I Used a Color Wheel AGAIN to Pick Who to Kill or Follow in Among Us

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Playing Among Us but I use a color wheel AGAIN to pick who to kill or follow each round. I played with Gloom, Scott, DanTDM, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Disguised Toast, Greaseball, OMGChad & ShowThyme.
*This is not LIVE right now, this is a VOD PREMIERE of a past livestream. But I will be LIVE CHATTING with you guys in the chat during it!*
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@Disguised Toast
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Rosie Weare
Rosie Weare - 18 timer siden
Is anyone here from 2021!
Jason Waldock
Jason Waldock - Dag siden
Ok so when I find a body and I see someone kill they all vote me but when I kill why doesn't anyone vote me and someone else?
Jason Waldock
Jason Waldock - Dag siden
I was laughing so much
Potato Jellybean
Potato Jellybean - 2 dager siden
Lauren : Just hangout, Just hangout with Chad

*the door closes*
Lauren : Chad is it you!?!?!?! Chad is it you!?!?!? Chad is it you?!?!?!?!?!
Shahzadi Khan
Shahzadi Khan - 2 dager siden
Its. Gloom
Ella Syhakhoun
Ella Syhakhoun - 3 dager siden
Raes enthusiasm is awesome
it's the unicorn girl!
it's the unicorn girl! - 3 dager siden
Jess Harshbarger
Jess Harshbarger - 3 dager siden
So a month ago I was watching us thinking it was a normal video didn’t know it was live
Hazethemaze - 5 dager siden
Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus - 6 dager siden
Lauren: Sykkuno were you trying to kill me..?
Sykkuno: Lauren I would never try to kill you
Me: I don't trust it but I wouldn't be able to vote the man ai-
Henrik Linnart
Henrik Linnart - 6 dager siden
Alisha Islam
Alisha Islam - 7 dager siden
lauren:dont kill me dont kill me dont kill me dont kill me dont kill me dont kill me
me:ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm why are you saying that when nobody can hear you i know you are wishing you dont have a death but just stop:)yeaaaaaaaaaaaaash i really said that in my hed am so crazy but WHO KNOWS AM THE MOST CRAZIEST PERSON *evryone* ummmmmmmm and the most dramtic *me* WHO SAID AM CRAZY AM THE MOST DRAMTIC,CRAZY PERSON *LAUGHS* seriodly am that lazy to do my own way wich is longer than that but who cares am LAZY AND DRAMTIC CRAZY
Cory Wells
Cory Wells - 7 dager siden
Me: * hears sykkunos voice *
Also me: SYKKUNOOOO!!!!!!
Tania kinsman
Tania kinsman - 7 dager siden
When Valkrae laughed she sounded like a little chipmunk 👁👄👁
sindhu haneef
sindhu haneef - 8 dager siden
David Bowie
Derp_Queen Gacha
Derp_Queen Gacha - 8 dager siden
She should definitely make Bobby play Among Us and do the same thing with the clout wheel
Susie Garcia
Susie Garcia - 8 dager siden
NO LIE sykkuno LEGIT sounds like an anime character, like his PROFILE PICTURE IS
Sia Sirish Karanth
Sia Sirish Karanth - 9 dager siden
Lauren: She was just with Sykkuno in comms, but he could have just killed her in comms...
Sykkuno: Wait, she wasn't dead in comms?
Lauren: No...
Sykkuno: ...Oh...
Mythical :3
Mythical :3 - 9 dager siden
Alexia Stevenson
Alexia Stevenson - 11 dager siden
8.15 to 8.18 it sounds like sykuno has a crush on Lauren
Cadence Griffin
Cadence Griffin - 11 dager siden
It’s toast and grease then
Jelina Hernandez
Jelina Hernandez - 11 dager siden
You can actually when you become an imposter when roommates are trying to turn on the light keep on turning it off and they will all start blaming each other instead of you but you have to be very careful with this technique
Samarian's Channel
Samarian's Channel - 13 dager siden
“Scott you look like the guy from kfc” -lauren
Lily Plays
Lily Plays - 14 dager siden
Leanne McGonigal
Leanne McGonigal - 14 dager siden
I didn’t see the body in round 1
Willow ApplePie
Willow ApplePie - 15 dager siden
Like if waching in 2021
Little Rupel
Little Rupel - 15 dager siden
The way that Cassie says admin I always forget what she means
Caroline Burke
Caroline Burke - 15 dager siden
what keys do u use to walk on a computer?
Ignatious Egan
Ignatious Egan - 15 dager siden
do not kill me da.......... WHAT DID I JUST SAY DAN
Ignatious Egan
Ignatious Egan - 15 dager siden
mayby it is ............... I HATE YOU GLOOM
Owlliott - 15 dager siden

Just wow

Wow Dan

Bigmoyz - 16 dager siden
I love this video
Kessem Bitton
Kessem Bitton - 16 dager siden
i saw this from glooms pov and i was so sus of Lauren but seeing this now it all makes sense
Lar Marquette
Lar Marquette - 17 dager siden
Annabelle Yetter
Annabelle Yetter - 17 dager siden
I ship lauren and sykkuno as an among us couple
Annabelle Yetter
Annabelle Yetter - 17 dager siden
Wait they should ask dan wtf happened
Marley Wedge-Dallas
Marley Wedge-Dallas - 17 dager siden
Holding HANDS
Abi Momerak
Abi Momerak - 17 dager siden
who else saw those hams flop on the ground XD
Cam Singer
Cam Singer - 17 dager siden
I was multitasking and started doing homework while I watched this-
Lauren's jokes about Scott being Colonel Sanders had me dying of laughter
Braincell - 18 dager siden
My own rhyme ( inspired by the one only Laurenzside)
The wheel told me to choose blue but I chose you.
Because my heart told me too. ( I just took Lauren's words and made them rhyme)
Sydney Daniel
Sydney Daniel - 19 dager siden
I feel bad for chad
*our friendship is toxic*
Lauren 2020
Fiona Hepi
Fiona Hepi - 19 dager siden
What the hell is going on?
Rosie Paintings
Rosie Paintings - 21 dag siden
Either it's Chad or cass- ITS CASSIE!!! that part blew me up!😂
TheOneNamed Savannah
TheOneNamed Savannah - 22 dager siden
They really had the audacity to muder you. Shame
Leon Gomez
Leon Gomez - 22 dager siden
Jimpol Tañedo
Jimpol Tañedo - 23 dager siden
Hello good morning po
Brendan Raftery
Brendan Raftery - 23 dager siden
I loved the first one but this one is awesome
zahra wangui55
zahra wangui55 - 23 dager siden
Valkyraes laugh scared me
actxve_molly - 23 dager siden
Rae : can I help you?
Lauren : I would like to be friends again
Kylie Mann
Kylie Mann - 23 dager siden
Ur sus cause you have s and u in your name same with me
Zoe Playz Roblox
Zoe Playz Roblox - 24 dager siden
Lauren: “I don’t wanna kill Scott though-“
Me: “But in your other video didn’t you say ‘Scott is the worst’
CluudyYT .-.
CluudyYT .-. - 24 dager siden
How to pronounce Sykkuno: Sike uno :’)
Mugelbbub16 - 24 dager siden
Me: Taps on video
YouTube: video quality is 460
YouTube: sike- sets to highest video quality
My brain and eyes: 😵🤢
Erica Abundiz
Erica Abundiz - 24 dager siden
Lauren: Anytime the wheel chooses blue for me he is the-
*Dan kills Lauren*
Ryleigh Odell
Ryleigh Odell - 24 dager siden
watching lauren while listening to MCR is...an expierience
Ryanne W
Ryanne W - 25 dager siden
No one notes the cigarette in her hand
Fnaf Fan
Fnaf Fan - 25 dager siden
Lmao I am supposed to be doing school work rn
Tyshara Gadjradj
Tyshara Gadjradj - 25 dager siden
Dan dies first🤣
Emma TheMagicalPug
Emma TheMagicalPug - 26 dager siden
Lauren has the best Among Us videos... I like how hers always has a twist instead of her just playinf
PIXIE vlogs
PIXIE vlogs - 26 dager siden
ya were did u kill him CHAD
Fnaf Fan
Fnaf Fan - 25 dager siden
Logan The Log
Logan The Log - 26 dager siden
Sykkuno needs an Oscar who else agrees
bubblegum games 57
bubblegum games 57 - 26 dager siden
Who ever is laurenzside fan reply
Someone - 27 dager siden
Wait I watched this like 5 times and now I have memorized the First game
Gacha Stars
Gacha Stars - 27 dager siden
I love your amount us bids there so funny
Reema Granger
Reema Granger - 27 dager siden
everyone who disliked meant "dis i like" lmao
Angela Crummel
Angela Crummel - 27 dager siden
Lauren next time you should do the wheel but use it as a hit List, like whoever you got is the person you kill.
hann - 27 dager siden
Custom badge for members Custom badge for members Custom badge for members Custom badge for members Custom badge for members Custom badge for members
Alexis Mikell
Alexis Mikell - 27 dager siden
Mollie Jacobsen
Mollie Jacobsen - 28 dager siden
I just stumbled over your videos and I can’t stop watching them. You always make me laugh and I have fallen in love with all of your friends
Brain Go——
Brain Go—— - 29 dager siden
Please more Tamagotchi life
ariyanna pirela
ariyanna pirela - 29 dager siden
MilkTeaBear - 29 dager siden
I love how Chad just perfectly knew what she was doing xD
Brooklyn Benoit
Brooklyn Benoit - 29 dager siden
Sykkuno and toast are in my top 10 fav YouTube’s list and Lauren Is between theme but Rae is number one Rae and Sykkuno together is life tho
Cookies ribbon
Cookies ribbon - 29 dager siden
So true 👍
waddledoof - 29 dager siden
I have a trick for always knowing who the imposter is. when someone is doing a task, look at the task bar. if it doesn't go up when they "finish" their task, they're faking it.
Rose Coughlan
Rose Coughlan - Måned siden
Abbey Schmidt
Abbey Schmidt - Måned siden
Khaleesi Watt
Khaleesi Watt - Måned siden
you are so cute
6M 18 LEUNG Lok Chee
6M 18 LEUNG Lok Chee - Måned siden
omg lauren and sykkuno can make an eggplant LMAO
Roleplay Karina
Roleplay Karina - Måned siden
Tip: if a “crew mate “ that runs faster , it’s them. Because the original crew mate speed is 1.5 • yw
Sophia Veit
Sophia Veit - Måned siden
I’m drinking hot choco and watching all Lauren’s among us videos 100% recommend
Polar girl Polar girl
Polar girl Polar girl - Måned siden
Idk who is it now
Polar girl Polar girl
Polar girl Polar girl - Måned siden
;-: is glooooom
lauren I am your fan an if you liked or replay my this comment I will be very happy
Ice Wolfy
Ice Wolfy - Måned siden
“The wheel told me i should be friends with blue, but my heart tells me to be friends with red.”🥲❤️
Emma Emerick
Emma Emerick - Måned siden
Lauren is so sweet and awesome I love her and her vids she is making everything better in my quarantine I just wanna say to her to keep making her vids and stay cool and I hope your baby is amazing stay safe! 😄
Madelyn Sowa
Madelyn Sowa - Måned siden
Please make more of these
maryam ali
maryam ali - Måned siden
I love you
Girl Game Fury
Girl Game Fury - Måned siden
Lauren 2020 : ScOtT tElL mE tHe ChIcKeN rEcIpIe
GrumpyCat123 - Måned siden
“Or it’s Kass- ITS KASSIE”
Me: Laughing soooooo hard
Tim Kuhn
Tim Kuhn - Måned siden
Or do you just like bread
Tim Kuhn
Tim Kuhn - Måned siden
How much does Lauren like bread
ikachu -
ikachu - - Måned siden
Am still confused with the elec won Dan was not in there but then dan vented but then he died?? Wtf
Melaina Thiele
Melaina Thiele - Måned siden
Gloom: I haven’t done a single task so you wanna just get grease out of here?
Me: Then how were you med bay cleared?😂
lydia gray
lydia gray - Måned siden
Hey Lauren I have all ur pets just got them plz reply
maciej bernart
maciej bernart - Måned siden
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Alexis Nguyen
Alexis Nguyen - Måned siden
tiny _Kitty Hi
tiny _Kitty Hi - Måned siden
Why is this game full of drama 😅
Spaari Official
Spaari Official - Måned siden
So many scam web apps in the comment section. The only that works for me is Spremify.
Sykkuno is so sweet to wait for Lauren!