I Tried to SWAP Bodies with Gloom to Confuse Everyone in Among Us

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Playing Among Us with the NEW Voice Proximity Mod but Gloom & I swapped character bodies & names to confuse everyone!
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Runtime: 14:19


Sarah Omezzine
Sarah Omezzine - 3 timer siden
Joey it's just we need more of him so good in this vidoe
Alisha Islam
Alisha Islam - 3 dager siden
Molly Latimer
Molly Latimer - 3 dager siden
That was funny I am going to try to do that
Kara HuffleClaw
Kara HuffleClaw - 4 dager siden
My name is also Kara
death demon
death demon - 5 dager siden
Mei Zhu
Mei Zhu - 5 dager siden
This is one of my favorite videos she has ever made
Marco Garcia
Marco Garcia - 5 dager siden
Me watching through video:😵😵😵😵
strawbewwy donut
strawbewwy donut - 6 dager siden
joey is pure evil

jk xd
Miiko715 - 8 dager siden
I've watched this video before but I still enjoy watching this
Abigail Vellucci
Abigail Vellucci - 9 dager siden
omg l love you
Alexis Leitzsey
Alexis Leitzsey - 9 dager siden
Love to watch videos of Lauren playing among us
Antoinette Topaz
Antoinette Topaz - 10 dager siden
joey gloom and lauren was just funny 😭😭
Anaya Setiadi
Anaya Setiadi - 10 dager siden
She should do this with Scott
BelievablyMinty - 13 dager siden
Hanna Elise
Hanna Elise - 13 dager siden
GSUS christ
Amy G
Amy G - 14 dager siden
I just got an ad for a knock off Among Us called Traitor 3D
Sparkle And friends
Sparkle And friends - 14 dager siden
Ha ha ha ha lollolololololololololololololol
Lila C-A
Lila C-A - 14 dager siden
I saw you on the game but you left
Alexandra Larsen
Alexandra Larsen - 14 dager siden
so i just burped, and the second i was done lauren said: eww
i feel hit
Gift Carnecer Ezema
Gift Carnecer Ezema - 14 dager siden
''dashing through the snow- Jordan why are you singing?''
Inner Thoughts
Inner Thoughts - 15 dager siden
I like how everyone’s ghost is following them and they’re like “Gloom? What are you doing?”
abig1602 abig1602
abig1602 abig1602 - 15 dager siden
i love how ALL the ghosts of the people that joey killed just followed them around XD
Hazethemaze - 16 dager siden
Do this again! !!!!
ඩĎå päîņţīñğ Čřěwmäțěඩ
Pls again its so funny
Yellow ET
Yellow ET - 19 dager siden
12:23 *Thats what you call “Vengeful spirits”*
Nomonde Mangena
Nomonde Mangena - 19 dager siden
Who else was confused the whole video.
Lauren Patrick
Lauren Patrick - 23 dager siden
Hi my name is Lauren
Bekah C
Bekah C - 25 dager siden
Lauren: She's saying she reported the body but i reported the body which is confusing.
Me: Jvck reported the body.
Gurmangal Singh
Gurmangal Singh - 25 dager siden
Omg you guys actually trick them
PigPenguin91 - 26 dager siden
One thing which I can't figure out, when Lauren is killed, how can Gloom still talk with Joey? Since she was controlling Lauren and is now a ghost, how can Joey (and everyone else at the meeting) still hear her?
Lily Aitken
Lily Aitken - 26 dager siden
when joey said let’s go kill people and he killed pink and cassie goes “oh, hah good one” because she doesn’t know what to do 😭
martha bridges.x
martha bridges.x - 27 dager siden
I love this video so much I’m watching it to prepare for the new year!!
martha bridges.x
martha bridges.x - 27 dager siden
It’s still 2020 and soon to be 2021 if anyone sees this later on in life
Meh Official
Meh Official - 28 dager siden
Youtube be getting real comfortable with all these unskippable ads
Gabriella Sommers
Gabriella Sommers - 28 dager siden
Its so creepy when she says "Joey,joey,joey"because i have a crush on a guy named joey.
Desky3088 - 28 dager siden
Lauren should do this with Scott 😂
Sarah Ingham
Sarah Ingham - 28 dager siden
That would be amazing
Jessie G
Jessie G - 28 dager siden
Fun Fact: Lauren loves the colour purple
Jennifer McManus
Jennifer McManus - Måned siden
Lauren ur ausum
Chasey DWrigley
Chasey DWrigley - Måned siden
Plz do another video like this
Hannah's And Cash’s World
Joey:oH yOuR sIcK aNd TwIsTeD
Jennifer Zeng
Jennifer Zeng - Måned siden
Is the lava monster thing real?
Wolf Part Human comics
Wolf Part Human comics - Måned siden
The way that Lauren screamed tho was hilarious lol
Jimpol Tañedo
Jimpol Tañedo - Måned siden
Leon Gomez
Leon Gomez - Måned siden
elin almgren
elin almgren - Måned siden
Swap bodies and names more times
itz Smorable
itz Smorable - Måned siden
Omg i saw cupcakes visons and i thought u guys were playing normally
lαgεүαмαs мιlк cαятση
Lol so funny 😂
dawn - Måned siden
actxve_molly - Måned siden
Kassie : one of you has threatened my life. And I can't speak. So one of you have to find out who the impostor is
Me : *how did you say that?*
Cupcakes. Unicorn
Cupcakes. Unicorn - Måned siden
I nearly died of laughter when Lauren *fake gloom* followed them at the end
Catcity Gaming
Catcity Gaming - Måned siden
Rip headphone users. Lol
Xx febby xX
Xx febby xX - Måned siden
OMG gloom ekkkkk😁😁😁
Chaotic Chloe
Chaotic Chloe - Måned siden
When Lauren realizes Gloom killed
Lauren : Uhhhhhhhhhhh
Gloom : Yep
L McD - Måned siden
omg i love ur vids u are sooooo funny
Ali Geezy
Ali Geezy - Måned siden
Pls pin this
Johanna Hillian
Johanna Hillian - Måned siden
If it’s not live why cover the code?
Karisma Tupaz
Karisma Tupaz - Måned siden
Husband Vs. Wife? More like Husband KILLS Wife.
Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas - Måned siden
Lauren should do a among us in real life.Leave a like if your with me.
Sarah Al-Dallal
Sarah Al-Dallal - Måned siden
Okay okay that was amazing 🤩
Fnaf Fan
Fnaf Fan - Måned siden
Isabella Merkley
Isabella Merkley - Måned siden
Joey is the best he tried to bribe “Kassie”😂
Gloom: Lauren if your imposter go up and down
Gloom in Lauren’s body: *goes up and down*
Everyone else: AHHHHH
Me: 😂
Branwen Sidfrids
Branwen Sidfrids - Måned siden
Plot twist: Lauren's pregnant!
Physics by Amita Ma'am
Physics by Amita Ma'am - Måned siden
I heard Lauren saying "please dislike" at 13:20
Is it just me????
Ananya Menon
Ananya Menon - Måned siden
How do u put the voice proximity mod?
BaconItRain247 - Måned siden
Didn't ksi do this first?
Huffle Waffle22
Huffle Waffle22 - Måned siden
I heard “aah creepy black men, creepy black men” instead of “two people are dead, two people are dead”
DaisyDoes - Måned siden
Red: thank you so much for the tier 1 su-
Gloom:*kills him*
You - Måned siden
Oh my gosh this is one of the most amazing things ever, now you need to combine it with rituals
The DeGrammont's DeGrammont
7:52. That screem...
Stripepelt - Måned siden
When Gloom just bullies Jordan. 😂
Kenneth Dannys
Kenneth Dannys - Måned siden
Don't Ask
Don't Ask - Måned siden
I've seen this video 5 times
It's just so wonderful 😂
Erin Edelman
Erin Edelman - Måned siden
Hi Lauren (and everybody else reading this)
Erin Edelman
Erin Edelman - Måned siden
Lauren just letting you know you and Moriah Elizabeth are my favorite youtubers 👍
SaLoNi - Måned siden
i honestly loved this so much lmaooo
꧁Cute Cat꧂
꧁Cute Cat꧂ - Måned siden
B-but Badger I niko niko need *To go kill myself*
꧁Cute Cat꧂
꧁Cute Cat꧂ - Måned siden
Gumi ;*; can I hv ur voice :>
Emma Dulaney
Emma Dulaney - Måned siden
Laren- gloom I am your auntie
strawberry Sharon
strawberry Sharon - Måned siden
React to sister located turn human
Scarecrow - Måned siden
How does Lauren and Gloom act and sound like each other?/don't know.
Nova Dubois
Nova Dubois - Måned siden
i am so Confuse
Nover - Måned siden
yay 500th dislike!
Chloeshea BUCHANAN
Chloeshea BUCHANAN - Måned siden
Here's the funny thing I'm here for gloom video of this
Cassidy M
Cassidy M - Måned siden
“hey sweet thing “ 6:29
EggyXD - Måned siden
Red2x2 - Måned siden
there is 499 dislikes i want to make it a even number but i don't wanna dislike the video :'') wtf am i supposed to do its uneven
strawberry Sharon
strawberry Sharon - Måned siden
React to sister located turn human
Citta - Måned siden
12:22 .....Thats alot of ghost following gloom- LAUREN and joey
strawberry Sharon
strawberry Sharon - Måned siden
Reacting to sister located turn human
Zielle Jones-mcbride
Zielle Jones-mcbride - Måned siden
I'mThatPersonOnYt - Måned siden
When you've watched Joey's video about this already and you realize how much funnier the situation actually is
jazeatoons - Måned siden
Im doing this with my friend now thanks luaren
Leiah Gonzalez
Leiah Gonzalez - Måned siden
you have to do this again it was so fun to watch
Kookie Seeker
Kookie Seeker - Måned siden
I just witnessed an ad and at the end a guy's croch get's hit...
Maggie Wehler
Maggie Wehler - Måned siden
Can you do this again but with someone else
Gravity Lovegood
Gravity Lovegood - Måned siden
I didn't even know they switched bodies I just watched Cupquakes video.
Erin Stitt
Erin Stitt - Måned siden
This is so funny
Chillauhua 2010
Chillauhua 2010 - Måned siden
I loved it
Jordan Horn
Jordan Horn - Måned siden
I don’t know why but the part with Lauren and gloom alone and when Lauren said ”uhhh” and gloom said”ayyyy yop” they literally kept on reversing and going back to the part it was so funny 😂
kitty Wolfy
kitty Wolfy - Måned siden
is joey gay?!? XD
Itz Jasmine
Itz Jasmine - Måned siden
Hah gloom is so funny singing dashing through the snow... And then saying why are you signing Jordan?