Pregnant Woman Plays Pregnancy APP GAMES That Scare Her

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Checking out some Pregnancy App Games on the top free app game chart to hope they teach me about being pregnant. I didn't learn much at all, if anything I'm just scared...
Pregnant Woman Plays Pregnancy GIRLS GAMES That Scare Her:
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Runtime: 13:59


Tessa Norton
Tessa Norton - 3 timer siden
awww congrats lauren you'll be such a great mum
Daenerys Bechtold
Daenerys Bechtold - 8 timer siden
I she actually pregnant
Martin Lightfoot
Martin Lightfoot - 8 timer siden
Your saying ew to yourself
Jeanette Doody
Jeanette Doody - Dag siden
Are you actually pregnant
Issy's Studio
Issy's Studio - Dag siden
Anyone else notice that the baby's name in the first game was Lily and the name Lauren picked in the second game was also named Lilly.
eyad salim
eyad salim - Dag siden
elsie aguinaldo
elsie aguinaldo - Dag siden
Wait wha- u pergo? Mg
cookie gacha
cookie gacha - Dag siden
her kid will be watching this someday and be like :mom whats wrong with you
_FNAF- FOX SQUAD - 2 dager siden
poor kid
_FNAF- FOX SQUAD - 2 dager siden
Imagine her kid seen this
Brett Rottmayer
Brett Rottmayer - 2 dager siden
My mom has been pregnant 6 times
Gabby nowak-bird
Gabby nowak-bird - 2 dager siden
Im so excited to see the baby
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf - 2 dager siden
Kristýna Lenková
Kristýna Lenková - 2 dager siden
i literaly still have a tamagochi-
Parthipan Kamalananthan
Parthipan Kamalananthan - 2 dager siden
Lauren if you give birt show the baby
Lividapupper 2534
Lividapupper 2534 - 3 dager siden
The first baby game you played I play and its weird
Nurul Ain Razalli
Nurul Ain Razalli - 3 dager siden
MAURA BRIGHT - 3 dager siden
Dang, I was ugly before I was even born!
lps sugar
lps sugar - 3 dager siden
I loved how on the 2nd game her caricter said yeah
Steve Mcknight
Steve Mcknight - 3 dager siden
Why do doctors like to take these evil things out of you they will KILL the doctor!!!!!!!
Steve Mcknight
Steve Mcknight - 3 dager siden your baby a evil 😈😈😈
kayden mcmichael
kayden mcmichael - 3 dager siden
im a boy so i have nothing to fear
GG-Land - 3 dager siden
I should not be eating. When watching
Alexie Dale Del rosario
Alexie Dale Del rosario - 3 dager siden
Level 999
ashley Nelson
ashley Nelson - 3 dager siden
Wait if she has a babby then her and Bobby had sex
Yasmin Kw
Yasmin Kw - 3 dager siden
I do it I just sit around tapping on the phone and even found it on top of the App Store
Momo Woodruff
Momo Woodruff - 4 dager siden
the child me:mom where de babies come from mom and dad: uhh BANANAS and your hiney
Pamela Watson
Pamela Watson - 4 dager siden
LAUREN YOUR RIGHT BABY'S ARE CREEPY WHEN THERE IN THE BELLY😨. but when they get out of the womb there so cute😍
Vita Jakucioniene
Vita Jakucioniene - 4 dager siden
My mom had that game😂✋
Cozy_Mittens Cozy
Cozy_Mittens Cozy - 4 dager siden
I laughed so hard
remus costache
remus costache - 4 dager siden
What she’s pregnant 🤰 l can’t believe that
Johanna King
Johanna King - 4 dager siden
A quote from Lauren we will all remember: AAAH ITS LIKE A SHRIMP!
Jenny Waldrop
Jenny Waldrop - 4 dager siden
I'm a kid and now I know what I look like when I wasn't born
Stacey Garrity
Stacey Garrity - 4 dager siden
I loved how she censored the bad parts out 😂
Sorry this is a weird comment
I am in a weird mood
Lily Goodman
Lily Goodman - 4 dager siden
8:28 when she chose my name
keiko lewis
keiko lewis - 4 dager siden
Jeffry Woods
Jeffry Woods - 4 dager siden
Your pregnant?-
Cameron Shanteau
Cameron Shanteau - 4 dager siden
I've played that game when it has legs and arms it's cute is but it's still creepy lol
Nicole Nesbit
Nicole Nesbit - 4 dager siden
Leena's Fantastic Fun
Leena's Fantastic Fun - 5 dager siden
Don’t swallow the Binky you’re going to get rap disease
Jonnymike 27
Jonnymike 27 - 5 dager siden
Why did i feel like LaurenZside was going to be like "Hey. Baby, This is what you look like" while holding her phone at her belly at 3:10
Silly Girl D
Silly Girl D - 5 dager siden
6:00 *isn't this what everyone does when they find out they're pregnant!!??!*
Silly Girl D
Silly Girl D - 5 dager siden
1:46 "Isn't nature beautiful!??! hehehehehh" *has litteral panic attack thinking That's what was inside*
ItsNot Kam
ItsNot Kam - 5 dager siden
Fr I thought she said "I am gay and pregnant" lmao
Brygida Kulesza
Brygida Kulesza - 5 dager siden
I insteld 9 months and in one day I’m alredy on 19 weeks
Ellen Graham
Ellen Graham - 5 dager siden
P r e g o n a n t -
Taelynn White
Taelynn White - 5 dager siden
congrats lauren
Dill Bean Creations
Dill Bean Creations - 5 dager siden
oh no
Amelda F.
Amelda F. - 5 dager siden
I have a feeling she'll name her baby Lily
Sawyer Matthews
Sawyer Matthews - 5 dager siden
Can you play more of those school games
Chikeungtang - 5 dager siden
Adaline Lehr
Adaline Lehr - 5 dager siden
I'm smile dog
Aubrey Lackey
Aubrey Lackey - 6 dager siden
whats the childs name
Carlee Bradford
Carlee Bradford - 6 dager siden
Wtf I have that game it's called 9 months
JJ Games YT
JJ Games YT - 6 dager siden
Looks like godzilla
new year ANOMALY 007
new year ANOMALY 007 - 6 dager siden
Don't worry that's not real
Caoimhe Irwin
Caoimhe Irwin - 6 dager siden
are you acctually pergo P.S.sorry for spelling mmistakes
Samuel Ameril
Samuel Ameril - 6 dager siden
Where did you download that game in play store or what
Addison Speake
Addison Speake - 7 dager siden
Do you know if your baby a girl or a boy
Jackson Pucciarelli
Jackson Pucciarelli - 7 dager siden
Baby’s need milk
Why would you put water in a baby bottle
Joe Corris
Joe Corris - 7 dager siden
Hey Lauren can you show your stomach not to be weird tho
ᗩтѕÙωÚ - ᑕнαɴ シ
I- Remind me not to get prego again😃✋
Bella Saysell
Bella Saysell - 7 dager siden
Lilyanna Samuels
Lilyanna Samuels - 7 dager siden
Rabab Kasmo
Rabab Kasmo - 7 dager siden
Watch yammys Akinator video while seeing you in one of the parts she tried letting the Akinator figure out her self.
Rabab Kasmo
Rabab Kasmo - 7 dager siden
Your screaming wakes up my babies
Samantha Reiss
Samantha Reiss - 8 dager siden
Lauren: I learned NOTHING from girls go games
Also Lauren: Ok I think I understand... I need to decorate my belly and play Motzart! I GOT THIS!
Lucinda Sanders
Lucinda Sanders - 8 dager siden
Lauren: that’s the babies heart but we don’t care about that though
Lauren: oh um yeah SO WHO CARES
also Lauren: I CARE
Niamh The unicorn Hill
Niamh The unicorn Hill - 8 dager siden
You are not a weirdo
rainbow unicorn
rainbow unicorn - 8 dager siden
Hey man who has the ability for the first one is not the 76, and the other
cherri belle
cherri belle - 8 dager siden
What you pregnant congratulations👏👏
Keri Phakdy
Keri Phakdy - 8 dager siden
Name Luna for a girl Bob for a boy
xXpoppy bugXx
xXpoppy bugXx - 8 dager siden
You were once that baby thing all of us were
Arielle McCormick
Arielle McCormick - 8 dager siden
Kene Ukachukwu
Kene Ukachukwu - 8 dager siden
Other moms:Here's your Teddy bear💋
Lauren:Here's your girlfriend
Lou DeLuca
Lou DeLuca - 9 dager siden
Lauren's Mom: Hi Lauren, what did you do today?
Lauren: I grow fetus
Brandy Wight
Brandy Wight - 9 dager siden
I wanna see your baby btw who is the Father ❤️
Ťeam Ħarmony
Ťeam Ħarmony - 9 dager siden
Doughnut Bear
Doughnut Bear - 9 dager siden
Rachel - 9 dager siden
kinda irrelevant, but i feel like if schools / families used a game like this to "simulate" what having or taking care of a baby would be like, it would be much more effective than whatever powerpoint / video they put up.
Raelynn's Adventures
Raelynn's Adventures - 10 dager siden
You looked like that when you Were a Baby
Laura Strober
Laura Strober - 10 dager siden
Lauren: “who would ever play this all day?!”
Me: I used to 😃
Isabella Rodas
Isabella Rodas - 10 dager siden
i like playing this game
Jayce Jackson
Jayce Jackson - 10 dager siden
U are are not pregnant Lauren
Ťeam Ħarmony
Ťeam Ħarmony - 9 dager siden
She is ;-;
Jayce Jackson
Jayce Jackson - 10 dager siden
Anybody hear from the year 2021
XxEquestrianxX XxGamerxX
XxEquestrianxX XxGamerxX - 10 dager siden
Children will be the worst thing in your life trust me Lauren
Gina Coutu
Gina Coutu - 10 dager siden
the baby was ugly at first site because it was growing and one of my family members is having a baby boooooy and they are at 8 mounths already!!!!
Dovile Nic
Dovile Nic - 10 dager siden
I have that game
Andrea Lach
Andrea Lach - 10 dager siden
Lauren is pregnant!
Andrea Lach
Andrea Lach - 10 dager siden
Warren is pregnant
Maddy gacha tea
Maddy gacha tea - 10 dager siden
Wait so your ganna have a kid?
Ťeam Ħarmony
Ťeam Ħarmony - 9 dager siden
She is!!
Sara Corke
Sara Corke - 10 dager siden
:C i wish she picked Emily
Marlina Fox
Marlina Fox - 10 dager siden
When the baby due? Also I love you 😍
Ambereise Meyer
Ambereise Meyer - 10 dager siden
Lauren is pregegangant? pregonant? pregoganant? pregegangant?
Clarissa’sCorner - 10 dager siden
When I found out I was pregnant I fainted and hit my head on the sink.
Yeah I definitely did not go ‘YEAH IM PREGNANTTTTT!’
Minnie Thomas
Minnie Thomas - 10 dager siden
Hi like your hair
꧁Atsuko Kagari꧂
꧁Atsuko Kagari꧂ - 10 dager siden
Who else got a weird rickroll chip commercial
Elite Elites
Elite Elites - 10 dager siden
My sis be pregent i be send to her
Autumn Bailey
Autumn Bailey - 10 dager siden
Omgigosh I used to play the last game when I was little AHAHAHAAHAHAH
Mist McHaven
Mist McHaven - 11 dager siden
Lauren: Babies are scary.
Also Lauren: *literally pregnant herself.*
Clarissa Ryherd Alfaro
Clarissa Ryherd Alfaro - 11 dager siden
9-year-old me was doing this every day