I Got Teamed Up With a 500 IQ Imposter ...but I'm THE WORST

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Huge NOburn group played Among Us including Gloom, Jacksepticeye, Yammy, Cory Kenshin, Bijuu Mike, Razzbowski, Jay, Penguinz0 & more! I'm the WORST Imposter the entire time & then get teamed up with Jack a 500 IQ level imposter. I tried so hard to not let him down...
More Among Us: noburn.info/id/video/zWbSk5ZkhIuGi3I.html
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@Kubz Scouts
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Runtime: 15:19


avi7tal - 13 minutter siden
i love how she is always eating lmao
James Soe
James Soe - 5 dager siden
Lauren’s actually very good at spotting imp (Gloom said so too) but she needs to believe in herself just a little bit more.
She’s actually a Galaxy brain queen!
Gift Carnecer Ezema
Gift Carnecer Ezema - 5 dager siden
and i thought this channel was curse free
sindhu haneef
sindhu haneef - 5 dager siden
Urban Meyer
Abbstract Theatre
Abbstract Theatre - 7 dager siden
Omg Bijuu is in this
Fox Mystery Master
Fox Mystery Master - 9 dager siden
Everyone: looks how lauren vents
Lauren: Eats
Unicorn - 10 dager siden
Most people getting impostor: *YAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS*
Lauren getting impostor: *Ok*
Unicorn - 10 dager siden
It’z like thiz game waz made for Lauren!!
Unicorn - 10 dager siden
LaurenZside, the new *Amazing* Disney villain. 💜💜💜💜
JADYN SINJAKOVIC - 12 dager siden
Lauren your not the only one who is bad at being imposter I am too.
daniel johnson
daniel johnson - 14 dager siden
Purple over green always
Heather Anys
Heather Anys - 14 dager siden
Lauren I’m from the future u gonna have a kid
Bigmoyz - 15 dager siden
Lauren: "I'm running out of chips, it's making me sad"
Hannah Bulthuis
Hannah Bulthuis - 17 dager siden
Who else is sad that Yammy doesn’t play with that group anymore?
- Miyikchu -
- Miyikchu - - 18 dager siden
Razz be real sus-
Axa Arbab
Axa Arbab - 18 dager siden
Lauren: no one has killed me yet
Gloom:Allow me to introduce myself
Me:*that is what happens if you say you aren’t murdered yet*
Hannah Friedman
Hannah Friedman - 19 dager siden
Scarlet Skies
Scarlet Skies - 20 dager siden
Jack: You’re next to me at lights!
Me: .... the lights are off, how can you see her
Cam Singer
Cam Singer - 21 dag siden
Jack: Who ran- Oh s**t someone's dead-
Lauren: PAHAHAH-!
ღpokemxnღ - 21 dag siden
Her: *kills and vents infront of razz*
Me: 👁👄👁
persia ramezaniann
persia ramezaniann - 21 dag siden
Emily Sandlin
Emily Sandlin - 21 dag siden
Ngl Lauren is the best
Rosalind Fieldsend
Rosalind Fieldsend - 23 dager siden
Wow, this is not a good day for Lauren
Leon Gomez
Leon Gomez - 24 dager siden
Hello Hi
Hello Hi - 24 dager siden
I love jacksepticeye he is my fave youtuber
Addi Goodwin
Addi Goodwin - 24 dager siden
This video was uploaded on my birthday
junie ferlu garcia
junie ferlu garcia - 26 dager siden
Valentina Juric
Valentina Juric - 26 dager siden
Lauren:Nobody killed me yet!
Gloom:Look! A dead Body! *Slice*
Valentina Juric
Valentina Juric - 26 dager siden
What a great Timing
Kylee Cheesecake
Kylee Cheesecake - 28 dager siden
My favorite part of this was Oh- Shit somone's dead
Gemma Wilkinson
Gemma Wilkinson - 29 dager siden
I love how Lauren’s biggest issue in the first round was the chips
G•O•L•D• F•I•S•H
I love ciry
GracieRae - 29 dager siden
Perfect timing when kassie killed you ."Lauren| I haven't died yet" "kassie| sayonara sucker
GracieRae - 29 dager siden
Lauren: I'm running out of chips guys,it's sad
Me:same girl same
Madi Johnson
Madi Johnson - 29 dager siden
Lauren, I LOVE your videos. I started watching you maybe a couple months after you started. But ngl, when you evil laugh it is the funniest thing and when you act evil.... IT IS THE BESTT
Kittenz and me
Kittenz and me - 29 dager siden
I can’t believe no one killed me
Famous last words
Sarah Al-Dallal
Sarah Al-Dallal - Måned siden
Okay okay hahahahaha yeah this is pretty funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Ailana Govender
Ailana Govender - Måned siden
Lauren: nobody killed me
Gloom: say noo more 😏
Callie c
Callie c - Måned siden
this vid is sooo short
Kendal Foxman
Kendal Foxman - Måned siden
Lauren- “No one has killed me yet”
1 second later- *gloom kills her*
ARainbowdash Shipper
ARainbowdash Shipper - Måned siden
Emmy - Måned siden
Lauren no one is kill me
Glom let me fix that
Arctic - Måned siden
I started dying when Cory said, "She did the cha cha slide to the left-"
And also when Jack said, "Who ran- oh sh*t someones dead."
Meghan Pollard
Meghan Pollard - Måned siden
LAUREN WY DO YOU ALWAYS KILL INFRONT OF PEPEOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Sara Egger
Sara Egger - Måned siden
Hi, Lauren I love your vidios so much!!! I cant beleieve i am actually writing this comment because I created a youtube account without my mum's permission lol.
Cyla MC
Cyla MC - Måned siden
Gloom: *Plays with Lauren*
Lauren: got caught
Me: Uhhh, is this real o-
Ashar Imran
Ashar Imran - Måned siden
Ashar Imran
Ashar Imran - Måned siden
Ashar Imran
Ashar Imran - Måned siden
I can't believe you don't know how to play
Random fandom aka REE
Random fandom aka REE - Måned siden
Awww razz I know how you feel bruh pressure is the worst thing ÚnÙ
Bella Cunningham
Bella Cunningham - Måned siden
Lauren:vents in front of everyone
The other imposter:what did you just do 😡😡😡😡😡
iiAngelic_Starsii - Måned siden
Lauren: "No one has been killing me"
Kassie: Kon'nichiwa. You have summoned me
Moon _ Flower
Moon _ Flower - Måned siden
The weird thing is, I had this open and when dark green called a meeting in my game, dark green called a meeting in her game. Spoopy vewy spoopy
Jazmyn Kathleen
Jazmyn Kathleen - Måned siden
Lauren chooses terrible times to kill but she’s a good liar
Gaming_ among us
Gaming_ among us - Måned siden
did i heard bijuu mike?😱😱😱
• S n o w C l ø u d •
Lauren: “Nobody’s killed me yet... we might win.”

Kassie: “Ya Wish!” *Kills Lauren*

Jay always reporting Lauren’s body and finds her body: “🤦🏼”
Weirdkoala97 - Måned siden
So i was playing Among us, and this guy said, "It's red, he was in the room before green walked in." That guy was the other imposter. I hate people like that.
Kayla Christopherson
Kayla Christopherson - Måned siden
Kass!!!!!!!!! why did you kill Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hannah Bulthuis
Hannah Bulthuis - Måned siden
Is anyone else sad that Yammy doesn’t play anymore? 🥺🥺🥺
NEVAEH WALDEN - Måned siden
wow everyday im laughing inside and outside you are the most funniest person i ever met and also i ove when you try to torture bobby it's ridiculous one last thing subscribe to my channel it's called Starlight slayerz please TYSM if you do
Taraji Smith
Taraji Smith - Måned siden
500IQ ...........sure
Pramila Ponniah
Pramila Ponniah - Måned siden
Lauren can u edit yourself to ZOMBIES 1 and 2
XCamey CookieX
XCamey CookieX - Måned siden
When she has 5milion subs but 1.1milion views on video ( that’s a lot good job Lauren )
Me when I saw the view count:👁👄👁
Room - Måned siden
Aesthetic Bunnies
Aesthetic Bunnies - Måned siden
Aesthetic Bunnies
Aesthetic Bunnies - Måned siden
Ok when I started to watch the video the beginning made some of my brain cells leave because I don’t know what happens ther
Clem - Måned siden
No one:
Lauren: "I'm almost out of chips" :(
Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson - Måned siden
5:24 when Razz's voice started messing up had me dying of laughter! "THĒRËS ŅO ÊVÍDÈNĆE!"
Luna-blue Solley
Luna-blue Solley - Måned siden
Thats me i vented infront of someone but they didnt vote me out soooo ummm 😝thats good
Marshal Love
Marshal Love - Måned siden
:Lauren: gets imposter
With Yammy!
Marshal Love
Marshal Love - Måned siden
1st round
:me: oh Yammy is in this
peachy_pink sahmer 2
peachy_pink sahmer 2 - Måned siden
To be honest jay sounds like flamingo
Estrella Amaryllis
Estrella Amaryllis - Måned siden
8:57 anyone else laughing
Campbell Woods
Campbell Woods - Måned siden
laurenzside FOREVAH
Izuku midoriya
Izuku midoriya - Måned siden
do you play with other people not just with your friends
Vanilla production
Vanilla production - Måned siden
Look at how smart I am!

Sunset & Moon
Sunset & Moon - Måned siden
Lauren, I'm a big fan of your channel and your content, but this was click bait, you litterly lost the first round, that's not 500 IQ!
Emilie Dajc
Emilie Dajc - Måned siden
OMG how did I not find this until now IV been wanting this jack and Lauren to be in a video!!😁😂
mangol - Måned siden
Dark *woof*
Dark *woof* - Måned siden
Lauren: i hevent been killed yet..
Kassy: *suprise. Im now karma U_u*
White Roses
White Roses - Måned siden
Ok I’m sorry but after the round ends did anyone else press the play again button even though it’s I video? Lol it was probably just me 😆
Xxfallen_angelxX X
Xxfallen_angelxX X - 2 måneder siden
Funny story once I killed in front of sombody they report and everybody thought sombody else and I was like I don’t deserve to win I just killed in front of sombody and I made them vote me and I lost!
Poppy Mcgowan
Poppy Mcgowan - 2 måneder siden
Sydney Treon
Sydney Treon - 2 måneder siden
Omg I love mira hq it's legit the only map I play I don't like polis or the skeld but I do use them occasionally
Aqua Gaming
Aqua Gaming - 2 måneder siden
I love how the thumbnail is -100 IQ
Leypot Gacha U3U
Leypot Gacha U3U - 2 måneder siden
she blocked the code when she wasnt live lol-
Lydia SeaShore
Lydia SeaShore - 2 måneder siden
Lauren: just enjoying the show with some chips when YuB was the impostor
Maureen Slattery
Maureen Slattery - 2 måneder siden
cool eh
Maddie Laddie
Maddie Laddie - 2 måneder siden
When Lauren died, her poor little mini crew mate was sadly sitting there, and she doesn't seem to even notice or care!! 😤😔😱
Maureen Slattery
Maureen Slattery - 2 måneder siden
you know if you double click the screen when it says shhh it will let you get a head start
dead noodls
dead noodls - 2 måneder siden
It would of been funny if the imposters were drwako or whatever and Lauren on that map
Meredith Kadlac
Meredith Kadlac - 2 måneder siden
At about 3:33 in the vid I heard WE! HO!
joseph ampofo
joseph ampofo - 2 måneder siden
Jade Tannett
Jade Tannett - 2 måneder siden
Lauren: I have'nt died before
Lauren: It was CASIE/Gloom
Me: Lauren why ............ You you JUST JINXED hahahahahahah

Amelia Kijewska
Amelia Kijewska - 2 måneder siden
Lauren is laughing

Everyone : thats kinda sus tho...
Kaleigh Feldsted
Kaleigh Feldsted - 2 måneder siden
Jack: who ran- oh shit someones dead
lauren: the most evil laugh
SpookyRemy - 2 måneder siden
Who else agrees that everyday we get better at among us and now Lauren Is so much better
Nami Muya
Nami Muya - 2 måneder siden
Lauren give me your password in among us
SpookyRemy - 2 måneder siden
Among us doesn’t need or have a password, idiot
LPS SweetTarts
LPS SweetTarts - 2 måneder siden
Jack: who ran.......... oh crap someone’s dead
Me: literally dies

You know what the best part about all that was? He said “omg there’s a dead body!”
Luna-blue Solley
Luna-blue Solley - 2 måneder siden
This is laren 👩‍💻playing among us
Luna-blue Solley
Luna-blue Solley - 2 måneder siden
Thats me i kill infront of some one and i never vent some times i do