I Tried to be the MOST OBVIOUS Imposter in Among Us

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Playing Among Us with my X Life friends & special guest DanTDM! This game continues to RUIN our friendships & I continue to be the WORST imposter EVER! I want to play MORE so make sure to leave a like!
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Runtime: 15:37


92brasilboy - Dag siden
wolfie wolf
wolfie wolf - 4 dager siden
Did anyone else see that black box on the bottom of the screen or is that just me?
yello_dxisy - 4 dager siden
“I honestly *don’t* know what happened. We were all standing there, and somebody exploded!” -Lauren 2020
The Sims Kidz
The Sims Kidz - 4 dager siden
Mariella Robinson
Mariella Robinson - 5 dager siden
Tried? Huh. I thought you were
Gabrielle - 5 dager siden
This is painful to watch..
Amy G
Amy G - 5 dager siden
“Maybe we can win this”
* cut scene to Defeat *
Amy G
Amy G - 5 dager siden
I am currently writing a fountain story for Royale high and instead of writing Callmehbob I wrote Lauren 😂😂😂
Sabella Molinaro
Sabella Molinaro - 5 dager siden
Did anyone else notice that she changed shirts or is that just a me
Kylee Cheesecake
Kylee Cheesecake - 6 dager siden
I can’t believe Lauren is pregnant during this
Elizabeth Afton - circus baby
Aila Grace
Aila Grace - 10 dager siden
Guys! If you look at the thumbnail it's a bisexual flag! Look at the order tue characters are in
alexandria jenkins
alexandria jenkins - 11 dager siden
Laurn you are amazing i skipped my homwork just to watch this video!!!! :)
jude haddad
jude haddad - 11 dager siden
Laurenz: slices Scott’s body
LDShadowLady : is like 👁👄👁 Lauren sliced Scott 🌍🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎in asteroids ☄️
Xx_FNAFZEROPLAYZ_xX - 11 dager siden
When the vid started I was like uhh Lauren Joey said I saw someone jump in the vent but I don’t know who was because Joey I also the imposter
Krystal Snowdon
Krystal Snowdon - 12 dager siden
Lauren when the mic is on: “oh nooooo” Lauren when the mic is of: “yEsss”
Sophie Thompson
Sophie Thompson - 13 dager siden
👁👅👁 👁👄👁
sindhu haneef
sindhu haneef - 13 dager siden
CBS News
Jessica Kip
Jessica Kip - 13 dager siden
And then she just ✨stared at me✨
Llamahorn2 - 14 dager siden
when pepole know im a impostor i sream and pullm my hair and bite me ipad lol....... edit sorry about my spelling btw i just type very fast that wye just wanted to say that
Alirockpopstar Imagination
Alirockpopstar Imagination - 14 dager siden
Can you do a video where you follow Scott around and then whenever he calls you sussuspicious you yell "YOOOOOOOU!" at him then pretend like nothing happened.
Carrie-Anne Bradley
Carrie-Anne Bradley - 15 dager siden
bro no one can join if you don't go live
Bigmoyz - 16 dager siden
Lizzie: *calls a meeting to make sure no one is dead*
Vitals: 𝘚𝘶𝘥𝘥𝘦𝘯𝘭𝘺 𝘐 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘢𝘱𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘦𝘥
Hollie Barkley
Hollie Barkley - 16 dager siden
Me clicks on this video thinking Lauren’s going to scream that it’s her.
Then I continue watching the video and forget that she is trying to be SUS.
cuddly teddy
cuddly teddy - 16 dager siden
that is the first time I have seen you cuss
•Coøkie Délûxe•
•Coøkie Délûxe• - 17 dager siden
1:30 Ladies And Gentlemen WE GOT HER!!
Breanna Bagrie
Breanna Bagrie - 17 dager siden
Who else hear Lauren swear at around 1:32 ish when she just saw Joey and Lizzie come in the cafe
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer - 17 dager siden
I have a Laurenzside string in my room
Reaper Bee
Reaper Bee - 18 dager siden
Lauren:kill Megan first round
Also Lauren: shi- t
Me: u ain’t sneaky mate I heard that lmao
OhMyJosh Yt
OhMyJosh Yt - 18 dager siden
Lauren: He jus exploded 💥
Me: What😂🤣😂🤣
Baby Froggo
Baby Froggo - 18 dager siden
you just sliced someone in

Eliza-Jane Layton
Eliza-Jane Layton - 19 dager siden
OMG LAUREN!!! Why did you swear?! I thought your Chanel was all kid friendly. Go to 1:30 in the video and you will see Lauren say sh**.
Its AriMations
Its AriMations - 19 dager siden
no one gonna call out Lauren cus she cussed
ANDREA MONACO - 19 dager siden
omg how was she not sus the 3dr game at all then the 4th game she was so sus
Mikal Player
Mikal Player - 19 dager siden
Ohhhh no......yesss😁
carl - 19 dager siden
I love how this hole year on zoom chats EVERYONE Has been saying you “oh no you’re muted” but with Lauren and her friends it’s always “Lauren your unmuted” 🤣🤣🤣
Korilakkuma boba tea
Korilakkuma boba tea - 20 dager siden
Whip:If u vote me off imposters win
Whip got voted out
Lauren:Ooh nooo heheheheheheh
Korilakkuma boba tea
Korilakkuma boba tea - 20 dager siden
Lauren sliced Scott like a cake cutted in half 🤣
Korilakkuma boba tea
Korilakkuma boba tea - 20 dager siden
That also made me hungry 🤤 🤣
Korilakkuma boba tea
Korilakkuma boba tea - 20 dager siden
Thumbs up if u aggre 😂😂😂
Korilakkuma boba tea
Korilakkuma boba tea - 20 dager siden
Lauren I hate u I hate u
Lauren:I new there was no way we were going to win
Me: But u did a double kill with Joey 🤣
Benton Whipple
Benton Whipple - 20 dager siden
What is the black line thing at the bottom of the screen
CloudyKota101 - 20 dager siden
Happy new year to you my friends
daniel hart
daniel hart - 21 dag siden
Apple - 21 dag siden
I remember megan from megans missing
Cam Singer
Cam Singer - 21 dag siden
2 greatest moments:

Lauren: "does task"
Burry: "impales Lauren"
Lauren: 👁👄👁... I deserved that- Hehe!
Lauren: "kills Scott and notices Lizzie" 👁👄👁
Lizzie: "reports it" I just watched Lauren slice Scott in half, and then she just... Stared at me-!
Lauren: "laughing' I can't even compose myself enough to lie-
Sour Kitty
Sour Kitty - 21 dag siden
I seen it from dantdm sides it was exactly the same but 2 different sides. ✌️
Milee Stanley
Milee Stanley - 21 dag siden
lauren: “oh no” also lauren: *smiles because she’s the impostor*
Victoria Puhalski
Victoria Puhalski - 22 dager siden
Why does this make me laugh so much and hard 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
JTGJustace - 22 dager siden
Lauren’s among us videos are the most entertaining to me, and I’ve been watching her channel for a long time
Peter Bell
Peter Bell - 22 dager siden
I nearly peed my pants laughing at this
Roslynn Ferguson
Roslynn Ferguson - 22 dager siden
Scott and Lauren imposter DREAM TEAM
Harper Fickel
Harper Fickel - 22 dager siden
Did anyone else notice that she said oh sh*t
ShadoesXI - 22 dager siden
Lauren should be in a movie, her acting is better than any actor or actress ever
Katie Lindsay
Katie Lindsay - 23 dager siden
Hahaha she said shit
Christie Stegall
Christie Stegall - 23 dager siden
Lauren: ohh noooo
Also Lauren: yeeesssss
Jane C.W
Jane C.W - 23 dager siden
In among us once my other imposter said “red killed blue in my face” when i was red then i was like ;-; OUT OF ANYONE I COULD HAVE GOTTEN I GOT THIS PERSON.
Victoria jane Perrin
Victoria jane Perrin - 24 dager siden
The doggy when h eses at the end thanks for waching soo cute love you lauran
Leon Gomez
Leon Gomez - 24 dager siden
CatsCanSing - 24 dager siden
Okay but...

WHERES CASSIE !!!¿°¿°¿¿°¿°¿°¿°¿¿°¿°
Foxy Deb
Foxy Deb - 26 dager siden
I heard Lauren say sh*t
among us
among us - 27 dager siden
please tell me your instragram account's name?
Jimpol Tañedo
Jimpol Tañedo - 27 dager siden
Hello po merry Christmas everyone from us
Azliene Peralta
Azliene Peralta - 27 dager siden
Azliene Peralta
Azliene Peralta - 27 dager siden
Symblic shades
Symblic shades - 28 dager siden
*Lauren cussing is e v e r y t h i n g*
Angeliki Trapatsas
Angeliki Trapatsas - 28 dager siden
I know some peolpe in the first round :>
Nthabi Phuthego
Nthabi Phuthego - 29 dager siden
What's your phone number 🤗🤗
Sarah Al-Dallal
Sarah Al-Dallal - Måned siden
Thank you ☺️ 🔮💜💖💘💕
Miruna Miron
Miruna Miron - Måned siden
dident enyone suspect her saying sh!t
CABER GAMER PLUS slocom-bone
DanTDM is their
Katja Veenman
Katja Veenman - Måned siden
What the heck you guys are crazy weird and what ever else just crazy stuff is happening in this video
Missy Ferguson
Missy Ferguson - Måned siden
Were you in a Game of among us with a person named L
Missy Ferguson
Missy Ferguson - Måned siden
I was with someone named Lauren sus
Ellzbellz008 - Måned siden
Lauren: **Gasp** SHIT
Me: I’m sorry what 🥴
Allegra Toll
Allegra Toll - Måned siden
Sarah Squad
Sarah Squad - Måned siden
Lauren: oh noooooooo
Also Lauren: yEsSSSSs kAHaHA
laura laughlin
laura laughlin - Måned siden
Love your vids can you give a shout out to nania my friend that whaches your channel me to my name is sophia shout out plz🤞
Sophea Love
Sophea Love - Måned siden
omg to obvious of an imposter
Harper Grover-Baillie
Harper Grover-Baillie - Måned siden
If your gonna lose get a kill in cafe and lock the doors there is now no way to call a meeting then vent out and get your final kill
Brooklyn Bell-Jones
Brooklyn Bell-Jones - Måned siden
i saw someone who look like you in among us and they said donig a youtube vid for fans but can youn do that pls my name is brooklyn in among us
DAVEtheSQUID1 - Måned siden
HQ - Måned siden
1:29 Lauren cursedddddddddddddddddddddd anyone else notice?
simply specialxx
simply specialxx - Måned siden
lauren when lizzie literally watched her kill scott: *Hi. Thats me. Youre probably wondering how i ended up in this situation.*
• S n o w C l ø u d •
Lauren: *sees Scott*
Lauren’s POV: *runs after Scott*
Scott: “Oh frick Laurens after me”
Lauren: *kills Scott*
Scott in the chat as a ghost: “What the ****”
Lauren after Lizzie literally yeeted her into space: “shush ghost”
Scott: “👀😭😡”
Grace dugan
Grace dugan - Måned siden
1:30 she says oh sh*t
Travels by Phan
Travels by Phan - Måned siden
Tbh, Lauren and Scott are probably the best people at Among us...
Penny Vlogs
Penny Vlogs - Måned siden
Wait Lauren says bad words
kaylee Playz roblox
kaylee Playz roblox - Måned siden
I just really want to know do you pay to be imposter sorry ask thank if you answered
Entonia Bennett
Entonia Bennett - Måned siden
Bella person
Bella person - Måned siden
Lauren :Oh no. when Lauren mutes her self: yessssssss
Heather n Abby
Heather n Abby - Måned siden
Lakaysha Retikaukau
Lakaysha Retikaukau - Måned siden
WOW I haven’t heard her say shit 😱
PinkCat - Måned siden
Who realized Lauren sweard when she killed infron of cyan
Gacha heat to gacha cooler

Edit: thanks for 0 likes!
mmovido - Måned siden
did anyone hear her say the sh word or is it just me
Mackenzie Kemnitz
Mackenzie Kemnitz - Måned siden
Everyone: blaming each other
Lauren:doing her weird touch her lip thing and not talking
Sawyer MCLACHLAN - Måned siden
I am satttaaann
Avyanna Tillotson
Avyanna Tillotson - Måned siden
I'm kinda new my cuz showed me your channel but I love your channel 😊
Just your average toy freddy simp
Anyone notice how lauren cussed-
Lavender rose
Lavender rose - Måned siden
Rebecca Day
Rebecca Day - Måned siden
Lauren sed a bad word
Royale Mia
Royale Mia - Måned siden
Me: *reports body*
Everyone: SELF REPORT!!
Me: ._.