Pregnant Woman Tries WEIRD Pregnancy Cravings

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Today I'm Trying the WEIRDEST Pregnancy Cravings I could find on the Internet. But because I'm pregnant myself, I thought I'd make my husband try them with me for an honest opinion if they're good or gross! There were LOTS of pickle food combinations...
I'm Pregnant!!
Pregnant Woman Plays Pregnancy GIRLS GAMES That Scare Her
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Runtime: 16:32


Erin Kadesky
Erin Kadesky - Time siden
Another weird craving I've heard of is kimchi and peanut butter. I mean? It MIGHT be good, but I doubt it.
Jessie Pxws
Jessie Pxws - 4 timer siden
Can you spot the "lol" at 12:33??
Darryl Mallett
Darryl Mallett - 10 timer siden
For how many months are u pregnant
ER Elephant
ER Elephant - 12 timer siden
Salvador Huaccamayta
Salvador Huaccamayta - 13 timer siden
Everybody's craving:pickles
Laurens craving: 𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝
phsyco.mantis - 15 timer siden
Lol bobby making up his own weird cravings, I swear he's pregnant with you lollll.
XxsimpxX Mha
XxsimpxX Mha - 16 timer siden
Have u ever had pineapple and honeycomb mixed into a milkshake cause it’s delicious
PastelprincessHoney - 16 timer siden
Vanilla ice-cream with fries!
Oh and butter noodles with sugar (applied when still hot so the sugar melts) 🤤
Takoinu _
Takoinu _ - 16 timer siden
Please try this 😭: crush up takis nitro, and coat a pickle slice in it :D trust me, it’s much better than with hot Cheetos. Try it and tell me what ya think :)
Donajean M.C. Kenney
Donajean M.C. Kenney - 16 timer siden
My mom craved blueberries when she was pregnant with me
Kaylee Gacha
Kaylee Gacha - 19 timer siden
13:16 bobby has a mental breakdown
Kaylee Allen
Kaylee Allen - 20 timer siden
I have one for you go to mcdonalds get what ever you like but get mcdonalds ranch and apple slices its good idk why lol!?
Yuki Kitty
Yuki Kitty - 21 time siden
Lauren: is cheese and mayo weird?
Me: don’t worry i used to make ketchup and cheese
John Popow
John Popow - 21 time siden
Bobby has me dying Lol
I love this very much
Gabriel Avelenda
Gabriel Avelenda - 22 timer siden
She has to see Bobby eat ice cream
Gabriel Avelenda
Gabriel Avelenda - 22 timer siden
She has to she Boby
•Soft_angel _milk•
•Soft_angel _milk• - 23 timer siden
I remember when she said she didn’t really want kids and now look at her.
Afton Kirklin
Afton Kirklin - Dag siden
My mom when she was pregnant with my baby brother craved smoothies for a while but that one is not weird.
Katherine Grimm
Katherine Grimm - Dag siden
When my mom was pregnant with me she craved epson salt
Carla Zamudio
Carla Zamudio - Dag siden
no one : Bobby : I DoNt WaNnN
gamer evie
gamer evie - Dag siden
Bobby’s like me I hate pickles and my mum (Lauren) all ways tries to make me eat them
Amelia Armstrong
Amelia Armstrong - Dag siden
i have cheese and mayo
Lilly Lor
Lilly Lor - Dag siden
Bobby is having seizures lol
Olive - Dag siden
when my mom was pregnant with me, she only ever wanted mcdonalds cheeseburgers
Katherine Kat
Katherine Kat - Dag siden
Bobby liked more of the foods than Lauren does that mean...

Lizzie Myers
Lizzie Myers - Dag siden
I eat hot cheetos and cream cheese and flaming hot cheetos and mac and cheese together and im not pregnant
Gacha Queen!!!
Gacha Queen!!! - Dag siden
Lauren almost said daughter and cought herself and said kid
Emma Koiner
Emma Koiner - Dag siden
Lauren: I've never had hot Cheetos
Me: what about the eating as a sim for 24 hours challenge? You and Bobby had the pasta with hot Cheetos on top!!!!
Impasta - Dag siden
peanut butter and pickles? The dork diaries memories
Renatta White
Renatta White - Dag siden
Me: bruh You only had 1 Hot Cheeto -_-And you're saying that is Spicy
Lauren: *Burning Because of the Hot cheeto* Why do people eat these
Meh: I'm out -_-
Cora Dawson
Cora Dawson - Dag siden
yammy ur so pretty like lauren
Lioness XD
Lioness XD - Dag siden
Just by looking at the background your house looks massive 😂😂🤷
CringeyKelsea - Dag siden
wait huh?
kit-cat_kid - Dag siden
My grandpa dose the Peanut butter pickle thing but with Mayo and cheese it’s not bad I think at least
Sonya Beltwork
Sonya Beltwork - Dag siden
Sonya Beltwork
Sonya Beltwork - Dag siden
That's bad! You'r pregnant👪👪 OK!
RedstoneGamer101 - Dag siden
When my mom was pregnant with me she craved McDonald’s fish sandwiches with Wendy’s barbecue sauce and nesquik chocolate milk. Yes that specific
Emma Fox
Emma Fox - Dag siden
i want bobbys sweatshirt lol
BlueHeartProductions - Dag siden
My mom is pomegranate and she likes watermelon with lemon juice
Noodles - Dag siden
Did you know, chocolate on you period actually helps pain or sum an it tastes AMAZING
Brooklyn Huff
Brooklyn Huff - 2 dager siden
YoU fOrGoT tHe IcE cReAm🙃
snoopy 4444
snoopy 4444 - 2 dager siden
👁👄👁 pickle
jpmaunder - 2 dager siden
WEY is the cheese 🧀 print in Australia it's yellow
jpmaunder - 2 dager siden
Sofie The Worst Witch
Sofie The Worst Witch - 2 dager siden
I love how Bobby is just suffering through out the entire video.😂
Charlotte Perez
Charlotte Perez - 2 dager siden
this video makes me get a stomach ache
Nicole - 2 dager siden
Just FYI it is safe to rost marshmallows over a gas flame assuming that it can't fall onto the starter or anything and cause a fire, and assumingit is Natura gas. Natural Gas grills and propane grills are a thing (also both are clean burning) and if you have a gas stove, your oven is also gas, meaning that same gas is being ignited to heat the food placed in your oven... FYI wood can also put "harmful" thing onto your marshmallows. you should not try to rost them in your gas fireplace though, because that can pose more of a fire risk. Also gas you should NOT use is things like kerosene, butane, gasoline...
CatsAreDaBest08 - 2 dager siden
you should try Flaming Hot Cheetos and Chocolate Pudding, the pudding overpowers the spicy most of the time so there is a little spicy but its not painful, and this is coming from someone who also dislikes spicy stuff
Sugar Cyube
Sugar Cyube - 2 dager siden
I feel ashamed because I love hot Cheetos with pickles 🥲
Ethan W
Ethan W - 2 dager siden
They just don’t realize that French people actively eat cheese with pickles.....
Juliet Valentine
Juliet Valentine - 2 dager siden
You thought Bobby was a good taste tester? The man likes generally everything he
Ps. this is not a hate comment I just found it funny.
Evey the cooking geek
Evey the cooking geek - 2 dager siden
Laruen takes one bite bobby 👁👄👁am I a mess?
Cinnamon Waffles
Cinnamon Waffles - 2 dager siden
Me:*Mind* is Bobby preggo too?
Me:*Mind* realizes that's impossible
Natalie Gonzalez
Natalie Gonzalez - 2 dager siden

Bobby 2021
Madi R
Madi R - 2 dager siden
Lauren: takes a bite out of the food like a normal person
Bobby: *eats the food like a maniac*
•Lovely Lilah•
•Lovely Lilah• - 2 dager siden
My mum ate chalk and sponge and memory foam-
Deathkitty55 Phillip
Deathkitty55 Phillip - 2 dager siden
Ahhh this reminds me when my relative. Was pregnant and her weird craving was "raw potatoes"
Kaila Ramirez-Gomez
Kaila Ramirez-Gomez - 2 dager siden
Me not eating hot cheetos while she says there spicy👁👄👁
Frozenfan7249 - 2 dager siden
9:06 Why does that seem like something normal. (Cheese,pickles,and mayo sandwhich)
Nat the Unknown gamer
Nat the Unknown gamer - 2 dager siden
My mom said the only thing she could eat when she was pregnant with me was potato’s HAHAHAAHHAHA!
Brea MacAskill
Brea MacAskill - 2 dager siden
My mum said she could only eat doner kebabs
Nat the Unknown gamer
Nat the Unknown gamer - 2 dager siden
I saw the bob Evens! Hahahahahahah lol
(First thing I noticed)
Todd Vander Weit
Todd Vander Weit - 2 dager siden
1:06 your FRIDGE
シsᴜᴘᴇʀɢᴀʏシ - 2 dager siden
Priceless 👌🏼😂
Breanna Lofland
Breanna Lofland - 2 dager siden
My mom was a vegetarian when she was pregnant and she craved meat
Kids Susnjara
Kids Susnjara - 2 dager siden
Kids Susnjara
Kids Susnjara - 2 dager siden
CHARLOTTE DASS - 2 dager siden
14:05 : bobby having a seizure over ice cream and pickles
VT Mau
VT Mau - 2 dager siden
😭 dude ngl I eat mayo and cheese sandwiches too I bring it to school nd my friends always like my food and they've tried it and actually like it aswell 😂 and it's really funny because they're really picky eaters
Spoop - 2 dager siden
My mom used to crave Greek yogurt and ketchup and a ton of apples
Shaelyn Fox
Shaelyn Fox - 2 dager siden
Lauren, are you non-binary? Non-binarys are obsessed with bread o-o No hate or shame, just a qwestion (question)
Ryann Washington
Ryann Washington - 2 dager siden
You gave me a baby ad
Bryleigh Hamilton
Bryleigh Hamilton - 3 dager siden
Off topic but Bobby’s shirt is immaculate 🥲
Giavonna animation
Giavonna animation - 3 dager siden
bobby every 5 minutes: pickles are gross
everyone watching: notices
Lauren: not fazed
Alice Albiero
Alice Albiero - 3 dager siden
im thinking luaran is gonna after this video shes gonna eat all the rest of the food and make bobby eat all the pickles
unicorn land xD
unicorn land xD - 3 dager siden
poor bobby
Delaney Osborn
Delaney Osborn - 3 dager siden
Bread mayonnaise Pickle bread I ate this for lunch for about 2-3 weeks
Neptuneネプチューン - 3 dager siden
The mayo, cheese, and pickles sandwich doesn’t sound too bad tbh. The only reason I think that is probably because I used to eat the same exact thing but with mustard too when I was younger. Though I was really young so there is no telling what it tastes like now.
Shimmer Baby Shine
Shimmer Baby Shine - 3 dager siden
i love hot stuff on popcorn spagettei an sandwich
Quimmah Beacham
Quimmah Beacham - 3 dager siden
This looks like fun! I may not be pregnant but pregnancy looks like a fun excuse to explore new food and food cravings! I can't wait to explore the cravings when I do become pregnant! 😄
Kari Kovarik
Kari Kovarik - 3 dager siden
I rerecumend toest with a lot of butter and a lot of shooger
Sarah Larkin
Sarah Larkin - 3 dager siden
Caitlyn Paperno
Caitlyn Paperno - 3 dager siden
lauren i love hot cheetos if u do to like yammys coment
Gianna Puchi
Gianna Puchi - 3 dager siden
I watched you when I was a child and I came back to check on you and your pregnant omgggg congratsss 😭🤍🤍
BunnyHops - 3 dager siden
Lauren we are SLIGHTLY differant i LOVE ham mayo and amircan cheese sandwiches i eat them almost every day
:Haru - San:
:Haru - San: - 3 dager siden
*Me slowly starting to get confused on who’s the pregnant one at this point*
Playbooter - 3 dager siden
I just wanted to feel hungry
samantha kirwin
samantha kirwin - 3 dager siden
i love that almost all the messy foods bobby was so messy and lauren was being so careful trying not to make a mess
Niamh Scott
Niamh Scott - 3 dager siden
Whoever made 2020 exist should burn in hell
Isobel Williams
Isobel Williams - 3 dager siden
I can say as a british person, i have never tried mac and cheese
or pickles
Jordan North Is a king
Jordan North Is a king - 3 dager siden
Lauren you hugged the potato chips like you’d hug a baby
Dandy lion
Dandy lion - 3 dager siden
lauren how can you cough? I am 9 and Hot cheetos I can handle. I understand people are different but thats bazzare. Anyway i love your vids. Im in 2021 the 16 and My B day is febuary 6. I am very exicted for my b day and your new baby!
Mary Walker
Mary Walker - 3 dager siden
Pickles and peanut butter has been a go to for me since I was a toddler lil
Mary Walker
Mary Walker - 3 dager siden
I'm a manager at a bagel shop and probably about 70% of our customers are pregnant women....plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese and pickles has probably been the weirdest order i have made lol
FRIED VEGES - 3 dager siden
this made me hungry-
FRIED VEGES - 3 dager siden
"your one came out perfectly", so his baby is gonna come out perfectly.
FRIED VEGES - 3 dager siden
That baby is going to be iconic.
FRIED VEGES - 3 dager siden
Annie Tellini
Annie Tellini - 3 dager siden
Note to self: don’t heat up s’mores over my gas stove anymore.
Nicole - 2 dager siden
Its safe, if it wasn't people wouldn't be able to cook on a gas grill, but you can.
Lillie and May
Lillie and May - 4 dager siden
The pickle and mac and cheese is acually is a pregancy thing.
ᑭIᑕKᒪᗴ ᑭᗩᗯ
ᑭIᑕKᒪᗴ ᑭᗩᗯ - 4 dager siden
Your hair looks amazing
Evilunicorn Queen
Evilunicorn Queen - 4 dager siden
When Lauren ate a Cheeto I was eating the spicy dust from the bottom of a takis bag lolz