I Tried Baking Bread For The FIRST TIME Ever ...Because I LOVE Bread

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Bread is my Favorite Food. I Love Bread. But I've never baked it myself before, so why not making a video about it because it's 2020, I'm out of video ideas & nothing makes sense anymore...
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I'm a VNTR
I'm a VNTR - 7 timer siden
"STUPID BREAD. Just kidding I love you."
Taylor Brazier
Taylor Brazier - 18 timer siden
its not the milk its the yeast probally spelt that wrong but if u were wondering there
Rizumu Meister
Rizumu Meister - Dag siden
AMAZING JOB! I went through a baking and pastries, a international breads, Food safety and sanitation, a knife skills class, and a Culinary basics class! I know how difficult breads can be and for your first try you did awesome! I applaud you for making a bread that is considered to be intermediate level on your first try! It looks really tasty! You DEFINITELY would have passed the classes I took!
Side note: Yeast is a very picky organism and quite often people don’t get the results they wanted from it.
Here are a few tips:
* When proofing your yeast make sure that when you wrap the bowl or container it’s proofing in that you wrap it tightly!
* Covering the bowl/ container with a towel after wrapping it will help provide that warm, moist, dark place that your yeast will need to rise.
* Make sure the ingredients aren’t too hot or too cold unless the recipe specifies specific temperatures for your ingredients.
*Do not over mix your dough or handle it too much because this causes a build up of gluten and the will will have to proof longer so that it can be properly relaxed and workable!
* Relaxing the dough will help to make it less dense and gummy!
* DO NOT ADD SALT DIRECTLY INTO YEAST AND WATER MIXTURE! THIS WILL KILL YOUR YEAST! Add the salt on top of all of the other dry ingredients.
*Dissolve dry yeast in a water temperatures between 110°F – 115°F. If yeast is added directly to the dry ingredients, liquid temperatures should be 120°F – 130°F.
If the yeast is dissolved in liquids that are either too hot or too cold IT WILL DIE!
* When yeast is fully dissolved the water will look cloudy, air bubbles should be forming. Also, letting the yeast froth gives it some time to eat the sugar it needs to survive.
Abigail Droy
Abigail Droy - Dag siden
Lauren - "Hot milk is not good- Warm milk is not good."
My brother - "Peace was never an option."
Kyla Meicher
Kyla Meicher - Dag siden
Lauren: nice try google...
as she puts in 1/4 cup of sugar in using the liquid measuring cup.
Chloe rae
Chloe rae - Dag siden
Now I know how much my nana(grandma)struggles w this
Leah Clemente
Leah Clemente - Dag siden
Go bread queen 👸🥖🥐🍞🥪🥯
RoxyPop - Dag siden
what is your kids name going to be?
The cat Named Makenzie
The cat Named Makenzie - 2 dager siden
This is why she’s pregnant the bread got her pregnant
Sihle Goes
Sihle Goes - 2 dager siden
Lauren loves bread
I love bread too
Tesla Walsh
Tesla Walsh - 2 dager siden
Only one ain’t no which I can’t remember the rest anyway this is the last one control
gacha grab
gacha grab - 2 dager siden
Lauren u kno dat da reason it took so long was because of the type of bread u made when i made sandwich bread myself it took 1 or 2 hours
Xenia Dima
Xenia Dima - 2 dager siden
i love taost and bread
Chimmy Kookie
Chimmy Kookie - 2 dager siden
Hey Lauren, Can You React To K-pop?
Xenia Dima
Xenia Dima - 2 dager siden
Mariam El Shazly
Mariam El Shazly - 3 dager siden
she killed the yeast with the overheated milk
literally all the knowledge i got from quarantining (baking stuff)
Berry bear
Berry bear - 3 dager siden
Laurens was da best
Avrora Yagoda
Avrora Yagoda - 3 dager siden
I drink tea Darling
I drink tea Darling - 3 dager siden
I’m 11 and I’ve made bread from scratch like 50 times😂
Lillian Robison
Lillian Robison - 3 dager siden
I’ve made bread in a bread machine and by myself, making it by myself tastes MUCH better than in a machine 🥖🥨🥐🥯🍞🥖🥨🧈🧈
Phoebe Deane
Phoebe Deane - 3 dager siden
who else is watching this again and literally shouting at her at y it didnt rise
- Roblox-
- Roblox- - 4 dager siden
Fun fact: this was made on my birthday so I missed it 🥲
Makenzie Arnott
Makenzie Arnott - 4 dager siden
Keep practicing! You’ll get better! Before you know it you’ll be making bread tutorial videos! I think it looks delicious but I’m gluten free so you’re making me jealous
Bloom Bloom
Bloom Bloom - 5 dager siden
If your water is to warm it can kill the yeast
Lorelei Kotenjev
Lorelei Kotenjev - 5 dager siden
I think it didn't rise because you killed the yeast because you used milk that was Too hot and bread making is actually a long process and after it comes out of the oven you should immediately put it onto like a cutting board and cover it with a towel. Hope Lauren sees this and my comment helped someone with bread making. :)
Quin Z
Quin Z - 5 dager siden
Google: put the dough into a lightly greased bowl
Lauren: proceeds to cover everything in nonstick spray.
nightshade - 5 dager siden
your bread probably didn't rise because the water and milk was to hot and the yeast spoiled.
Anesu Maregedze
Anesu Maregedze - 5 dager siden
Who remembers the bread memes
DISnut - 6 dager siden
I have a recipe for 2-ingredient bread dough. It includes self-rising flour and plain nonfat Greek yogurt. Perfect for Weight Watchers.
Sara Fig
Sara Fig - 6 dager siden
Lauren: Couldn't have just gone to the store for this
Me: Eh gives us pain to watch for 14 minutes and 13 seconds
Eloise Cahill-Jackson
Eloise Cahill-Jackson - 6 dager siden
Me: **clicks on this**
Also me: **Instantly gets an ad about making bread**

This is legit im not jk ;-;
Jacquelynn Parent
Jacquelynn Parent - 6 dager siden
I make homemade bread on a daily basis and this hurts me
NeanN - 7 dager siden
Dear Americans.
Please explain to me, but a girl from the Nordic, what is the "Cooking spray"?
Yours sincerely, me.
ABEEZARTZ - 7 dager siden
this was posted on the first day of no nut November
ShellyTheAsthmatic - 7 dager siden
dose any one worry about her bread epsshen gost me ok
Inaya Arif
Inaya Arif - 7 dager siden
lquren. zoman vs machine

me you mean zoman vss zoman
Aashna - 8 dager siden
AT 1:39 when lauren asked google on how to make bread my google went like: HeReS SoMe ReCiPiEs I fOunD
Htrx. G!rl
Htrx. G!rl - 9 dager siden
I want my slice of bread :’(
Avery Asselin
Avery Asselin - 9 dager siden
I liked where’s my bread
pokemon art
pokemon art - 9 dager siden
marry berry watches this

Rexhep Ballabani
Rexhep Ballabani - 9 dager siden
umm it takes 2 to 3 days to make my kind of bread.
Michael Conrad
Michael Conrad - 9 dager siden
Good thing I just had bread
Abigale Holtkamp
Abigale Holtkamp - 9 dager siden
Mantha Nelson
Mantha Nelson - 9 dager siden
You set my google off :'(
Elite - 10 dager siden
Bread🍞 bread🍞 bread🍞 raid bread🍞 bread🍞 bread🍞 bread🍞 bread🍞. Laren: i have the power of bread on my side 🍞
Dawn Reedy
Dawn Reedy - 10 dager siden
My mom and grandma bake banna bread does that count
Dragonrider - 10 dager siden
Me (British) when Google says 1 quarter: 😊😁
When Google says 'aluminum' not aluminium: 😠😤😲
Sophie Menjivar Landaverde
Sophie Menjivar Landaverde - 11 dager siden
Me: hmmm I wonder what Lauren’s child’s first word is gonna be
Me after watching this: that answered my question.... it’s gonna be bread.
I_love Cookies
I_love Cookies - 10 dager siden
Yes very true
Moonlight lol
Moonlight lol - 11 dager siden
Coco le Pomeranian
Coco le Pomeranian - 11 dager siden
I like wheat bread.
Coco le Pomeranian
Coco le Pomeranian - 11 dager siden
I like how Google said I like looking at pictures of. That's about as close as I can get. When I heard that I forgot that I like this video.
Emilee Russell
Emilee Russell - 11 dager siden
Kelcie Crunk
Kelcie Crunk - 11 dager siden
so apparently my akita loves watching lauren make bread because he is sitting here on the bed watching the video and if i get in the way of the screen he keepy using his paw to punch me in the face. that is all.
Maddy Wheeler
Maddy Wheeler - 11 dager siden
When she said "Hey Google", it turned on the Google assistant on my phone 😂
Simplyy Lily
Simplyy Lily - 11 dager siden
Funny story
When I was in year 1 we were making break shaped like snails and our teacher wanted us to sit on the floor and as I was walking towards my seat I was putting my handprint in other peoples bread and when the bread was baked my teacher didn’t let me have my bread and I was in tears
ThatOneLoneWolfYTAKA Shadow The Wolf
Lauren:but, I LOVE BREAD
Me:(⊃•́‿•̀)⊃ I have found friend
Gemma Wilkinson
Gemma Wilkinson - 11 dager siden
me not knowing that you can watch the great British bake off around the world ( i think)
whatttt i watch it sometimes cos it's on the tv then
olivia besserud
olivia besserud - 11 dager siden
defenitly Laurens bread !!! love you
Rose Murphy
Rose Murphy - 11 dager siden
When I was in the 5th grade everyone had to follow a recipe to make a loaf of bread and then make butter to put on it once it was cooked
Arabi Screamz
Arabi Screamz - 12 dager siden
74k pieces of bread- Lauren- Start cooking. Maybe get Sharon to help you
Annabelle Norstad
Annabelle Norstad - 13 dager siden
Lauren: It says 1/4
Me: 1 quarter and 1/4 are written the same way...
Isabella Schneider
Isabella Schneider - 14 dager siden
I hope you have a breadtastick day!! Lol.God bless al y’all🤪✌️💐🌷❤️
Crowned_Princess Y’all
Crowned_Princess Y’all - 14 dager siden
OMG YOU DON"T JUST POUR THE YEAST IN THERE! its ok, its your first time, its ok. I need to calm down....
Hetty Abbott
Hetty Abbott - 15 dager siden
I watched this while eating bread
Left - 15 dager siden
Kansas Holm
Kansas Holm - 15 dager siden
Google-put it in a lightly greased bowl
Lauren-*preceded to put alot of grease in The bowl and on the dough*
Addy K
Addy K - 15 dager siden
To anyone who like baking I suggest you should try the Ballinger Family’s recipe for bread. And I also have a suggestion for bread to taste better, before you put bread in the oven(if it’s plain bread) put garlic powder on the top or rosemary,salt and pepper, and a tiny bit of cinnamon
im just here as a memory
im just here as a memory - 16 dager siden
Damn you are OBBSESD with bread yesh hehe the baby will also like it too
Tess_a03 - 16 dager siden
1 to 2 hours!?!?!
The irony that most breads take like 5 to rise...
Layxlao - 16 dager siden
even tho i cant taste Laurens bread i think it would be better then the machine one
The Tall Brainer's
The Tall Brainer's - 16 dager siden
Lauren: OK google, Tell me a recipe for Cinnamon Swirl Bread.
My Google: *Nearly giving me a heart attack* OK, here is a recipe for bread. Is that Good?
Yoo_is Serafina
Yoo_is Serafina - 16 dager siden
After Lauren talking to her google mini, my google started talking about cinnamon swirl bread
WinterWolf - 17 dager siden
Lauren: heated milk is not good, warm milk is not good
me who drinks warm milk is very isulted
millera913 - 17 dager siden
Anime Potterhead
Anime Potterhead - 17 dager siden
Z baby will probably love bread
Kay Jax
Kay Jax - 17 dager siden
Yours looks better
Kumiko Prentiss
Kumiko Prentiss - 18 dager siden
Look closer to her you see something no? Well look closer look she is fat sorry Lauren just being funny no she is not fat she is pregnant
Jake Garside
Jake Garside - 18 dager siden
who is from 2022 or is it just me also i made bread and it took a long time but wee did it i a bread factory that looks like a mill
John Tancred
John Tancred - 18 dager siden
Anyone here from Laurens pregnancy video as a detective 😂😁
Sabrina - 18 dager siden
Good job Lauren... I made my first loaf of bread when I was 8. BY HAND. Technology has advanced too much in my 12 years of life. A BREAD MAKER?! W*f
Edit: oh btw i forgot to say it took me 4 hours to make that i think
Madison nun u business
Madison nun u business - 18 dager siden
Grandparents: what do you want for Christmas
Me: bread maker!
Dad: ..........what?
Grandparents: is that like a easy bake oven
Me: no its a bread maker it makes bread
Uncle: ...w.......why......
Christmas day:
cousin: why are we cousins and how are we related
Liz Gacha
Liz Gacha - 18 dager siden
Ohhh i was thinkung what was that bread but then i thinked why its look wery familiar and i remerber that is ”pulla” in finish and not like bread xd
Bert B
Bert B - 19 dager siden
This bred is goin go like my 2020
riwanski_dog - 19 dager siden
Lauren: the doe hook ive never used it

Yong H
Yong H - 19 dager siden
I made bread with my mom today and I am watching this the same day
ellie baker
ellie baker - 19 dager siden
Who's watching in 2021 eeeeek
Kimz mama
Kimz mama - 19 dager siden
I hail to you almighty Bread Queen 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
hannah popy
hannah popy - 19 dager siden
how long has Lauren been preg
PELLA SIM PEI LE Moe - 20 dager siden
5:10 that's a perfect doughbaby congrats Lauren 😋
Mia Mazzolini
Mia Mazzolini - 20 dager siden
Remember that vr chef robot game where’s she made a giant bread sandwich and kept putting in opra saying she loves bread
SaphTDS - 20 dager siden
*is watching Lauren eat bread while eating chips*

HayandRy Plays
HayandRy Plays - 20 dager siden
I love how honest she is at 0:20
Emma Sun
Emma Sun - 20 dager siden
What me and mom do when we make dough that needs to rise we have the sink, fill the sink with a little bit of hot water and have a towel/rag and let the towel soak a little bit of the hot water and put the hot towel on top of the bowl where the dough is and put the bowl inn the sink amd let it rise just a little something for anyone to try out if they have a hard time getting their dough to rise
Scenqrix - 20 dager siden
Lauren is a human version of teto chan
The Fluffer Nuggets
The Fluffer Nuggets - 20 dager siden
Madeline Sprecher
Madeline Sprecher - 21 dag siden
Soon as Lauren said hey google, it activated it on my phone, and brought up bread recipes. Lol sure that happened to other people. It's about time she made bread on her channel seeing as she loves bread.
Tristyn Culpepper
Tristyn Culpepper - 21 dag siden
Lauren stupid bread just kidding I love you
Paige Curtis
Paige Curtis - 21 dag siden
Lauren, when it says to cover loosely and let rise, it means put a dish towel or small towel over the bowl (so air can escape) and then put it near a heat source where it can rise. Best way to get a big amount of dough for your bread :)
JasonLvsDogs - 21 dag siden
Little did we know she was baking some bread for 3 months already
Donut Creme Puff
Donut Creme Puff - 21 dag siden
73,000 pieces of bread-

you better get cookin Lauren-
Sayori - 22 dager siden
hi lauren its me sayori im back so monika is delete so lauren i missed u pls heart my commet lauren :D
Regina cook
Regina cook - 22 dager siden
make more bread please :/ please PLEASE lol