I Tried to Become FRIENDS with the Imposter in Among Us

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Playing Among Us with Gloom, Aphmau, LDShadowlady, Jay & The KREW! This game continues to RUIN our friendships & I continue to be the WORST imposter EVER! I want to play MORE so make sure to leave a like!
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Runtime: 14:45


Cauliflower Heartz
Cauliflower Heartz - 8 timer siden
Its not DRAYCO gloom -w-
Evan Floyd
Evan Floyd - 2 dager siden
I love how y’all say draco’s name😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅 it’s wrong watch how they say it!
•happy Dva Edits•
•happy Dva Edits• - 2 dager siden
Poor jay 😭😭😭
Annie Galloway
Annie Galloway - 3 dager siden
Lauren: I'm sus of Kassie
My tablet : Falls down the side of bed
Me: Its a miracle
Kayla Williams
Kayla Williams - 5 dager siden
does anyone actually relize that youtuber's that play games and do reacts are actually making videos for history to look at? my brain slightly hurts... who decided to milk a cow?
tomisin olutayo
tomisin olutayo - 6 dager siden
Lauren way to blame it on Jay
Unicorn pretty Micka comedy
Unicorn pretty Micka comedy - 6 dager siden
5:22 made me laugh🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣
Anabelle Lim
Anabelle Lim - 7 dager siden
can i get a shout out??
Dowka 29
Dowka 29 - 7 dager siden
*not trying to be rude here but draco is pronounced DR AAAHHH CO not DR EEEYY CO*
Crest - 8 dager siden
Lauren's dead carcass on medscan

-Cassy 2020
알 리 나 #OPPA Oppa
알 리 나 #OPPA Oppa - 9 dager siden
They’re all suspecting Lauren all the time
hola taco
hola taco - 9 dager siden
Misfa Mercado
Misfa Mercado - 10 dager siden
I am literally cheering aphmau when I found out she was the impostor
Liz bee
Liz bee - 11 dager siden
Jay really did make me laugh XD
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy - 12 dager siden
YOU were playing with the KREW Lauren!? OMG I wish I was a famous YouTuber
Amy G
Amy G - 13 dager siden
Yo when everyone is saying “Draco did this”or whatever,I keep thinking of Draco Malfoy and then I freak out for half a second.
Amy G
Amy G - 13 dager siden
Or am I completely wrong?
What’s-whats the situation
The Banana
The Banana - 14 dager siden
Anyone notice that most of the time when Lauren says has anyone died someone gets reported? 👽👽👽👽👻👻👻🥸🥸🥸🥸
Lilac_Playz - 15 dager siden
Natalie Jones
Natalie Jones - 15 dager siden
Lauren: our children can play together!!!
Gets killed
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl - 15 dager siden
Aphmau was alone where was Aaron they would of been the perfect impostor team armau is a perfect couple I hope i spelled armau right 😅
Mary Hogan
Mary Hogan - 15 dager siden
Lauren: we wo we wo... damn it
Miguel Richards27
Miguel Richards27 - 16 dager siden
I actually got confused between who Lauren was and who Kass was XD
Jayden’s Turtorials
Jayden’s Turtorials - 16 dager siden
••Kean Kaylie••
••Kean Kaylie•• - 17 dager siden
*Jay: awkward "i fcked up" giggle*
••Kean Kaylie••
••Kean Kaylie•• - 17 dager siden
This is my dream lobby ngl 😤
Betty Lind
Betty Lind - 19 dager siden
to many dead 10 minis in video
Ricara Smith-Loring
Ricara Smith-Loring - 19 dager siden
R&S Lovelies
R&S Lovelies - 20 dager siden
Wait there both purple so why
Anesu's Corner
Anesu's Corner - 20 dager siden
Lauren when we click the doesnt work
Molly Beth Billingsley
Molly Beth Billingsley - 20 dager siden
Other people when they see the word draco: .Me when I see the word draco: OMG DRACO!!!! 🐍
Emma GOLDER - 22 dager siden
Lauren:Our kids play together!
LunarFoxAG - 22 dager siden
I saw a vent open and close in front of Lauren and she didn’t notice
sindhu haneef
sindhu haneef - 22 dager siden
Von Miller
Alirockpopstar Imagination
Alirockpopstar Imagination - 22 dager siden
Can you do a video where you follow Scott around and then whenever he calls you sussuspicious you yell "YOOOOOOOU!" at him then pretend like nothing happened.
Camille Ruda
Camille Ruda - 23 dager siden
Is jay the kubzscouts there??
Xxsky CloudxX
Xxsky CloudxX - 24 dager siden
Me the whole time wondering why lauren and funneh dont switch colors
Lewis Finneran
Lewis Finneran - 24 dager siden
I love the kroo
Cam Singer
Cam Singer - 24 dager siden
Lauren Jay, you didn't see it?
Jay: No, I did, I was going to report it but you hit it first-
Kassie: Okay, get out.
Lauren: Pffffffffft-
link2cloud - 25 dager siden
Funniest moment in history lol 4:42
Macie Reed
Macie Reed - 25 dager siden
Bro half the people in this game made up my childhood
(Anyone else remember MyStreet?!)
Alexx TheWolf
Alexx TheWolf - 25 dager siden
I saw Aphs name was CREW MATE on a round
Paul Mallon
Paul Mallon - 25 dager siden
Who else love it when Lauren laughs, it's makes me smile🤣
Ella Rolston
Ella Rolston - 26 dager siden
Lauren: (Trying to hide)
Mini Crewmate: I dont wanna hide.
Lauren: :(
Laurens Head: I'm Gonna Die!!!!!!!!!
Ella Rolston
Ella Rolston - 26 dager siden
love this vid
Rewa Anam
Rewa Anam - 26 dager siden
Lizzie sounds like Yammy
AveryPeaches - 27 dager siden
Uhm, all I see is comments?! Umm..
Gord Lothrop
Gord Lothrop - 27 dager siden
I wish I could play with them...😢
el and glitch
el and glitch - 27 dager siden
Jay: Lauren did you just vote for me
Lauren: yep
Me: 😂
Sara El Ayoubi
Sara El Ayoubi - 27 dager siden
Everyone: Talks about the dead body
Lauren: eats crackers silently
Ed Echols
Ed Echols - 28 dager siden
I think it's gloom
Ed Echols
Ed Echols - 28 dager siden
Ed Echols
Ed Echols - 28 dager siden
Wyatt Skinner
Wyatt Skinner - 28 dager siden
9.50 talk about being back stabbed
مركز مربح الصحي مركز مربح الصحي
Aphmau is also there she is my biggest fan
Ili Saiz
Ili Saiz - 29 dager siden
You guys should do a challenge where you have to keep your Mic unmuted
Esther Pyman
Esther Pyman - 29 dager siden
Lauren:it's either jay or rainbow
Me: jainbow !!!!
Dragonwolf 500
Dragonwolf 500 - 29 dager siden
Lauren's sad noise: pterodactyl
Nor Wall
Nor Wall - 29 dager siden
Yes you and aphmau my favorite YouTubers
Olivia Brace
Olivia Brace - 29 dager siden
Jay: "Ok we gotta sabotage right now"
Lauren: "ummmmmm Jay"
Jay: "Nervous laugh"
Traivon Mukuna
Traivon Mukuna - 29 dager siden
Lauren: “I think Jess will be the most dangerous when she’s the imposter.”
Me: “That’s right ‘cause if you’ve watched Jess’s videos, you know that she’s a great imposter.”
Jerzey Foust
Jerzey Foust - Måned siden
alinadubduh moomoocow_8
alinadubduh moomoocow_8 - Måned siden
We woo we woo we woo was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!
Leon Gomez
Leon Gomez - Måned siden
hello - Måned siden
I like how if covid wasn't a thing, among us might not have become so popular
Kawaii Kitten
Kawaii Kitten - Måned siden
Lauren: DRAY CO
Me: ahem it Draco like the Draco in Harry Potter
(no hate)
Dorothy Vasquez
Dorothy Vasquez - Måned siden
I’m a big fan of Aphmau you and funneh
Dorothy Vasquez
Dorothy Vasquez - Måned siden
Lauren I love that smell and it’s funny and Draco and lunar and rainbow and all the crew
Mars·Yuki - Måned siden
Jay: "We gotta sabotage RIGHT NOW Rainb-..."
Lauren: "Ummm.... Jay..?"
Everybody: "😶"
Me: "DAMN!"
Krista Nero
Krista Nero - Måned siden
I was you in Among Us
King Boss
King Boss - Måned siden
tip how to be imposters: keep pressing use button tell the game starts
// Ginpachi //
// Ginpachi // - Måned siden
Witchy - Måned siden
eMeRgEnCy! WeE woO wEe WoO
Sarah Al-Dallal
Sarah Al-Dallal - Måned siden
🔮🥰💕💜 I love you’re YouTube video’s
Michael Ferrick
Michael Ferrick - Måned siden
since aphmau is playing you cant be purple hehe lizzy: if gloom walks past body she egects gloom. gloom: but thats sus if you were nether whith me how would you know. thay both get egected turnes out aphmau was imposter lizzy and gloom's gousts are mad hahaheha
Michael Ferrick
Michael Ferrick - Måned siden
ha ha this my dads computer
Principon Ijirani
Principon Ijirani - Måned siden
Hi im JillCasssy
Keirastg - Måned siden
I got imposter 8 times in a row then crewmate then imposter again!!!!!!!!!!
Arwa aldhwani
Arwa aldhwani - Måned siden
Do you know what this shouldn’t be trying to become friends with the imposter this should be dying every round I am Serious though.....
Like if you agree
Mimi Durango
Mimi Durango - Måned siden
is funneh itsfunneh
Lexi - Måned siden
EnderSlice - Måned siden
never expected this collab
Zoe Gonzalez
Zoe Gonzalez - Måned siden
And the funneh krew
Zoe Gonzalez
Zoe Gonzalez - Måned siden
Keep playing with the aphmau crew!
PeanutAndCoconut - Måned siden
lol, I'm confused I thought it was dr-ah-co, but Kassie keeps saying dr-ay-co???
Koala_Queeen - Måned siden
Lauren: our kids are playing together
Jess: imma just 🔪
Evelyn Nickerson
Evelyn Nickerson - Måned siden
It’s not DRAACO it’s drauco I guess that’s how you pronounce it
LOL - Måned siden
Jays laugh sounded like mr.beasts laugh
Riples Robinson
Riples Robinson - Måned siden
Aphmau kills Lauren
Lauren: Literally falls out of chair laughing
Me:Lauren u there, u ok???
꧁indigo Ocean꧂
꧁indigo Ocean꧂ - Måned siden
You tubers play together
Me:mhm mhm
Lauren:What about the venting situation
Me:Mhm mhm
Disney Dude
Disney Dude - Måned siden
*Lauren and Aphmaus children play together*
Aphmau: **Kills Lauren**
Lauren: **Jurassic Park Noises**
Morgan Dewaelsche
Morgan Dewaelsche - Måned siden
Lauren:why was she just standing there
Me: that is a task
Avy - Måned siden
OMG I just realized that Lizzie has the same skin as me
Crimson Axes
Crimson Axes - Måned siden
Gloom: I saw Lauren's dead bod-
Lauren: im not laure- iM nOt dEaD
James Benkowski
James Benkowski - Måned siden
How is Aphmau in laurnzside's Video
Katy _playz
Katy _playz - Måned siden
Wolfena570Fang - Måned siden
LaurenzSide can you see if you could add SSSniperWolf. I really wanna see how y'all would like each other because you guys are like the same type almost! :D
Willøw :3
Willøw :3 - Måned siden
Tell lizzie to start posting again! She hasn't posted in months;,(
SaYm :0
SaYm :0 - Måned siden
Lizzie: ooh a fresh kill!
Gaming_ among us
Gaming_ among us - Måned siden
😱😱😱is aphmau and funneg real in that😱😱😱
Arezou Sibley
Arezou Sibley - Måned siden

Lizzie: ooh fresh bodies