I Tried SURGERY on Vegetables in Fruit Clinic Because it's 2020 & Nothing Makes Sense

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Fruit Clinc was on my top app game chart where you deliver babies & perform surgery on fruits & vegetables?! Why?? Because it's 2020 & nothing makes sense anymore...
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Runtime: 11:44


Olivia Higby
Olivia Higby - Time siden
Michael DeLelys
Michael DeLelys - 2 timer siden
I am at 2021
Kelly Schaer
Kelly Schaer - 4 timer siden
I can’t hit the notification bell yes I’m thing happened in settings and I don’t know how to change it
Amy Daniel
Amy Daniel - 4 timer siden
What kind of game does that
Aeries and Dez
Aeries and Dez - 6 timer siden
Random_stuff_nz - 9 timer siden
Lauren- I’m going to cause you soooo much pain!
Me- uhh
laurasong sings
laurasong sings - 13 timer siden
This game is like "Oh yeah you need to watch an annoying ad to do your job" It's like the patients are paying her in ads
David Vowiell
David Vowiell - 13 timer siden
Ok ok ok😥
David Vowiell
David Vowiell - 13 timer siden
Ok omg
Chicago-98 - 13 timer siden
I'm going to cost you so much pain how dare you make me watch a ad goodbye forever
Chicago-98 - 13 timer siden
I freaking hate the husband of the trailer she could have died while he was yelling
Rae Playz_everything
Rae Playz_everything - 13 timer siden
I think the closest thing to fruit is vegetables
Jamie Houseworth
Jamie Houseworth - 14 timer siden
Blakely Jessica
Blakely Jessica - 15 timer siden
HA ha ha
LifesHard WBU
LifesHard WBU - 15 timer siden
Lauren: Look at the green bean
Me: Uh- Sure- definitely not peas-
Aliya Berkane
Aliya Berkane - 21 time siden
the fruit bears will be gummy bears in the future
super bruv noobie
super bruv noobie - 22 timer siden
welp atleast it's 2021 now lol
Tragopan Trek
Tragopan Trek - Dag siden
Tragopan Trek
Tragopan Trek - Dag siden
What’s the name of this game
Reddz221 Jackson
Reddz221 Jackson - Dag siden
Layla Balog
Layla Balog - Dag siden
I got past seven six and there was a baby
Sofia Ortath is 55th to z3
Jamie Knipe
Jamie Knipe - Dag siden
He is a dragon froot
Marley Starr
Marley Starr - Dag siden
8:55 You can fool me im a PRO-noun
Aayla Garlow
Aayla Garlow - Dag siden
Why nobody's told you this but you don't have to watch an ad to get tools most of the time it gives you the tool even if you don't watch the ad just a tip.
AlphaTempest55 - Dag siden
Lauren : I’m gonna give her more pain so she won’t worry about her pain from before

That is called problem solving
mikayla Martucci
mikayla Martucci - Dag siden
Why are people disliking this funny masterpiece
Amy Deleep
Amy Deleep - Dag siden
I don't own a fruit shirt
Leila Jackson
Leila Jackson - 2 dager siden
I have
Jissy Sebastian
Jissy Sebastian - 2 dager siden
Hi 🙋‍♀️
GeorgeNotFound - 2 dager siden
I’m wearing a fruit
NOOT NOOT - 2 dager siden
0:59 as a Bugsnax fan this is hilariously true.
gray still plays fan
gray still plays fan - 2 dager siden
Airel_456 XL
Airel_456 XL - 2 dager siden
I think this is where the broken heart surgery likee memes came from
paloma sage
paloma sage - 2 dager siden
for some reason i feel bad for the kiwi
Bailey’s Loom
Bailey’s Loom - 2 dager siden
That happened to me to!!
Naomi Grimme
Naomi Grimme - 2 dager siden
The sad fact my brother has this app
Masalie Rose YT
Masalie Rose YT - 2 dager siden
Matthew Galley
Matthew Galley - 2 dager siden
Where do i get this game i cant find it?
Kaisey Saavedra
Kaisey Saavedra - 2 dager siden
me too
Owl y Playz
Owl y Playz - 2 dager siden

The avocado baby seed:
O-O *scared*
Mila Rebecca
Mila Rebecca - 3 dager siden
on leval 46 it wont work for me to because i had the game but on leval 46 it just wont work so i uninstaled the game
Kristina Heilman
Kristina Heilman - 3 dager siden
Jon Parker
Jon Parker - 3 dager siden
Lil Blueberry
Lil Blueberry - 3 dager siden
I did
Lil Blueberry
Lil Blueberry - 3 dager siden
Kendra Zawadzki
Kendra Zawadzki - 3 dager siden
I got passed level 46 and that did not happen to me
Sasha LMPark
Sasha LMPark - 3 dager siden
Omg the covid one is similar
Jadyn McGuigan
Jadyn McGuigan - 3 dager siden
Ima sing this song to my mom, Sucky Sucky the little wormies
Avi Greene Unicorns & Rainbows
Anyone watching this in 2021
adopt mee adopt me
adopt mee adopt me - 4 dager siden
Princess Arya
Princess Arya - 4 dager siden
I’ve seen Cassie on YouTube
Atlas Miller
Atlas Miller - 4 dager siden
bears ain't fruit
Carlyle -. Sister_3190740
Carlyle -. Sister_3190740 - 4 dager siden
This glitch happened to me too I thought it was not super bad at all so when are you get that level that actually don’t know because I can’t see the baby anywhere
Ellie Kass
Ellie Kass - 4 dager siden
That happened to me too
Diana Gonzales
Diana Gonzales - 4 dager siden
Lauren I play that game
Joyce Lam
Joyce Lam - 4 dager siden
Alice Carman
Alice Carman - 4 dager siden
I hate your videos they are the worst
Carrie Walski
Carrie Walski - 4 dager siden
That is a video she is not playing it
Jennifer Morris
Jennifer Morris - 4 dager siden
What the
Aidan Johnson
Aidan Johnson - 4 dager siden
There gummy bears🐻 which have fruits i think
Subhendu Paul
Subhendu Paul - 5 dager siden
Get very very very big pain
Blain Casey
Blain Casey - 5 dager siden
You are my new god. I bow down to you :)
Lady Glittersparkles
Lady Glittersparkles - 5 dager siden
ramaa kale
ramaa kale - 5 dager siden
Me: sees intro
Then me: what have I gotten myself into
Kiera Sutton
Kiera Sutton - 5 dager siden
That happened to me to
The_candyWolf - 5 dager siden
Lauren u have gummy bears on your shirt!
Itz Siren
Itz Siren - 6 dager siden
You don’t have to watch the ads it gives you the tools even if you don’t watch the ads!
Erin Phoenix
Erin Phoenix - 6 dager siden
Do more avacado couple videos!!
Little X
Little X - 6 dager siden
stop doing the lvl 1 then lvl 999 or what not.
crystal waves
crystal waves - 6 dager siden
Welp I guess the “Surgery on a grape” thing is a thing-
( but more veggies this time )
Danielle Jackson
Danielle Jackson - 6 dager siden
Hannah Rose Happy
Hannah Rose Happy - 6 dager siden
You have the Bats YouTube video s cepup
Hannah Rose Happy
Hannah Rose Happy - 6 dager siden
Like 👍🏻👍🏻
Amanda Etcitty
Amanda Etcitty - 6 dager siden
Game audio: cm0n whats taking s0 l0ng cant you see shes in pain?
me: ._ . food with faces?
Amy G
Amy G - 6 dager siden
“Fruit clinic game”
Me: They’re vegetables 😅
Zay_ Gamer
Zay_ Gamer - 3 dager siden
koo koo Girl
koo koo Girl - 4 dager siden
Ye but that's what the game. Was called
Amy G
Amy G - 6 dager siden
The title is great
correy manseau
correy manseau - 6 dager siden
Lauren: and the closes thing to Fruit is bears
Me:lol why Lauren that's just to weird
GamerCat 60
GamerCat 60 - 6 dager siden
all hail the fruit bears
Rose Rees
Rose Rees - 6 dager siden
olivia coli-promotor
olivia coli-promotor - 6 dager siden
Youllbe Sorrel
Youllbe Sorrel - 6 dager siden
Even if you don’t watch the add you still get it
akarsh raveendran
akarsh raveendran - 7 dager siden
iv did all the free games lauren did how??
turoob kb
turoob kb - 7 dager siden
someone :do it for the fruit loop
lauren:NO do it for the fruit bears >:)
Kindra Veals
Kindra Veals - 7 dager siden
Laurn backwards is nrual
Victor Deroy
Victor Deroy - 7 dager siden
Gumey baer
jamesb buller
jamesb buller - 7 dager siden
i got to lvl 50 then it crashed competely
phonex gacha
phonex gacha - 7 dager siden
gacha Wolf
gacha Wolf - 8 dager siden
Why Does Lauren Sound Like a Demon
Dzelila Cecunjanin
Dzelila Cecunjanin - 8 dager siden
Maybe she got to the highest level the game went 🤸🤸🤸🤸
Ebony Buschmann
Ebony Buschmann - 8 dager siden
I had the same problem when I had the game it was annoying
Uniqua Jones
Uniqua Jones - 8 dager siden
i actual have this game
Czarina Delancy
Czarina Delancy - 8 dager siden
why does this game exsits
edit:yeah this does not make sense
Sophia Beltran
Sophia Beltran - 8 dager siden
right when she said this friggin ad ad ad came on from the video lol
Normandie Ellison
Normandie Ellison - 8 dager siden
The first VIP fruit is a dragon fruit
Sharon Ritchie
Sharon Ritchie - 8 dager siden
Paul Fernandez
Paul Fernandez - 8 dager siden
so FUNNY!!!!
MaryJane Michael
MaryJane Michael - 8 dager siden
I past your level
Dakota Hughes-Fischer
Dakota Hughes-Fischer - 9 dager siden
Why is this funny🤣🤣🤣
Logan Sands
Logan Sands - 9 dager siden