I Tried to Follow Among Us TIPS & TRICKS to Get Good but Somehow Got WORSE

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I tried looking up Among Us Tips & Tricks to win more as impostor & crewmate. They didn't work... so instead I just followed my own tips & tricks to be the WORST. This game continues to RUIN our friendships & I continue to be the WORST imposter EVER! I want to play MORE so make sure to leave a like!
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Gloom - 2 måneder siden
K me lying about where I am without making sure someone isn’t in there is a pro tip and trick 🤦🏽‍♀️
Edit: btw glad my content makes u happy Lauren
Mr.Bug's CRAZYantics
Mr.Bug's CRAZYantics - 4 dager siden
@Dead acc : yoiii
Sofia AG vlogZ
Sofia AG vlogZ - 5 dager siden
gur asees Sekhon
gur asees Sekhon - 8 dager siden
Hi Kassie
Marta Johansson
Marta Johansson - 10 dager siden
Wolfie Ultima gacha 20
Wolfie Ultima gacha 20 - 15 dager siden
And I oop-
Koala_Queeen - 22 timer siden
We need Lauren you’re not muted merch
Eventure Alley
Eventure Alley - 2 dager siden
A strategy is that when someone is about to call emergency meeting and you need one kill to win. Sabotage the furthest place, and since sabotage is happening they can’t call emergency.
Miranda Stanley
Miranda Stanley - 2 dager siden
Kassie: "I'm really happy my content is *slices Scott in half* making you happy! :)"
Rose_Gold - 2 dager siden
Maevy Rinehart
Maevy Rinehart - 3 dager siden
Let’s all just say it’s Scott’s fault the tips and tricks didn’t work
John Cox
John Cox - 4 dager siden
Lauren watching videos:👁👄👁
Lauren after 👁👅👁
Mr.Bug's CRAZYantics
Mr.Bug's CRAZYantics - 4 dager siden
yoiii dis betch gotta heva some mowas
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia - 6 dager siden
Me plays among us : me sees Kara kill :me again :tries to tap the vote button but forgets I’m watching youtube
abig1602 abig1602
abig1602 abig1602 - 8 dager siden
Me thinking that the facecam thing was a real tip XD XD
Hazethemaze - 9 dager siden
This is the most legendary video that will go down in history for the rest of humankind.
xxChexriixx - 9 dager siden
"Eliminate scott whenever possible" -Lauren tips and tricks 2020
Ms Gwapa
Ms Gwapa - 10 dager siden
Chicken wing chicken wing hotdog and balony chicken and macaroni chilling with my homie
Worm Trash
Worm Trash - 10 dager siden
one like = one joyful piece content from gloom
bruh panda
bruh panda - 12 dager siden
I have a trick for you Lauren when you unmute find a sound bite of doing tasks
sindhu haneef
sindhu haneef - 13 dager siden
Nick Caserio
Allan Leslie
Allan Leslie - 16 dager siden
I just got a galaxy case for my tablet
Daphnie Plaza
Daphnie Plaza - 16 dager siden
Lauren: you're content no longer brings me joy Kassie
Kassie: whatever tips and tricks
Leszek Żuber
Leszek Żuber - 16 dager siden
Im glad i can be better at among us couse os you
Madison Sheridan
Madison Sheridan - 16 dager siden
Dixie demilo
Scarlet Skies
Scarlet Skies - 17 dager siden
The Kara and Cassie situation happened where I saw someone vent and the other imposter was in the room
Cam Singer
Cam Singer - 17 dager siden
The fourth tip had me laughing so much
Taliliah Herrera
Taliliah Herrera - 17 dager siden
Stay in vents out of fear
Me: every time I'm an imposter
claire timmons
claire timmons - 17 dager siden
Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭🍪🍩🐶🦊🍒🌞🍭
Madison Mulligan
Madison Mulligan - 18 dager siden
Lauren tips:
kill Scott when when people will see and vote me off
•Calies Art•
•Calies Art• - 18 dager siden
Razz- I’ll have you know that DanTDM is an angel

Me- *there is no lie there*
*Coco*-* *Cappuccino*
*Coco*-* *Cappuccino* - 18 dager siden
Lol so funny
Munmun chakraborty
Munmun chakraborty - 19 dager siden
Did anyone noticed that the green one was Thinknoodles?
Bigmoyz - 19 dager siden
Lauren: *moves*
Scott: it's her tips and tricks again
Bella Rkohlbry
Bella Rkohlbry - 19 dager siden
The only YouTuber on there that I know is gloom Lauren think and Dan TDM
Debbi Amburgey
Debbi Amburgey - 20 dager siden
The 4th trick sounded the most legitimate to me
Korilakkuma boba tea
Korilakkuma boba tea - 20 dager siden
Gloom: this is probably the best game me and Kara did
Me:Better yet
Korilakkuma boba tea
Korilakkuma boba tea - 20 dager siden
From Noddles
Korilakkuma boba tea
Korilakkuma boba tea - 20 dager siden
This is one of the tips and tricks from Lauren that u kill amadly
Korilakkuma boba tea
Korilakkuma boba tea - 20 dager siden
•it’s amy •
•it’s amy • - 21 dag siden
Tips and tricks: every time Lauren kills someone she’s on top of the body when they report or make a emergency meeting
Darlene Cole
Darlene Cole - 21 dag siden
I swear I'm never imposter
Then Lauren : imposter! Next round IMPOSTER
Alice in Disneyland
Alice in Disneyland - 22 dager siden
MEOWY Christmas
blueberry gamer
blueberry gamer - 22 dager siden
Laurens name: laurenZsus
Angie Veliz
Angie Veliz - 22 dager siden
I saw gloom on a add
Cheryl Vucich
Cheryl Vucich - 22 dager siden
Keep doing these videos! Pls
Bdjf Gfdhfhgfh
Bdjf Gfdhfhgfh - 23 dager siden
who is scott
Tonya Chua
Tonya Chua - 23 dager siden
Moxie - 23 dager siden
Lauren: **exists**
Everyone: *tIpS aNd TrIcKs!*
Marco Gouveia
Marco Gouveia - 24 dager siden
Shout out please
Leon Gomez
Leon Gomez - 24 dager siden
Abbey Barth
Abbey Barth - 24 dager siden
Scott: suspects lauren
Lauren: kills scott
Kaite Lopez
Kaite Lopez - 25 dager siden
who wants the "Lauren your not muted" merch *cough* cough* ME *cough* cough* 8:47
Edolie Willett
Edolie Willett - 26 dager siden
Btw am I the only one who though that blurred out bit that said raz was her cussing?? No? More just me then..
John Walker
John Walker - 26 dager siden
What about aphmau??
John Walker
John Walker - 26 dager siden
What about aphmau???
Olivia Sherriff
Olivia Sherriff - 27 dager siden
The 4th tip/ trick can not be real
Tanya - 27 dager siden
Mrjanzen57’s notification squad
Lauren isn’t like other girls

*Shes unmuted*
peachy_pink sahmer 2
peachy_pink sahmer 2 - 27 dager siden
Yo i have never seen lauren been yellow in among us, cause shes mostly purple or black
actxve_molly - 28 dager siden
Lauren : *eliminates Scott whenever possible*
Me : that's what he gets for framing you all the time
Kat & Zo
Kat & Zo - 28 dager siden
Tip: forget to turn ur mic off when ur impostor and say “alright let’s go do the task in nav” or whatever :)
doughnut master
doughnut master - 28 dager siden
Lauren you are great! Im a bit late bit still watched it!! Keep up the great work!
Queen puppy & King kitty
Queen puppy & King kitty - Måned siden
Do you now that maxie has bied
Sarah Al-Dallal
Sarah Al-Dallal - Måned siden
Thank you
Charles Daggett
Charles Daggett - Måned siden
my aunt plays with her "boyfreind" and he thinks its funny to kill her in cafitirea in front of everyone
Lion Lionheart
Lion Lionheart - Måned siden
I love it when people do group plays and know each plus talk to each other. It just makes it more lively and fun.😺😼👍
pelahnar4 - Måned siden
why does "razz" get censored but Lauren typed "damnit" with no problem. What does the game thing "razz" means, anyway?
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl - Måned siden
Oh no not now
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl - Måned siden
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl - Måned siden
Can you
Vermilion ZS
Vermilion ZS - Måned siden
Tip: if you know you're leaving tell who the other imposter is
saphiR Fly
saphiR Fly - Måned siden
This is a comment for Among Us! The first person to like this comment is the imposter, as well as the fifth and the eighth. Do not count number one because that is me. Make your own Among Us matches in the comments! I hope you all have fun!
saphiR Fly
saphiR Fly - Måned siden
-saphiR Fly has entered to lobby
Sandra Firyh
Sandra Firyh - Måned siden
A The Great 2.0
A The Great 2.0 - Måned siden
Did anyone else v i b e when Senpai came along at the beginning XD
¿ - Måned siden
“Your content no longer brings me joy Kassie” gets me every time
Jelena Škoda
Jelena Škoda - Måned siden
Hi Laren how are you
Jason Bachorski
Jason Bachorski - Måned siden
Moonlight lol
Moonlight lol - Måned siden
Love the fact that everyone calls Lauren tips and tricks
CandyCats - Måned siden
Tips and tricks: if your friends are dumb and your imposter. Act dumb
CandyCats - Måned siden
Kara and Lauren get imposter
Me: well well well the person who ratted out lauren
CandyCats - Måned siden
Gloom and lauren are imposters
XxSallygamergirl xX
XxSallygamergirl xX - Måned siden
Who’s here when she announced that she’s pregnant
Tressa Maguffin
Tressa Maguffin - Måned siden
ThatCrazyArtistYT - Måned siden
I love the eliminating Scott lol
Isabel Mckeown
Isabel Mckeown - Måned siden
I have a suggestion ... why dont u try "accidently" leaving your mic off and say ... right lets get some tasks done
Hopefully thatll clear u 👉👈
Btw u r soooooo good at this game!
Katrina Peel
Katrina Peel - Måned siden
Oh my gosh
Isabella Sanchez Jones
Isabella Sanchez Jones - Måned siden
Dan did not say anything really that's sus :')
CelestiaGo - Måned siden
Worst words to hear in Among Us:
"Red's hacking he did scan but he's still sus"
Anthony Meisner
Anthony Meisner - Måned siden
Eliminating Scott was the best one cause he's so good
Mari Kawashima
Mari Kawashima - Måned siden
“I’m really glad my content is cheering you up.” 7:30
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf - Måned siden
Shalabh Gupta
Shalabh Gupta - Måned siden
Ohhh yayayya
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima - Måned siden
at 1:46 I just randomlly went "YEAH BOI" and did the "YES!" hand movement ;-;" (Akward silence)... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
your fav weird youtuber
your fav weird youtuber - Måned siden
:( my cup is stck to my mouth help!!! Not jokingggg
your fav weird youtuber
your fav weird youtuber - Måned siden
Ryan Mc Quaid
Ryan Mc Quaid - Måned siden
I love Lauren and glooms friendship tho x they must care so much for one another x best friends perhaps x
Ryan Mc Quaid
Ryan Mc Quaid - Måned siden
Why cupquake such a toxic player tho x
Candacia Baird
Candacia Baird - Måned siden
Kara:follows Lauren
Luaren:I need to kil l of a
Margaret Vieira
Margaret Vieira - Måned siden
Lauryn: breaths
Scoot: 'Is that a trick and tip'
Bobby House
Bobby House - Måned siden
GamingToTheMax - Måned siden
Thinknoodles is born in 1979 (close)
Dustin Pintens
Dustin Pintens - Måned siden
Luaran did u join a sever with a person named kitty kat and kitkat cause that was me and my sis and my friend and my mind is blown if it was
Grace E
Grace E - Måned siden
“ElImiNate scOtT wHenEver poSsiBlE” is da best
shaurya Legendizer
shaurya Legendizer - Måned siden
please tell me how to enable voice because you cant talk with voice whenever you are in chat
Itberryz - Måned siden
Lauren don’t fake shields! It’s a visual task
Dennis Blanco
Dennis Blanco - Måned siden
.    。    •   ゚  。   .

   .      .     。   。 .  

.   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •

  ゚  LaurenZsus was the Impostor.  。 .

  '    1 Impostor remains     。

  ゚   .   . ,    .  .
Mr. Guppy Guy
Mr. Guppy Guy - Måned siden
It would’ve been better if you didn’t tell everyone you were using tips and tricks because that made you sus the whole time.