I Kept Getting Blamed As The Impostor ...but I was NEVER The Impostor

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Playing Among Us with Gloom, Aphmau, Smajor, Disguised Toast, DanTDM, Corpse, Pokimane, Brianna & Preston! This game continues to RUIN our friendships & I continue to be the WORST imposter EVER! I want to play MORE so make sure to leave a like!
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Runtime: 18:40


Connie Parker
Connie Parker - 10 timer siden
Ima scream at Scott .........ARE YOU GONNA SCREAM AT HIM
Madeleine Lusby
Madeleine Lusby - 21 time siden
whoa your friends with CORPSE
Eliza Demes
Eliza Demes - 2 dager siden
Idk if this is the first time preston and bri are in the among us group but pls keep playing with them they are some of my fav YouTubers
LittleLoser - 3 dager siden
At 8:13 the way Dan said “Scott” 🤣
Niamh Scott
Niamh Scott - 7 dager siden
I'm like lauren if I get vote out I won't finish
{ Chocolate Tea }
{ Chocolate Tea } - 8 dager siden
Intro: Lauren laughing hysterically
Kelly Wang
Kelly Wang - 9 dager siden
I love these videos
Cupcake_ - 10 dager siden
First round I knew it was blue
Moon Dust
Moon Dust - 10 dager siden
Scott screamed at Lauren and she got so scared 😂🤣🤣😂🤣
Lilah Cherrysparrow
Lilah Cherrysparrow - 10 dager siden
I think Aphmau was sour that you took her purple skin :>
Emma Kate
Emma Kate - 11 dager siden
My friend never lies and when she played among us im like *YOU HAVE TO LIE OR YOU LOSE BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO QUIET*
Summer Hart
Summer Hart - 13 dager siden
I have a new title idea
We kept voting out Aphmau but it was never her
Silly Girl D
Silly Girl D - 13 dager siden
8:10 lol srsy tho preston XD
Silly Girl D
Silly Girl D - 13 dager siden
uh... Lauren i'm concerned. Are you okay? that BAHAHAGAHAGAH.. uh..
Abbstract Theatre
Abbstract Theatre - 13 dager siden
If you don’t love Corpses’ voice you’re dead inside
DeviłTeddy - 14 dager siden
Caption : Scott’s The Worst
WarriorCatFan2007 - 14 dager siden
Toast: *Camera slowly zooms in* “I told you to swipe the card..so when did you swipe the card?..WHEN DID YOU SWIPE THE CARD?!” Gloom: *Says in a very sus tone* “Oh..Oh it’s all a blur to me..” Me: *Dies laughing* “🤣”
Miriam Veliz
Miriam Veliz - 15 dager siden
Lauren update your. Game
Ella Syhakhoun
Ella Syhakhoun - 15 dager siden
She looks so confused when she reports the body
Dudjjdj Hejdjdj
Dudjjdj Hejdjdj - 17 dager siden
8:05 aphmau voted herself 💀
Ava Thornell
Ava Thornell - 17 dager siden
Omg you were playing with dantdm awesome gurlllll
Michelle Shiels
Michelle Shiels - 17 dager siden
Laurens Face Expresaion changed so much when She was asking Scott to
Do medbay with her Face Was Like :D and it xhanged to dis O.O
Kellie Deatta
Kellie Deatta - 17 dager siden
i was the 1577666 view ugh 666 halp this keeps happening
FandomWriter - 18 dager siden
Can I just say that in the first game, Gloom literally THREW BRI UNDER THE BUS!
She voted for Bri in the first round and then in second round said, “IM SORRY BRI!” How they didn’t vote for her sooner is beyond me. Especially because of the key card 😂
Zoey Croteau
Zoey Croteau - 19 dager siden
Btw I love bris videos and Preston's videos
Khloe Rampersad
Khloe Rampersad - 19 dager siden
I've been watching aphmau since I was 5/6 and she is very very sneaky
Snowy Plays
Snowy Plays - 21 dag siden
I love you videos I’m dead inside lol
Shaelyn Fox
Shaelyn Fox - 21 dag siden
Me: *shielding eyes in shame*
Also, the second round, I was in a call with a bunch of people playing that map and I was doing my CORPSE impression ;=;
•gacha_angel wolfie•
•gacha_angel wolfie• - 21 dag siden
Wait you know Aphmau?
kate - 21 dag siden
lauren we need another color wheel :)))
Deb Nester
Deb Nester - 22 dager siden
All the people that are playing are my favorite! Expesily you
[min] - 23 dager siden
Rachel Murray
Rachel Murray - 24 dager siden
Anyone else notice at 9:11 Gloom,Aphmau,and Dan r the Bi colors and Lauren,Toast,and Bri r the Italy flag just bri and Lauren need to switch spots and then there is Corpse
Kaelyn Mayfield
Kaelyn Mayfield - 24 dager siden
✌︎☹︎✋︎☜︎☠︎ 🖴︎✇︎
Kaelyn Mayfield
Kaelyn Mayfield - 24 dager siden
This title is the whole among us game.
Kvirxa - 24 dager siden
14:09 *lauren screams/laughs*
My ears: 💀
Official Georgie
Official Georgie - 24 dager siden
Corpse this you?
Julie Keeton
Julie Keeton - 25 dager siden
Julie Keeton
Julie Keeton - 25 dager siden
Hahaha haha haha ah hehehe hehehe husband hehehe hehehe they
I am lex
I am lex - 25 dager siden
Amphau:keeps voting Lauren
Edie Eplett
Edie Eplett - 26 dager siden
Gloom: it's poki
Poki: it's gloom
Gloom: vote aphmau
AmALionThatEats EGGS
AmALionThatEats EGGS - 27 dager siden
Literally me every game: I AM DED INSIDE
Camille Burbach
Camille Burbach - 27 dager siden
Smayor: I learned..... NOTHING! so I am skipping
AMONG US QUEEN - 27 dager siden
You're playing with Preston?!?!!?!??!!?!??!!?????!!!!!!
Ahmed Hussein
Ahmed Hussein - 27 dager siden
Lauren you know aphmue I am a big fan of her and you
Vivian Baker
Vivian Baker - 28 dager siden
I watched Cassie’s video of this and she was gooood
Marit RiceBarr
Marit RiceBarr - 28 dager siden
Lauren: * stands near a vent for 3 seconds *
Everyone : Thats kinda sus tho
Daria Manolache
Daria Manolache - 28 dager siden
why is corpse voice so dark i hate it its scary
T S.K.
T S.K. - 29 dager siden
When the toy story squeaky toy squeaks 0:03
Gambler Trick
Gambler Trick - 29 dager siden
is Scotts like name s major like music or what i'm confused also Lauren is best person i love her videos
YUMIN FENG - 29 dager siden
babysitting lololololololoolololol
JTGJustace - 29 dager siden
Why is Scott called smajor? Is his name Scott Major?
Christie Stegall
Christie Stegall - Måned siden
Yeesss all my favorite YouTubers all in the same video
KIDchannel23 - Måned siden
All the best YouTubers KnoW each other-

*why didn’t I know?-*
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - Måned siden
Dan looks beautiful in his little circle thing
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - Måned siden
Plot twist:
Lauren and Aphmau has the same favourite colour (PURPLE)
Scarlet Skies
Scarlet Skies - Måned siden
Preston: “ What makes you think that?”
Dan: “... I saw it”
Leanne McGonigal
Leanne McGonigal - Måned siden
Hi lauren
Leon Gomez
Leon Gomez - Måned siden
Harbin Nuredini
Harbin Nuredini - Måned siden
Poor Lauren she got blamed actually
deepa chandrasekaran
deepa chandrasekaran - Måned siden
I was so eager to see Lauren shout at Scott but the scene was cut off
Solar Sky
Solar Sky - Måned siden
Gloom is in a Prime Video ad-

Good for you girl and sorry about your doggy
Jasmine Perkins
Jasmine Perkins - Måned siden
Tell askMell I. Said hi
Heidi Obermeyer
Heidi Obermeyer - Måned siden
Aphmau said she was doing Card Swipe there is no Card Swipe in that map lol!!!! But she wasn't the imposter haha.
Hamza Naghawai
Hamza Naghawai - Måned siden
I love u and your vids keep doing awesome vids
actxve_molly - Måned siden
Lauren : Help! Help! I need an adult!
Lauren in the Claire's makeover video : Im a... *thIrty yEAr Old lAdy*
Me : Sir. Are you a 30 year old lady or a 3 year old toddler?
Zoe Playz Roblox
Zoe Playz Roblox - Måned siden
Lauren: *exists*
Everyone else playing with Lauren: *Votes her off on 7 because they can*
Kaycoray Fire queen
Kaycoray Fire queen - Måned siden
Laran was at 4m 2weeks ago dang
Neydi T.c
Neydi T.c - Måned siden
At 16:47 idk if anyway else saw but if you look at where laurens facecam is you can see the vent animation
•Lunakitty•ツ - Måned siden
Micaela Kitt
Rikki Pfennig
Rikki Pfennig - Måned siden
16:48 the vent moved in office
Leah M
Leah M - Måned siden
Lauren I LOVE your videos you are my idol✨🥺🥺
Albaraa Nagati
Albaraa Nagati - Måned siden
lauren:i am dead iside

me: ok i watch aphmau n preston n bri n dantdm ok
Eleanor Cowing
Eleanor Cowing - Måned siden
Corpses voice is so deep
Gamer RoseXx
Gamer RoseXx - Måned siden
1.5 million views
Lily Pedersen
Lily Pedersen - Måned siden
Lauren telling everyone about Kassie chasing her: I was screaming I need to find somebody, I need to find somebody
Girl no you didn’t, you were screaming that you need an adult
Lair E
Lair E - Måned siden
I need a adult
kuba - Måned siden
Caracal - Måned siden
Corpse kind of sounds like Batman XD
Robert Stubbs
Robert Stubbs - Måned siden
I feel like sometimes some people are called 400iq or 0 iq but the 0 iq players can be smarter than the high iq players lauren is soooo good at the game and everyone can be dumb even the 400 iq players sry this was so long I love writing in college...
Bunny Lindsay
Bunny Lindsay - Måned siden
Stephanie Zak
Stephanie Zak - Måned siden
IS it me or does CORPSE always sound bored no offense corpse! 😅
Taylor Family
Taylor Family - Måned siden
Why is CORPSE voice soooooooo low??????
Pizza Gamer
Pizza Gamer - Måned siden
You should use more vision. Sabatoging electrical is too op.
Jiggly Puff
Jiggly Puff - Måned siden
Please can you do more among us videos
Davit Man
Davit Man - Måned siden
stop screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XxSallygamergirl xX
XxSallygamergirl xX - Måned siden
i really just love how lauren used kill scott whenever possible twice
avery fritz
avery fritz - Måned siden
Ivailo Nikolov
Ivailo Nikolov - Måned siden
from len do you playd amogus
Ivailo Nikolov
Ivailo Nikolov - Måned siden
loren wy do you sey the inpostor
Lauren Thomas SSO
Lauren Thomas SSO - Måned siden
Why is corpse have a deep voice just wondering he does sound cool.
YaGirlMya - Måned siden
she didn't yell Scott after the round was over just noticing LoL
My My memory Lane
My My memory Lane - Måned siden
camila santos
camila santos - Måned siden
i hate scott so much he is so stupid
Nikki Nuggets
Nikki Nuggets - Måned siden
From seeing the thumbnail it reminded me of her "Yandere Simulator rivals in a nutshell" because at the beginning, Yan-Chan said, "I am 100% dead inside...."
Da E Sisters
Da E Sisters - Måned siden
Lauren: Scott why won't you do medbay with me :(
Laurens face: :((((

I felt that
Madison Peters-Cameron
Madison Peters-Cameron - Måned siden
Hi Lauren you and @gloom and @azzyland are my favourite youtubers
Macy Ligon
Macy Ligon - Måned siden
She is soooooo close to 5 mil let’s get her there
Amy Mendoza
Amy Mendoza - Måned siden
Gloom:swiper no swiping 😂
π - Måned siden
Do you know unspeakable because you know preston LarenZside?