I Tried Doing My Husband's Makeup

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Doing the "I Tried Doing My Husband's / Boyfriend's Makeup" thing even though it was popular like 3 years ago. I just wanted to pretend like we're not in 2020...
Doing Bobby's Makeup for a TikTok: noburn.info/id/video/upm1ZKhegoZqfHI.html
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Runtime: 16:17


Gesel Henriquez
Gesel Henriquez - Dag siden
bobby is so cute with mackup
YT'V_ Gaming
YT'V_ Gaming - Dag siden
I was expecting Scott to comment like ¨Oh god Lauren what did U do to Bobby¨
But look at him he looks so beautiful
Mallory Ditzel
Mallory Ditzel - Dag siden
Sub to Laurenzside she is hilarious 🤣 I love watching her videos
• Izzy Love •
• Izzy Love • - 3 dager siden
Lauren: it’s not blonde, but it’s not my colour
Me: what? PURPLE?
**remembers she’s actually brunette**
Max Morgan
Max Morgan - 4 dager siden
Usally this is the other way around
xSilverAngelx :p
xSilverAngelx :p - 5 dager siden
Bobby looks funny with pale makeup lol
Emma GOLDER - 5 dager siden
Lauren: attacks Bobby with makeup
scuffz14 - 6 dager siden
Wasnt that mini.....dead.
Edit: It was a respectful jab lolol
luvenav - 10 dager siden
i hate sayin stuff like "OMG SHE CUSSED " but this was the first video i heard her cuss lmao
erflott1 - 10 dager siden
I’m on the side can you make fluffy slime do you have the glue Sarah cream activator and food coloring I don’t care what kind of food coloring is why don’t you stay in through: does he use the regular food coloring
CHESALON BENNETT - 11 dager siden
Cathy Sinclair
Cathy Sinclair - 14 dager siden
Oh my goodness was that wig the one Azzy wore when Cassie cut her hair (the wig) lol
Ellianah Jenkins
Ellianah Jenkins - 15 dager siden
I thought Dexter snoreing was Bobby burping lol
Confused Lesbian
Confused Lesbian - 20 dager siden
So is Bobby aloud at girls night now?
sh0rtcak3 EXE
sh0rtcak3 EXE - 21 dag siden
Bad but good and fine
Gianna Moriel
Gianna Moriel - 21 dag siden
poor bobby he ded so im crying and im ded lol
Emily Benavidez
Emily Benavidez - 21 dag siden
If you came down here to see in James Charles commented
Derni Pescke
Derni Pescke - 22 dager siden
The make up : *in love with the camera *

The camera: GO AWAY
Kari Riccobuono
Kari Riccobuono - 23 dager siden
Hi Lauren and Ignore Call me baby you wanna cry
I won I
Leon Gomez
Leon Gomez - 23 dager siden
iiCloudy_Skiesii - 25 dager siden
Why did some of the sound cut out?? Can someone translate what she says?
Alexis Yoko [Alexander]
Alexis Yoko [Alexander] - 26 dager siden
Lol, I remember my friend did my make up and I looked like a failed crossdress try :)))
That's why I never put foundation on my whole face...
Youzbashy - Måned siden
Are you really husband-and-wife I thought your a couple
ella - Måned siden
*okay now i think this is how Lauren does her makeup. 💜😳*
Alyssa Leuck
Alyssa Leuck - Måned siden
Lauren z side you my Favorite youtube
Kathleen Lee
Kathleen Lee - Måned siden
EMERY WALSTON - Måned siden
i did like the video
nochu - Måned siden
Me: 👁👄👁 /😂🤣😂🤣
Coco le Pomeranian
Coco le Pomeranian - Måned siden
I'm not a makeup artist but you're supposed to dab or pat the skin for the foundation.
AmbiElephant - Måned siden
Lauren you did good with the blending !!!
It's Brooksie B
It's Brooksie B - Måned siden
Lol. I was laughing my head off
PerfectIcePlays - Måned siden
His name isn’t Bobby any more lol 😂
Lil Dino
Lil Dino - Måned siden
Bobby actually looks sooo pretty
Zoe Norlin
Zoe Norlin - Måned siden
“Well it’s not like my hair color”
Well yeah he doesn’t have purple hair😂
Faye Iles
Faye Iles - Måned siden
If it doesn’t look right don’t worry because it is fine because I’m rubbish with make up to and I love your videos I will say I mean say.
Kimberly Valadez
Kimberly Valadez - Måned siden
Please I want to seee Bobby do ur makeup
javis jimenez
javis jimenez - Måned siden
Lauren: I wanna do Bobby ' makeup bobby: Help meh me: YAS PUT IT ON QUEEN
John Tsai
John Tsai - Måned siden
Bobby looks pretty good I give it a 7/10
CormorofMordor - Måned siden
I am that moron that can do other people's makeup but not mine...
Danella Levy
Danella Levy - Måned siden
bobby: what is contour lauren:shapes ur face

what the heck!!!
brianna the worst YouTuber ever
Christelle - Måned siden
I am Bobby in this video and Lauren is my mom!😂
Christelle - Måned siden
No one:
Lauren: I think cutting eye brows is satisfying!
the 3 night owls
the 3 night owls - Måned siden
do it do it please
SimplyCxpricorn - Måned siden
I wish shane dawson wasn’t cancelled he doesn’t deserve it I love his old content :(
Adiel Thomas-Rodney
Adiel Thomas-Rodney - Måned siden
Pls take note that this was around the day she got preggers
Bridget LeBlanc
Bridget LeBlanc - Måned siden
wow she did goood
Stitch Boi
Stitch Boi - Måned siden
Lauren : pretends to be a beauty guru
Bobby: I am confusion
Bridget LeBlanc
Bridget LeBlanc - Måned siden
dear lauren i do not know how to do make up can you give me tips also your so pretty
Bridget LeBlanc
Bridget LeBlanc - Måned siden
laurens face when she hears dexter snoring omfg hahahahahahahahaha cant stop laghing also can fust take a minuet to say dexter sounds like digerydo when he snores. and bobby is like hold in the laugh and lauren is like nope just laugh out loud
Lily's Gacha World
Lily's Gacha World - Måned siden
This was around the time she figured out she preggers
Molly Hutt
Molly Hutt - Måned siden
Lauren: I like cutting eyebrows
I have no eyebrows after mental break downs.
Rachel stube
Rachel stube - Måned siden
It’s not... HORRIBLE
Rachel stube
Rachel stube - Måned siden
I wonder if she was pregnant while making this...
Chocolate Elbow 1
Chocolate Elbow 1 - Måned siden
You should had did this to Joey because he might look good with it.
Kaelyn Shaffer
Kaelyn Shaffer - Måned siden
Lauren saying its a month after my birthday yesterday was mine
Riley Bingham
Riley Bingham - Måned siden
Make bobby do YOUR makeup
Violet Boggs
Violet Boggs - Måned siden
but u get preggers
Millie Saldana
Millie Saldana - Måned siden
Do everybody's you like makeup
Ellsbells - Måned siden
What do you want for Christmas
Abi Martin
Abi Martin - Måned siden
Sadie Wells
Sadie Wells - Måned siden
do it
Madeleine McGinty
Madeleine McGinty - Måned siden
James charles is quaking
Perfectly Perfect And More
I am great at makeup if I say so myself lol but I did it on my first it it was so hard so u did a great job💄
Perfectly Perfect And More
He was very happy that day to let me do his makeup
Luna Splits14 studios
Luna Splits14 studios - Måned siden
OMG you’re so pretty
Green_ Misty
Green_ Misty - Måned siden
Scott: (Scott nosice)
Lissa Gacha
Lissa Gacha - Måned siden
Bruh if you ignore the stubble on his face he looks like a girl with short hair and a hat at 12:24 !
Aroush Nizam
Aroush Nizam - Måned siden
i am 7 and i can do may cup
carrie retzack
carrie retzack - Måned siden
Lauren=your gonna look like a demon...
Bobby= thats the point
Emma Plays
Emma Plays - Måned siden
Lauren: do you want eyeliner on the bottom
Bobby: *i hate everything just do it*
Lexi’s Crew
Lexi’s Crew - Måned siden
Absolutely nobody:
Audrina Martinez
Audrina Martinez - Måned siden
Lauren: your going to look like a demon
Bobby:well that’s the plan

Amelia Brooks
Amelia Brooks - Måned siden
Lauren: Your significant others makeup!
Bobby: I’m significant!
Me: your also other...
Sorry Bobby!!
UD - 07PN 751871 Treeline PS
2018 Lauren: let’s do a video with yammy
2020:let’s make by husband bootiful
Charlotte C
Charlotte C - 2 måneder siden
At 0:53 Lauren looks evil lol
Kaidi DeMerse
Kaidi DeMerse - 2 måneder siden
That is better than what I do to my older sister and I am 12!
Kaidi DeMerse
Kaidi DeMerse - 2 måneder siden
Also I have 2 sisters and 0 brothers
Karma Gamez
Karma Gamez - 2 måneder siden
Bobby looks beautiful with makeup
Lani the Red
Lani the Red - 2 måneder siden
DEFINITELY want to see Bobby do Lauren's makeup! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this a thing! 😆
Victoria Serna
Victoria Serna - 2 måneder siden
LAUREN: you don't have the same hair color as me

Katiekins - 2 måneder siden
I love it when bobby just stares into the camera XD
madison paige
madison paige - 2 måneder siden
Scott Martin
Scott Martin - 2 måneder siden
Awee you're getting along with ur husband! I hope your bbu is cute
jim mckay
jim mckay - 2 måneder siden
Lauren = I have the cospaisy pallet
Everyone = CANCELLED
her fans = 😐 okay
now&forever907 - 2 måneder siden
I'm in my teens and I do makeup better. Maybe It's because my mom is a makeup artist...
Psychopath665 - 2 måneder siden
Honestly I’m surprised Lauren doesn’t have purple undertones🤔
Angeles - 2 måneder siden
Lauren: To remind us of simpler times when people would just do makeup on each other
Bobby: Before all the drama started
Lauren: YES
Leah Hahn
Leah Hahn - 2 måneder siden
Just saying Lauren was pregnant at this time and at the beginning Bobby says to stand up and she said she can’t and is holding it over where the baby bump would be
Emiko Gacha Studios
Emiko Gacha Studios - 2 måneder siden
I also don’t like things near my eyes, so I usually don’t have mascara or eye liner on😅 I mean, I don’t even really need mascara tho, so I look fine without it 🙂
Abrham Berhe
Abrham Berhe - 2 måneder siden
Bobby looks like the king of the jungle human virgin 😂😂
Bel Sus
Bel Sus - 2 måneder siden
Bobby- " Am i pretty yet"
Louie ALOUIEMOUS - 2 måneder siden
you're not like other girls, you do your husband's make-up

also love your editor for all those funny edits XD
Kristen OBrien
Kristen OBrien - 2 måneder siden
Me an elven year old that can contour and knows how ( I don’t wear it but I know how) sees her straight line contour (dies a little on the inside)
Wilfrak Serra
Wilfrak Serra - 2 måneder siden
I have the same makeup brush

who watching in 2020

why every time I comment something no one comments on top lucky me

I want to wash there mouth`s with soap
Alex Sawady
Alex Sawady - 2 måneder siden
as a boy who wears makeup often i laugh so freaking hard at this video bobby look amazing ahahahahahahahaha
Blurry - 2 måneder siden
Blurry - 2 måneder siden
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aimie Lancaster
Aimie Lancaster - 2 måneder siden
um i watched this at 2x speed...
katie k
katie k - 2 måneder siden
15:11 what?
Tansy - 2 måneder siden
I cut pluck and wax my eyebrows lmao
AnnieBow 123
AnnieBow 123 - 2 måneder siden
bobby locks soo good