SCARY Urban Legends That Will RUIN Your Childhood w/ Gloom

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Urban Legends & Scary Stories That Will RUIN Your (and Gloom's) Childhood.
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KIDS Animated Stories That Are Actually FOR ADULTS?! w/ Gloom:
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HayleyHayBale 18
HayleyHayBale 18 - 52 minutter siden
I live in australia and on the news once there was a family who had a snake come through the toilet!
Bella Rodriguez
Bella Rodriguez - 4 timer siden
well im about to ruin peps that live in newyork its to be said that there are allagaters in the sewers
Bella Rodriguez
Bella Rodriguez - 4 timer siden
i mean in the subway
KlhoeK - 4 timer siden
I'm 7 sooooo. I'm still in my childhood
Juana Muniz
Juana Muniz - 5 timer siden
A other youtuber went through the Disney park and had more info
Sadie N. Bell
Sadie N. Bell - 5 timer siden
Bro I already look in the toilet every time because I have been afraid of snakes and (embarrassingly) demons or ghosts or whatever coming out of my toilet lol.
Alice Mills
Alice Mills - 5 timer siden
18:51 i had a big rat in my tolet
Jenny Dalgleish
Jenny Dalgleish - 7 timer siden
Ik why it shut down it was bc most of the animals were in bad inviornments and was seriously hurt and killed most animals. So they left it
phantom1646 - 7 timer siden
I love kassies goofy movements when Lauren is being spooky and serious
Chime Theiss
Chime Theiss - 8 timer siden
Oki am not gonna go to a arcade anymore- even tho i already dont want to go to a arcade
Uriel Toscano
Uriel Toscano - 11 timer siden
Annabelle Lee
Annabelle Lee - 11 timer siden
About the Disney island it was a danger risk there was a slide and every day some one would fall off there was roaming alligators and over 50 endangered birds that the slide was on the other park
Fabiola Gama
Fabiola Gama - 12 timer siden
They left because Crocodiles 🐊 were of loose running around so it wasn't safe
Alexander hamilton
Alexander hamilton - 13 timer siden
Really discovery island was left because it was too dangerous for people
RafKoaster - 14 timer siden
I slowly open the lid of the toilet
When I see something move
The eyes of a fierce predator staring me down
I open the lid more to see a slithering creature
It’s tongue waving with anger
patterns repeated on its slithering body
Eyes filled with bravery
A tail longer than it’s on face
🤣 I MADE THAT WAY MORE DRAMATIC THAN IT SHOULD’VE BEEN but long story short there was a snake in my toilet I flushed it sorry snaky boi hope u lived a happy life in the sewers :
Rebecca and only Rebecca
Rebecca and only Rebecca - 17 timer siden
Btw the toilet thing is true because at school we were doing a group work with articles and one was about how there was a snake in there toilet and I think it said she got bit and a YouTuber ex almost pooped on a Squrill because in climb to her toilet but the snake one scared me so now I check the toilet and when I don't I get scared or imagine that a snake is there ready to bite my thick truck
Patrick Marks
Patrick Marks - 20 timer siden
Gamer sounds better than girl gamer
Patrick Marks
Patrick Marks - 20 timer siden
That kinda triggered me when they said gamer girl idk why, I just don't like it when people say 'gamer girl' or 'girl gamer'
itzEMMY - 22 timer siden
My moms cousin had a snake in her toilet before
Michael REISER
Michael REISER - Dag siden
It’s not girl gamers it’s just gamers
《bella sama LGBTQ Club》
Ok the reason animal kingdom got shut down was because there was a sickness in the island that was coming from the crocodiles I dont know if its true tho I say it in a vid that @jessi v
Celine Michaud
Celine Michaud - Dag siden
Yasmina Kassad
Yasmina Kassad - Dag siden
Princess Sammy
Princess Sammy - Dag siden
Nope no nopidy NOPE
PuppyGirlVlogs - Dag siden
'There was a big, like huge, like NEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!' - Kassie 2020
Stephanie Levario
Stephanie Levario - Dag siden
Iv'e seen a cocaroach in my toilet before, I instently flushed it down
Foam - Dag siden
I go to this violin camp in august that my violin teacher hosts in northern Ontario and once we found a dead mouse in one of the toilets near the cabins we were so freaked out but I think someone flushed it down the toilet Lol Lol - Dag siden
I remember watching that simpsons episode and wording what the game next to Bart was
Shenaraine Cambel
Shenaraine Cambel - Dag siden
My favorite show is pink phanter PLEASE DONT TELL ME SHE SAID SOMTHING OR SHOWED SOMTHING ABOUT IT(edit:theres more shows i like for example the amazing world of gumball and im still in my childhood)
Unda Wolf
Unda Wolf - Dag siden
this video was posted right on my birthday
Minty Tea
Minty Tea - Dag siden
Rats can hold their breath for over 3 minutes 0-0
Ysabela Hannah Reyes
Ysabela Hannah Reyes - Dag siden
i am happy gloom is here bc these is hella creepy
Scarlett Smith
Scarlett Smith - Dag siden
Ya I’m not sleeping tonight
Just your average potato
Just your average potato - 2 dager siden
You get a ruined childhood!
And you get a ruined childhood!
And you...! you also get a ruined childhood!!
Everyone gets a ruined childhood!!!!
SarahGL0102 - 2 dager siden
Ok so like when I went to Disney World, at one point we went on a boat and I know just took a while to get to my destination so I decided just stare off into distance and I saw an island literally right beside the boat and me and my dad are making jokes about a like a mystical Forest with like unicorns and stuff But I didn't realized with an abandoned Disney park!
Brynn Fulton
Brynn Fulton - 2 dager siden
Lauren and kassie: rats come out of toilets
Me: at least it’s not near me
Them: it’s so common in Seattle
Me living in Seattle: 👁👄👁
lps creepypasta
lps creepypasta - 2 dager siden
The disney island thing is bc i think im not sure but they up and left because of brain eating dieses and the fact that the alligators where not contaned
Eleanore Friedman
Eleanore Friedman - 2 dager siden
I'm 10
FNAFandthe randoms
FNAFandthe randoms - 2 dager siden
I have heard of abandoned Disney parks. Some are real (One of them you talked about), but never heard of a North Carolina Disney thing..

And also in PA there is a hotel and someone jumped off the top of the hotel. There is a video of him falling and you hear him just fall on the ground like “Boom.” Have fun with the nightmares I probably gave you..
{XxSeawolfteamxX - 2 dager siden
꧁NotNovie꧂ - 2 dager siden
Im in my childhood

but its already ruined bc of my parents so....
(Never going to the bathroom again)
Naela 9814
Naela 9814 - 2 dager siden
Dont worry gloom i think i will get my childhood ruined to
Ashlynn Grace
Ashlynn Grace - 2 dager siden
I’m still young😭😢😭
Michael Salvidant
Michael Salvidant - 2 dager siden
:p lol btw i get da ref mr olives :D
Victoria Cohen
Victoria Cohen - 2 dager siden
The Disney water park closed because 3 people died there
Henry Lennon
Henry Lennon - 2 dager siden
A big spider was in my toilet like gloom I’m scared of the toilet now
YULENE RIOS-CASTILLO - 2 dager siden
Lauren: im going to ruin all of your childhoods

Me: You cant ruin whats already ruined! i read the real version of the disney princess's stories...
XxSqwidy_11xX - 2 dager siden
My childhood is currently happening
Megan Hood
Megan Hood - 2 dager siden
They left the park because there was free roaming alligators and a boy died from a flesh eating bacteria.
Bearwalker - 2 dager siden
Me who’s ten years old and watches all these videos of ruining your childhood even though I’m still a child 😂
Jory Desmond
Jory Desmond - 2 dager siden
The Mickey Mouse head legit looks like a
Youtuber like Best trends would use for click bait “DISNEY IS HAUNTED 100 %
Treble • Gacha
Treble • Gacha - 3 dager siden
I had to stop at the candy man part because ✨anxiety✨
Yeah I would of had a panic attack-
evxsie - 3 dager siden
God damn it now I want to say candy man in my mirror
frosty corn
frosty corn - 3 dager siden
I one's saw a spider in the toilet but it was only a daddy long legs, I flushed the toilet before going on it
I Am Arizonaball
I Am Arizonaball - 3 dager siden
Me after discovering that California is losing its land: 12:28
Isabella Disney
Isabella Disney - 3 dager siden
Fun fact some of the photos that were the fake North Carolina Disney park were Disney worlds closed down water park. Nothing is haunted or blah blah blah, discovery island just wasn’t popular. And Disney is just slow to change stuff, they are just now changing river country into a new hotel.
Leilani Cook
Leilani Cook - 3 dager siden
I’ve heard of the lawyer story before. It was on Reacticorn Channel.
The gold Demon
The gold Demon - 3 dager siden
I thought I was the only one who always checked the toilet because I was afraid of something coming out of it😥😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😵😓
Shannon Spurgeon
Shannon Spurgeon - 3 dager siden
so its illeagel to drink mountin dew not even a miniture pepsi
Madison_Gaming_and_stuff Wolf
my childhood is already ruined i watched ur video of the ruisin ppl dying and the tent cut open and the missing toung in it
ima watch the moie with my dad
Kyra Rector
Kyra Rector - 3 dager siden
Lauren” I’m gonna ruin your child hood.”
Me’’ My child hood has already been ruined.’’
Olivia Marks
Olivia Marks - 3 dager siden
Disney has its own government
Olivia Rippington
Olivia Rippington - 3 dager siden
once there was a spider in my toilet
Laura Arnatt
Laura Arnatt - 3 dager siden
Hey umm u know when the people in cloudy with a chance of meatballs get hit in the face but Abraham Lincoln didn’t get hit in the face but in the back of the head that is how he was merdered!
Chaoticz Chaos
Chaoticz Chaos - 3 dager siden
Jania Kasperaviciene
Jania Kasperaviciene - 3 dager siden
I had the toilet thing when I watched a drawer my life video
Kitty - 3 dager siden
Ive seen a cocoroach in my toilet
Bonnie Fan
Bonnie Fan - 3 dager siden
I love Lauren
Gary Goldstein attorney in law
when i was like 9 there was an abandoned shopping centre right near my house and i always thought there was something real sis about it so i wrote a story about it like how three friends adventured into it and a whole bunch of haunted stuff happened and they all ended up dying. my friend found the book i wrote it in and forced me to tell him and his siblings the story so i did. it’s been 5 years and whenever they see me they still want me to tell this one story i wrote 💀
Bonned XD
Bonned XD - 3 dager siden
Since Lauren did research for this kind of stuff it reminds me of Jessi Vee, it’s creepy but funny because of the person and yE
purvi patel
purvi patel - 3 dager siden
Anyone just realize that 2020 is like looking both sides of the street then getting hit by an airplane?
pyramid obama
pyramid obama - 4 dager siden
So something that has happened to me is that I live in Florida and if yall have a fear of alligators or crocodiles please don't visit. I was one in a movie theater and when he went out there where like 5 or 6 alligators and crocodiles and I wasn't scared so I just went outside and they didn't do anything to me specifically but they did bite on of the lady's there
Ducky Tape
Ducky Tape - 4 dager siden
I’m ten and I’ve watch this video a lot and my child hood is already ruined
Wøļf_Wáťèř Øķæýš's
Uh oh... I think about.. You know "taking my life"... LAUREN WHY IM ONLY NINE AND IVE PLAYED THIS GAME MAYBE
foxy the pirate fox
foxy the pirate fox - 4 dager siden
In my old house there would be dead rats showing up in my toilet randomly and I thought were the same one every time. They weren't because they would show like 2 or 3 weeks apart every time at least. But me being my weird self and thanking they were the same one thought that they where my pet so one day my brother was about to go to the bathroom and found one in the toilet he got me and flushed them down the toilet I was really sad because I wanted a mouse as a pet but my mom wouldn't let me have one. So that was the closest thing to a pet mouse I could have.
Adna Ali
Adna Ali - 4 dager siden
The Only thing that is going to ruin my childhood is school
Shannon REED
Shannon REED - 4 dager siden
With the Disney water park, some kids died there so they shut it down
mads pearlstine
mads pearlstine - 4 dager siden
I know why they shut the Disney parks down well the places the island thing shut down cus vaulters took over and attacked the animals so they just left with everything there and river country got shut down cus kids kept on firing on the park one died from a water slide! And that’s why!
Tilly Morris
Tilly Morris - 4 dager siden
Im guessing the medicane has to do with candyman because parents might call medicane candy to make kids eat it. This is just what i thought lol. Have a great day everyone 😁😁
Katie Payne
Katie Payne - 4 dager siden
I'm a child
Katie Payne
Katie Payne - 4 dager siden
kumori - 4 dager siden
I’m scared of being on my own and baisically everything. I’m scared of the words “urban legend” LOL I KNOW ALOT OF THEM

That’s because my anxiety hates me
CornQueen - 5 dager siden
I just wanna say here in Australia on occasion it has rained spiders.
Green Heart
Green Heart - 5 dager siden
So uh, there was a brain eating parasite in the water of discovery Island, which is why they abandoned it. That's all I know but it might be wrong-
So if it is I'm sorry!
Future Seer
Future Seer - 5 dager siden
Laurenz, don't worry about being weird for liking these things because... I mean you got 1,016,369 (at this moment) views.... You're not alone in your weirdness.
Mr Ravenclaw
Mr Ravenclaw - 5 dager siden
They left river country Because there were lots of injury’s
Andrew Crawford
Andrew Crawford - 5 dager siden
I herd they left most of the animals to
Andrew Crawford
Andrew Crawford - 5 dager siden
I mean some not most
elliott807 YouTube
elliott807 YouTube - 5 dager siden
I am watching it when it is dark
Kakegurui lesbian
Kakegurui lesbian - 5 dager siden
In Australia it is SUPER common to find various animals in toilets ,mostly frogs but sometimes snakes or spiders and it's more common than you think
Melo G
Melo G - 6 dager siden
The toliet thing has happened to me but it was a lizard, i got my dad and he took it outside lol i am forever traumatized
Funny Potato’s
Funny Potato’s - 6 dager siden
Me watches this after watching Jessii vees video on the Disney abandoned parks:👁👄👁 Ok louren
Noodle *boop*
Noodle *boop* - 6 dager siden
"theres no need to say girl"
PAUL DUY - 6 dager siden
Lauren:Ima tell you some urban legends.....
Kassie some mins later:wait is this real?
Me:uhhhh its an urban legend,urban legends are not real....
Sol Garg
Sol Garg - 6 dager siden
Them saying “gamer girls”
also me: idk what cringe is-
Keating Killelea
Keating Killelea - 6 dager siden
Azaleah - 6 dager siden
Thataverage girl
Thataverage girl - 6 dager siden
Wasn't medicine referred to as candy back on the day so he could have been called the candyman because he came through the medicine cabinet
Riley Meier
Riley Meier - 6 dager siden
I once had a huge spider in my bath tub
sugar toast
sugar toast - 6 dager siden
me: *here’s abt the candyman*
also me: I’m never going to pee again
Birgit - 6 dager siden
I didn’t have a childhood.....
Zippora Kentin
Zippora Kentin - 7 dager siden
Me whatching this at 2 am