hopaty this video is now olny for 18+
whispering wolf
whispering wolf - 9 dager siden
she keeps calling diana bianca XD im dying
Blathnaid Leonard
Blathnaid Leonard - 9 dager siden
i have the animal crossing themed nintendo :)
frog - 9 dager siden
Guess what I’m getting animal crossing for my birthday (In 2/1 months
Jennie From daybreak
Jennie From daybreak - 9 dager siden
Not her calling Diana bianca
Daddy Morrison
Daddy Morrison - 9 dager siden
Did anyone else find a galaxy sweator in animal crossing hoping one day to give it to Lauren
Miss cloudy gacha
Miss cloudy gacha - 10 dager siden
First hack: (forgets the beack)
Kimberlie Sauseda
Kimberlie Sauseda - 10 dager siden
In that roblox animal crossing when she became Tom I said"She has became god!"
Karina M.Saav
Karina M.Saav - 10 dager siden
You look like Jamie Lynn spears lol has anyone ever told you that?
Hannah S
Hannah S - 10 dager siden
Does Lauren still hate Tammy? I got her and she’s so sweet idk why she gets hate:(
Isabelle Marson
Isabelle Marson - 11 dager siden
When I saw the Roblox “hack” and herd the new leaf music and Rover on the train opening sene I got flashbacks and was about to cry 😭
Laura garcía
Laura garcía - 11 dager siden
Are u using animal crossing new horizons?
Summer Raemer
Summer Raemer - 11 dager siden
For all you animal crossing peeps u can see up the talking and chats bye pressing B!
Peachy Aesthetics
Peachy Aesthetics - 11 dager siden
Wilma Masters
Wilma Masters - 11 dager siden
Wilma Masters
Wilma Masters - 11 dager siden
I have new Horizons a new Leaf
False Angel
False Angel - 12 dager siden
I got animal crossing
KatiePlayz - 12 dager siden
When I tried out the ROBLOX version of animal crossing I kinda just screamed ‘Where’s your loan!!!!!’ At everyone.....
cupcake crystal angel
cupcake crystal angel - 12 dager siden
The land part ,because he is different
katie schurig
katie schurig - 12 dager siden
Lauren you would look good with red died hair
katie schurig
katie schurig - 12 dager siden
Lauren you would look good with died hair
Andrea Carrillo
Andrea Carrillo - 12 dager siden
Anastasija Vasiljeva
Anastasija Vasiljeva - 12 dager siden
This is helpful as I got Animal Crossing with a switch for Christmas and I'm not allowed on Tiktok soo... Thanks!
Scoops Ropes
Scoops Ropes - 13 dager siden
I don't have animal crossing but i want it
Chumm - 13 dager siden
The Roblox game of animal crossing was acctully animal crossing New leaf ( I know because I've played it )
Ramen lover98
Ramen lover98 - 13 dager siden
Whydo I ship tom nook and isabell?
Audrey T
Audrey T - 13 dager siden
“As you can see- I can’t”
Ruth Fun drawig
Ruth Fun drawig - 14 dager siden
Earlier: im the biggest fan of dodo airlines
Later:im burning the merch
Beatrice Reynolds
Beatrice Reynolds - 14 dager siden
I finally got animal crossing but I can’t get a shovel!!! Ugh!!!
Lotte - 14 dager siden
Cumulonimbus Coraline
Cumulonimbus Coraline - 14 dager siden
Isebell is a bell
jieying kuang
jieying kuang - 14 dager siden
Fans what!?
Yuri Kamado
Yuri Kamado - 15 dager siden
My island tune is from Jurassic Park 😁😅
lemonXroses seans
lemonXroses seans - 15 dager siden
I have the same birthday as you! You are my favorite YouTube
cupcake crystal angel
cupcake crystal angel - 15 dager siden
You need to let him look at you but first get the fishing rod and go inside and you talk to captain and now there is it🤗(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Bloomin Gloomz
Bloomin Gloomz - 16 dager siden
I have animal crossing on my Nintendo switch and I named my Island “IslandRawr”
ButterflyQUEEN - 16 dager siden
There’s a app of animal crossing but really different
Amelia Mack
Amelia Mack - 16 dager siden
Um the island you went to was a tarantula
Amelia Mack
Amelia Mack - 16 dager siden
melanie cundiff
melanie cundiff - 16 dager siden
I love how her hair looks like the Galaxy
Randi Pyne
Randi Pyne - 16 dager siden
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato - 16 dager siden
Any one here 2021 ok then f u dodo airlines like if u agree
はちみつ - 16 dager siden
11:48 and then we have me who ordered new horizons but has to wait 3+ weeks for it to arrive
jieying kuang
jieying kuang - 16 dager siden
And let you see what the baby
sofir06 roy
sofir06 roy - 17 dager siden
I got the wallpaper
Sam,Abigail,Alex Rutherford
Sam,Abigail,Alex Rutherford - 17 dager siden
The Roblox game was based on new leaf
jude haddad
jude haddad - 17 dager siden
The lady was crazy there are dodo glasses lauren you should have used glasses
Maisie__ Playz
Maisie__ Playz - 17 dager siden
I just got animal crossing for Christmas 😘😊😭
Player gamer
Player gamer - 17 dager siden
lauren: …and or people who wished they had animal crossing and living through youtubers
me: i never heard someone say something that connects to me so much its like its me
lemmytherat ,
lemmytherat , - 17 dager siden
Y0ur a g0dd3s 0f luck
Kit Makarit Vlogs
Kit Makarit Vlogs - 18 dager siden
just got an ad for animal crossing......*chuckles* *im in danger*
ᑌᑎᔕTᗩᗷᒪᗴ - 18 dager siden
“Look at my *toes* as they *wiggle woggle* back and forth”
-Lauren 2020
lil Girl Pretty
lil Girl Pretty - 18 dager siden
Her nails tho
Samantha Fish
Samantha Fish - 18 dager siden
You should do the animal Crossing on the sime 4
Mary The Berry
Mary The Berry - 18 dager siden
guys when i was watching this somewhere in my house someone was playing a video that went like: uh~ oh yeah~ oh~ uhH~ im scared yall ;-;
Emy Lauria
Emy Lauria - 18 dager siden
I'm a kid and I pleh animol crossing