I Became IMPOSTER For The FIRST TIME EVER ...and Now I Have No Friends

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My FIRST TIME EVER being the Imposter in Among Us was luckily caught on camera & it was with my X Life friends! This game RUINED our friendships & my friends can never trust me AGAIN. I want to play MORE so make sure to leave a like!
Among Us w/ X Life Friends Part 1: noburn.info/id/video/zWbSk5ZkhIuGi3I.html
In This Video (click their names):
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Runtime: 13:49


Andy Wright
Andy Wright - 5 timer siden
WAIT she's never been imposter
Sarah Clack
Sarah Clack - Dag siden
Every time I get imposter people vote me out
strawbewwy donut
strawbewwy donut - 6 dager siden
joel: loves to see oli dead
oli: hates to see joel dead
scott: loves to see lauren dead
lauren: hates to see scott dead
joey: loves to see lizzie dead
lizzie: hates to see joey dead
this is *true friendship*
Alex Flores
Alex Flores - 7 dager siden
Lauren should play amoung us in real life
• C I N N A M O N •
• C I N N A M O N • - 7 dager siden
This is a game for adalts
Jiwon Park
Jiwon Park - 7 dager siden
Madison Walker
Madison Walker - 8 dager siden
i will be your friend lauren :)
LQ SZN - 9 dager siden
Eliza Roy
Eliza Roy - 10 dager siden
Why does Lauren and her friends not complete the tasks my friends complete the task bar way quicker!😵
Kylie Young
Kylie Young - 11 dager siden
i have a master plan
unmute your mic and say like " ima do my task" and than be like "oh my my mic sorry"
Astoria Charette
Astoria Charette - 12 dager siden
The code lol
K.E.J. Red Jaket
K.E.J. Red Jaket - 12 dager siden
not me watching this in 2021 when among us os still a thing unlike fall guys
James Soe
James Soe - 12 dager siden
Omg I havent seen this one yet and Lauren’s character’s wearing a suit!
Saif Asfor
Saif Asfor - 13 dager siden
Lauren did you mean you don’t have any friends anymore in real life cuz you’re the imposter or your friends were did cuz I am sorry honey iam counfused
•Charli Extras•
•Charli Extras• - 13 dager siden
12:30 Lauren, did you happen to see the right vent open?
Horse Lover!
Horse Lover! - 13 dager siden
Did anyone else see the animation of the vent when Lauren was doing swipe card the time was 12:23 in the video
Chloe Couch
Chloe Couch - 14 dager siden
Lauren your my favorite YouTuber
Unicorn goddess
Unicorn goddess - 15 dager siden
where is Lachel zay
sindhu haneef
sindhu haneef - 15 dager siden
Browns vs Steelers
TheFourPeas - 18 dager siden
3:07 why does this laugh either not sound like Lauren or it’s and overlapped soundbite
starry unicorn
starry unicorn - 18 dager siden
12:31 I saw da vent open
videogamesarelife - 19 dager siden
Today on amoung us I was imposter like 13 time 24 times and about 12 times I got voted out lol I went to different lobbies and I got imposter LOLOL
milky grande
milky grande - 19 dager siden
lauren: its bring ur kids to work day!
everyone else except scott and oli: 👁👄👁
Betty Lind
Betty Lind - 19 dager siden
that many times wow
Ali Minisons
Ali Minisons - 20 dager siden
And then there’s me, the biggest kid of all -Oli 2020
Ditto oli, ditto
Hollie Barkley
Hollie Barkley - 21 dag siden
Lauren did so good for her first timeee
natalia the gamer
natalia the gamer - 21 dag siden
Oli: there are so many kids here and I'm here, the biggest kid of all.
Ava Sherry
Ava Sherry - 21 dag siden
12:27 a tip my friend showed me is; swipe right, then left, then right again. It usually helps
Hafiza Begum
Hafiza Begum - 22 dager siden
Every time Lauren kills someone comes in the room
kitty j
kitty j - 22 dager siden
Wow just how did she kill infront of people
Nina Rinaldi
Nina Rinaldi - 23 dager siden
I love her hair
gidge 1
gidge 1 - 23 dager siden
Scott: “I am a little sus of fWip”

Cc: “I do see a lot of sausage”
Yes, makes perfect sense
Gaming Peep
Gaming Peep - 24 dager siden
Lizzie: what if its not her... Me: y'all bffs for life :>
Brittney Miller
Brittney Miller - 26 dager siden
Lemon Bear
Lemon Bear - 26 dager siden
Jacqui Muller
Jacqui Muller - 26 dager siden
Your so ultimate and your voice sounded like a chipmunk dying done even me started on how your husband looks like EWWW he's so ugly just like you Ha!
Jacqui Muller
Jacqui Muller - 26 dager siden
Ugly *
Evangelia Ajemian
Evangelia Ajemian - 27 dager siden
I love how u and scott r the imposters
Nathisha Singh
Nathisha Singh - 28 dager siden
Lauren: Don't kill me because I have children!
Also Lauren: Taking children on death mission
CloudyKota101 - 29 dager siden
Joey graceffa is gay as heck
Maddi - 29 dager siden
7:16 that is a holy face
Traivon Mukuna
Traivon Mukuna - 29 dager siden
Lauren was terrible in the second round
Jayden Meza
Jayden Meza - 29 dager siden
KIDchannel23 - Måned siden
I just realized that Among Us reminds me of *Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux*

Basically it’s a game where there are werewolves and they kill someone at night and the villagers need to figure out who the werewolves are and killl them all at a vote-
Lyd Gaming
Lyd Gaming - Måned siden
Who saw when she was doing her card they vent opened
CatsCanSing - Måned siden
" He's smiling I can hear it " 🤣
Leon Gomez
Leon Gomez - Måned siden
Giovanna Nuzzo
Giovanna Nuzzo - Måned siden
Laren says she doesent get impo gets imposter acts surprised
Cyrill Anicoche
Cyrill Anicoche - Måned siden
Lauren: kills somebody and starts laughing bc she's embarrassed
Jimpol Tañedo
Jimpol Tañedo - Måned siden
Thank you me open zelpon thank so much ✌️😁 merry Christmas po
Mars·Yuki - Måned siden
Scott: "Oli's dead..." ( Me: May you rest in Pieces, I MEAN PEACE)
Joel: *In a creepy voice* "Good..." ( Me: Oh my...)
Luna-blue Solley
Luna-blue Solley - Måned siden
Lauren:oh no lima saw me vent kill tnem
Who ever saw:LAUREN its you
George P
George P - Måned siden
Laren.... You got cought twice killing someone....😖😖😖😖😖.....😂😂😂😂😂😂....Laren you need to get your among us IQ up pleas...😖😂😂😂😂😂
Ava Bautista
Ava Bautista - Måned siden
Brissa Kelch
Brissa Kelch - Måned siden
Lauren has and hasnt improved so much in Amoung us😂Love you Lauren🥰💗
ꨄXoôøMøx Mxxmꨄ
ꨄXoôøMøx Mxxmꨄ - Måned siden
Lauren Pls Listen ⚠️ATTENTION⚠️ MEEP CITY HAS BEEN CHANGE TO MEEP CITY EXE IF UR WONDERING TO PLAY MEEP CITY DONT NOT PLAY! THANK YOU hey Unicorns We Should be friends años De La como Meepcity Que Gracias
Jennifer Rhoads
Jennifer Rhoads - Måned siden
Lauren: **wins**
Sophia Moore
Sophia Moore - Måned siden
To be honest I just downloaded among us
Alice Godfrey
Alice Godfrey - Måned siden
have fun!!
J M - Måned siden
*that one moment u can’t hear the video so u turn it up ONE when it was on mute and ur mum screams to turn it down just because u wanna here Katherines Sentance* 🥺😭
Martha Allerston
Martha Allerston - Måned siden
You guys are so awesome at this game 😎✌
Carmen Molina
Carmen Molina - Måned siden
Lion you cannot tell me then I'll see that then open you cannot tell me that and I saw that open you cannot tell me though
jouza alshammari
jouza alshammari - Måned siden
I am a graet imposter in skeld but the wordt imposter in polese
Alice Godfrey
Alice Godfrey - Måned siden
*great *worst *polus
Mish mealtime
Mish mealtime - Måned siden
I want to play with you
Alice Godfrey
Alice Godfrey - Måned siden
ellio Velez-reilly
ellio Velez-reilly - Måned siden
Did anyone else notice how the vent opened when Lauren was doing her card swipe
Andrea Gill
Andrea Gill - Måned siden
Lizzie is like I do not know it is not me
Aj Cas
Aj Cas - Måned siden
3:52 use this as your replay for Bobby’s “ PFFTTTTT”
Akari Wolf
Akari Wolf - Måned siden
Has anyone else noticed that at 12:29 a vent literally opens in the background while Lauren is doing the swipe card
Brynley Brodzinski
Brynley Brodzinski - Måned siden
FYI if you swipe the card forward, then back, then forward most times it does the task
Ajla Imeri
Ajla Imeri - Måned siden
Lauren:kan you teg me hao to mayk may spekr in among us
Andrea Gill
Andrea Gill - Måned siden
And has cupcake
Andrea Gill
Andrea Gill - Måned siden
I love gloom you Lauren z and azzy and I had
Del Saywellknj
Del Saywellknj - Måned siden
Lauren play more among us
• Low Percent •
• Low Percent • - Måned siden
Ill be your friend :D
Misha Misha
Misha Misha - Måned siden
Make a game ill join it
Misha Misha
Misha Misha - Måned siden
When I'm imposter l just vent and kill But l die
Katy _playz
Katy _playz - Måned siden
i have been the imposter 3 times in a row won time i always get imposter but some times i got crewmate
Katy _playz
Katy _playz - Måned siden
TmimNotHappy KIRISHIMA - Måned siden
Lauren = smajor/Scott = Lmajor⭐✨ team✨⭐
Smajor = Lauren = mauren :> team⭐✨

W h o
T h e
Dream team?
Cream team?
Lmajor team?
mauren team?
avijit khurana
avijit khurana - Måned siden
omg why did you kill joey at lights poor lauren oof me i dead
inottskye - Måned siden
I love how instead of getting mad or rage at Lauren their like “Go Lauren!!” 💜 Also 5M Congratulations 🎉🎊
Raynelle Alula Makaila 3C
Raynelle Alula Makaila 3C - Måned siden
lauren give the code in comment plz
Everything Bagel
Everything Bagel - Måned siden
7:54 “I’m scared to come out”
Me too..
•The Lizzy Lemon•
•The Lizzy Lemon• - Måned siden
She has 4.99M

Sophia Animal150
Sophia Animal150 - Måned siden
I don’t have the card problem on my phone
Monica Elmo
Monica Elmo - Måned siden
When Katherine got voted out and said “it’s Lauren” that got me enraged heh
JOSLYNN LANE - Måned siden
lauren: *gets voted off*
my mind: i just noticed that whenever imposter is voted off that they give the thumbs up
-!music freak!-
-!music freak!- - Måned siden
I was watching this and I chocked on my cereal
Margaret Vieira
Margaret Vieira - Måned siden
Lauren: I did the asteroids thing
me: That is a seeing task!! ugggg
Mary Anjanette Legaspi
Mary Anjanette Legaspi - Måned siden
12:25 the vent opened
Megan love's peaches
Megan love's peaches - Måned siden
i love your intro
Madison Jin
Madison Jin - Måned siden
Lizzie is so nice 😂
Frosty Riki
Frosty Riki - Måned siden
•Calies Art•
•Calies Art• - Måned siden
*Scott and Joel talking about someone not doing a task*

Lizzie: Katherine found a body-
•Calies Art•
•Calies Art• - Måned siden
Lizzie: Lauren was it you? 🥺

Me: Omg- that was adorable-
Raymond Modicaine
Raymond Modicaine - Måned siden
Is anyone wondering why oli said that he can hear scott smile? 😐🤨
Azul Carrazco
Azul Carrazco - Måned siden
hey say where and my fish ate my lunch
Keirastg - Måned siden
Did anyone else see gloom’s live with them being zombies in among us
Kimberly Ramirez
Kimberly Ramirez - Måned siden
Kimberly Ramirez
Kimberly Ramirez - Måned siden
Reagan Carlisle
Reagan Carlisle - Måned siden
This is how many people saw how many times she was imposter ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇
Reagan Carlisle
Reagan Carlisle - Måned siden
I saw 3 or 4
Mamady Traore
Mamady Traore - Måned siden
Lauren: says this is so stressful . Me: this is her second time being imposter