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Someone HACKED my Roblox account!! I can't get back into my account & they're spamming messages to my friends. So I try to track down who did it... (this is serious by the way, not a roleplay)
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Runtime: 14:37


Nolan Wang
Nolan Wang - 9 timer siden
wait a minute... idk but maybe it's john doe? no evidence
Priscilla Flores
Priscilla Flores - 11 timer siden
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭poor lauran
Sensi God
Sensi God - 12 timer siden
Goes into admin game "i've been hacked again"
RoyaleGamezzz - 14 timer siden
rachel mck
rachel mck - 15 timer siden
When they watch this video they are going to be like OMG THAT WAS LAUREN
NotLillyGacha - 17 timer siden
The spy ninja people are fans of a YouTube called Chad wild clay
Poppy Dackombe
Poppy Dackombe - 20 timer siden
Where is Yammh from?
NICOLE SETCHELL - 22 timer siden
Honey Free Adimin is a game where you can put in cods to do stuff
Shifa's World
Shifa's World - 23 timer siden
I got hacked too :(((
Vannessa Phillips
Vannessa Phillips - Dag siden
Bruh u joined a yt hacker game
Ann Hansson
Ann Hansson - Dag siden
Is probiotics zoogo I fic
Sarah Bricker
Sarah Bricker - Dag siden
i was the girl sying i believed her! \
N Z - Dag siden
One time I was going in Roblox then it said log in or sign up I was like oh my god when I signed back in I was relieved I still had my friend's it was a mistake like and reply if the same thing happened once with you!
Luna Valdez
Luna Valdez - Dag siden
The boy who hacked you said ANDDYS COMEING
ミチェっぇ - Dag siden
spy ninjas are youtubers :/
Kayla Watts
Kayla Watts - Dag siden
ummm do you have it back?????????????
Lazy woo
Lazy woo - Dag siden
R$ Means Robux lol,
Wojtek Orlowski
Wojtek Orlowski - Dag siden
My cusins Roblox acount got hacked
Jelly bean that likes to wear mask
I got hack too but i now have a diffrent account
חביבה הורוביץ
חביבה הורוביץ - 2 dager siden
Say to the hakre that you are a doing a video
little plum blossom
little plum blossom - 2 dager siden
who ever hacked your roblox account i wanna punch them
Jovana Gjeorgieva
Jovana Gjeorgieva - 2 dager siden
may tik tok was hackt
Katterloves Mcdonalds
Katterloves Mcdonalds - 2 dager siden
Lol Lauren did u ever get ur account back?
Cloudy Dayz シ
Cloudy Dayz シ - 2 dager siden
Girl: Your not Lauren doyyyyy
Lauren: *posts video*
Girl: oh frik I said to Lauren doyyyy 😅👍😀
Cambre Cambrelen
Cambre Cambrelen - 2 dager siden
*legend says,* that those *3* girls who *didnt* believe her, *couldnt* speak after seeing this video being *uploaded*
Sawyer XD
Sawyer XD - 2 dager siden
She’s like “JJJJJJJ
Shubhra Badekar
Shubhra Badekar - 2 dager siden
Did she got it back now it's been 4 months. Please tell me
nini theyo
nini theyo - 2 dager siden
DarkWolf Plays
DarkWolf Plays - 2 dager siden
Did you get your account back Lauren?If not i hope you do
GraciexBoba - 3 dager siden
This is why I have a two step verification
little lady
little lady - 3 dager siden
I saw NOTlaurenzside on treehouse tycoon and right before this video and I got hacked almost the same time as Lauren got hacker
emmanuel williams
emmanuel williams - 3 dager siden
i hacked u
SimplyPlaysRoblox - 3 dager siden
Me Who Plays Royale High Every Day: oh god Lauren, oh god… the girls on Royale High are anything BUT sweet T-T
Belinda Duke
Belinda Duke - 3 dager siden
i think this mean R$ (robux) LMAO how can you not know that
Fun and Active Kids!
Fun and Active Kids! - 3 dager siden
Zoe Gonzalez
Zoe Gonzalez - 3 dager siden
Girls: nope
Lauren: *goes to a hacker GAME To find hackers
Me: bruh those are kids role-playing why u interrogating children
Juma Sirahenda
Juma Sirahenda - 3 dager siden
so did u get your account back?
maciej bernart
maciej bernart - 3 dager siden
Loomian legacy is a good game try it it is like pokemans but..not pokemans

*Tulip’s Tears*
*Tulip’s Tears* - 4 dager siden
Sister mine just did today
Kinda Ok
Kinda Ok - 4 dager siden
You have to email roblox account
Monika Tothova
Monika Tothova - 5 dager siden
I know who hack u tT_Hacker09
cruz sanchez
cruz sanchez - 6 dager siden
Me too i got hacked
Marsh - 6 dager siden
1:53 robux lol
Micheal eggs
Micheal eggs - 6 dager siden
Laren I hope you got your account back!! Because I wanted to friend you but now I saw this I was frightened
Hannah Oakwood
Hannah Oakwood - 6 dager siden
K well if this is a joke then I’m mad but Lauran I think they deleted ur acount bc I cant find it
Pastel Kitten gaming Gacha
Pastel Kitten gaming Gacha - 6 dager siden
If the girl who said lier watches this she will be like: WHAT I SAID THAT TO LAURENZSIDE
Ŧᵾnđɇɍwøłfᵾnɨȼøɍn Ǥɨɍł
Me: R$ is robux -.-
Pxstel Peach
Pxstel Peach - 7 dager siden
Yay im not ⓐⓛⓞⓝⓔ
Kylie Vanderhoef
Kylie Vanderhoef - 7 dager siden
same thing happened to me
zoe kirk
zoe kirk - 7 dager siden
i know this may not be correct but the one person that I can think that had a treehouse is in crazy craft...joel!
Kiwis shop
Kiwis shop - 7 dager siden
I’m so sorry for you :( I got banned for three days
Brooke Winters
Brooke Winters - 7 dager siden
I got hacked aswell

Louise Mcgonagle
Louise Mcgonagle - 7 dager siden
I saw your hacked acount like three hours ago
Louise Mcgonagle
Louise Mcgonagle - 7 dager siden
The two dice thing is so annoying😡😡
RoseyRose - 8 dager siden
R$ is robux
cruz sanchez
cruz sanchez - 8 dager siden
this is a warning for a hater DO NOT NHACK LAUREN OR I WILL HAUNT U IN UR DREAMS
Feonia Wilson
Feonia Wilson - 8 dager siden
the same thing happend to me and i did not do anything so i was about to burn my house down
Rebekah Elmer
Rebekah Elmer - 8 dager siden
:Lauren all the girls on here are so sweet:Me 🤣🤣🤣🤣 no no no lol no some ppl on there are nice SOME 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 nnoooo they not nice
Brenna Clark
Brenna Clark - 8 dager siden
Hey lauren, so im a fan of you I really like your videos, but I have a dare for you can you please do it for me if you dont want to thats ok, so i dare you to try to join my game on roblox or tryto find me on roblox search this user name to try to find me (Bearalyn) hope to see you if you did this you may wanna recored a video about this dare if you want :D
Nikki Bella Fan
Nikki Bella Fan - 8 dager siden
Could you imagine those people on royal high seeing this and regretting every thing they said
Astra Nominated
Astra Nominated - 8 dager siden
Why do you play Roblox. And have money to burn. And are a YouTuber. IF YOU DON'T KNOW R$ IS ROBUX!?!?
Shadow_Bear Fnaf
Shadow_Bear Fnaf - 8 dager siden
Lauren your playing free admin I play it alot 😂
Ultimate_Imposters - 8 dager siden
Is it just me or did yammy look real sus when saying no
AMY SMITH - 8 dager siden
R$ r robux
Sewerclown27 - 9 dager siden
The exact same thing happened to’s really annoying
hermana Hermanas
hermana Hermanas - 9 dager siden
Same l got hak
Kiwi - Akira
Kiwi - Akira - 9 dager siden
(Lauren gets hacked)
Me: I saw people saying stuff like that in adopt me! Everyone RUN!!!!!!
•rose •
•rose • - 9 dager siden
All the dislikes are all hackers
Ominous Whale Sounds
Ominous Whale Sounds - 9 dager siden
If this helps today I saw your account playing Murder Mystery
Shark - 9 dager siden
everyone : Oh I'm sorry you got hacked lauren
Bubblegum Master
Bubblegum Master - 9 dager siden
KaTd20100 watching this be like:
Sohel Shardar
Sohel Shardar - 9 dager siden
This happened to me and I still didn’t get my account back TwT I’m praying all night I can get it back..-
Daria ;-;
Daria ;-; - 9 dager siden
Try reset with phone number
Lucy Toompas
Lucy Toompas - 10 dager siden
In so sorry 😰
Randoperson - 10 dager siden
When I fall off the world: oh no I have to reset. Lauren: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
̄sʟᴇᴇᴘʏ ᴍɪʟᴋ ̄
Marlen Reveles
Marlen Reveles - 10 dager siden
Lauren:if your a spy ninja help me get my account back
Me:That dude is talking about Chad wild Clay Spy ninja is what He calls his viewers
villian deku
villian deku - 11 dager siden
its definitly a person from a free robux app, have you been in any free robux apps that require you give ur pin and username?
Razor Gaming
Razor Gaming - 11 dager siden
She went into the pz hq... SHES PZ MEMBER.
cherry_blossom - 11 dager siden
Whats her username I wanna follow herrr?? ✨✨😭😭
Serena playzRoblox
Serena playzRoblox - 11 dager siden
Gurl..gurl...i also got "hAcKeD"
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez - 12 dager siden
R$ means robux
¿Hazel Playz?
¿Hazel Playz? - 12 dager siden
To hackers:frick you mother flippers hack anymore bishes you will be banned if someone see's you
Heather Debaca
Heather Debaca - 12 dager siden
I actually got but I got my account back yay
Hasya Hisham
Hasya Hisham - 12 dager siden
I got haked to 9 time in among us im imposter and someone tell at me me an imposter in 8 and i got haked in among us with my other mom someone is haked to close the door😞
Amanda C
Amanda C - 13 dager siden
That game is made by a Chad Wild Clay fan lol.
Addison Gainer
Addison Gainer - 13 dager siden
laurennzside yeahhh ummmm im sorry for calling you fake bc i was playing with your haked account befor this vid
Alexis Coleman
Alexis Coleman - 13 dager siden
Yeah I just got hacked but my mom found a way to get it back
the 3 unicorns
the 3 unicorns - 13 dager siden
you have,it see chad waiel clay.....
ahmad kamal abd razak
ahmad kamal abd razak - 13 dager siden
i feel like the dip dip's the one who hacked u..bc the dip dip hacker group could hack your roblox account find your location and get your personal information
Alexa_Dream - 14 dager siden
WOW :/
your gal hoodie-
your gal hoodie- - 14 dager siden
hey lauren to get your account back you can email roblox your robux recipt basically the recipt that you got when you bough robux. i dont know how its spelled honestly but i hope it helps
Little T's Place
Little T's Place - 14 dager siden
did you get it back??/
Pigsarepog 2
Pigsarepog 2 - 14 dager siden
Oh god o was one of them on royal high
Vytautas Pleskunas
Vytautas Pleskunas - 14 dager siden
Everyone likes to get Lorenzi sides account back. 😾😾😾😾😾
Shady Dinosaur
Shady Dinosaur - 14 dager siden
This reminds me of when my Roblox account got hacked.
littlelegs 626
littlelegs 626 - 14 dager siden
R doller fingy just means robux
Paloma and Mum Gaming
Paloma and Mum Gaming - 14 dager siden
does she know who the spy ninjas are or what
Sophie Jukes
Sophie Jukes - 14 dager siden
Spy ninja like from Chad and vy and that ur in a project zorgo game
Pixel Xox
Pixel Xox - 14 dager siden
I think yammy hacked yoy