DO NOT WATCH These TikTok Videos ...They're Actually HAUNTED

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Today I found & watched some of the supposedly Haunted & Scary Tik Tok videos on the Internet. DO NOT Watch these TikToks!!
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Chloe's Lullaby by Robert Austin Music:
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DO NOT Watch These Lost VHS Tapes ...They're Actually HAUNTED:
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Ava's Art Experience
Ava's Art Experience - 2 timer siden
I'm pretty sure Lauren is watching the exactly same video as I watch from a different YouTuber She's is watching
Minty Author
Minty Author - 5 timer siden
Free 2 sentence horror stories [ NOT MINE ]
1. I was listening to the children singing on my grandmas radio.
I went to go tell mom how great it was but.... she said the radio has been broken for years.

2. I heard my mum calling my name.
But when I went to ask her what was wrong she said " I heard it too."

3. I was packing my dolls in bubble wrap for the moving.
But when I went to sleep I could hear the sound of bubbles popping.

4. I was looking through the camera from the break in.
But I never saw them leave....

5. I was having a call with my friend until my phone fell under my bed.
Bt when I got the phone back my friend whispered " there's a man under your bed...."
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 5 timer siden
18 and final true
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 5 timer siden
17 true
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 5 timer siden
16 true
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 5 timer siden
15 true
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 5 timer siden
14 fake
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 5 timer siden
13 true
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 5 timer siden
12 fake
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 5 timer siden
11 fake?
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 6 timer siden
10 fake
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 6 timer siden
9 idk too
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 6 timer siden
8 idk
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 6 timer siden
7 true ive wached that vid
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 6 timer siden
6 true
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 6 timer siden
5 fake fake fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 6 timer siden
4 fake
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 6 timer siden
3 true
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 6 timer siden
2 fake
Lauma lelle
Lauma lelle - 6 timer siden
1 fake
wanafiqah04 hanna
wanafiqah04 hanna - 6 timer siden
Euro Light Mendoza
Euro Light Mendoza - 9 timer siden
This happens to me when I'm 5 and mom safe me the monster is
Euro Light Mendoza
Euro Light Mendoza - 9 timer siden
Dude if the girl sleeping on the bed he hear somebody is on the door mom shot the door and she wake up if no one is in there so the monster bite her leg there was a vent in that bed so she was stuck in the bed and is was creepy
Happy Unicorn
Happy Unicorn - 10 timer siden
Am I the only 1 who is staying up until midnight reading scary stories. No no one else...ok
Happy Unicorn
Happy Unicorn - 11 timer siden
Me : sees vid that says do not watch My head:don’t tell me what to do
Aileen Menjivar
Aileen Menjivar - 12 timer siden
Kitkat 56
Kitkat 56 - 14 timer siden
Baskim Doko
Baskim Doko - 16 timer siden
Lauren are you trying to scare me of sleeping alone cause I still sleep with them- I'ma check my bed at 3:00 am every single night to make sure I won't die-
Naomi Badson
Naomi Badson - 17 timer siden
This exact post day is my bday
Racer-Bob Clary
Racer-Bob Clary - 18 timer siden
I’m new
Doa Sitti
Doa Sitti - 19 timer siden
the one with mrballen is real
Zara Lily Brown
Zara Lily Brown - 19 timer siden
the cave with water was a glow worm cave
Alexandra Zhou
Alexandra Zhou - 20 timer siden
i watched like 30 seconds and decided I don't want nightmares so... bye
Eden Vu
Eden Vu - 20 timer siden
same wen i hate people doing part 2 why can't they just show on first vid
Brooke S
Brooke S - 22 timer siden
There actually has been reports of women hearing looped child or baby cries (usually outside the house). I remember police warning to not open the door to investigate because they believed it was an kidnapper. Because women are more likely to want to help a child or baby in distress.
Charlie Gaming
Charlie Gaming - 23 timer siden
1 fake
2 true
3 fake
4 fake
5 true
6 true
7 true
8 fake
9 fake
10 fake
11 fake
12 true
13 true
14 fake
15 fake
16 fake
17 true
18 fake
Jennifer McCabe
Jennifer McCabe - Dag siden
If that happend to me i would run up to my baby, i wouldn't video it. WTF-fuge
Tez B
Tez B - Dag siden
I made a backround for you loranzside cuz you have coved19
leyley Gonzales
leyley Gonzales - Dag siden
leyley Gonzales
leyley Gonzales - Dag siden
gamer101 gamer
gamer101 gamer - Dag siden
4:7 is of life of lugery
Sierra Swarzendruber
Sierra Swarzendruber - Dag siden
The poor baby oki that looked real OKAY!
raffy Mamauag
raffy Mamauag - Dag siden
Is that girl and the a baby or um anithing is real please say noo i saw it evry time 5m craft and more
MilkDud ??
MilkDud ?? - Dag siden
6:43 that notification tho XD
saana horn
saana horn - Dag siden
laurezside you are the funny youtuber i like your scary videos
Abri Zibble
Abri Zibble - Dag siden
Daniela Jessi vee fan alt acc
The lil kid just knows how to magic nothing weird
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - Dag siden
why does the girl in the 1st tictok be so chill
fire fox
fire fox - Dag siden
There all reel i was there for all of them
theaggster1 - Dag siden
Lauren you should watch a dhar man video for a video!!!
Sol Garg
Sol Garg - 2 dager siden
I won’t be able to sleep tonight-
iiTacOii - 2 dager siden
and this is why my mom and dad blessed our house 2 times

oh no we aren't taking any chances and I'm laying next to my bed
Hamil Vee
Hamil Vee - 2 dager siden
no that's just the smile cat stalking the baby
SweetMintll - 2 dager siden
Hehehehe I'm safe because I'm buried in a pile of comments >:3
isla rose
isla rose - 2 dager siden
Faryn Sha
Faryn Sha - 2 dager siden
Pov: Your looking at the comment section because your scared
the bean
the bean - 2 dager siden
My dads boss moved to a new house and a few days later he started hearing things in the crawl space, he thought it was just raccoons but he decided to take a selfie stick and take a picture and when he pulled up the camera there was a picture of a guy living inside the crawl space, he had a bed clothes and just about everything he needed to live down there
Monique Dias
Monique Dias - 2 dager siden
No this is not true and I was just like thank God it’s just a cat tail
Monique Dias
Monique Dias - 2 dager siden
No no no no no no no no no no no no no no NO !!!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS
red fell sans
red fell sans - 2 dager siden
lloyd timm
lloyd timm - 2 dager siden
4:00 i think thats @luxurydark they do fake creepy vids
flamingokg - 2 dager siden
7:50 ive been there for a field trip so fake
Andjela P
Andjela P - 2 dager siden
Lauren at 3:59 is actually from a channel "Life of Luxury" and i think it's not fake
Stop motion Fun times
Stop motion Fun times - 2 dager siden
I think my house is haunted because every night something falls off my desk and my covers keep moving. I just befriended it and every morning something is moved just to remind me that she’s there
Fox Mystery Master
Fox Mystery Master - 2 dager siden
When Lauren says EW its the best
Bonnie Voss
Bonnie Voss - 2 dager siden
The person watching the baby monitor:WHAT IS THAT?!?!
Me:that might be jeff the killer watching him and waiting till he is older so he could kill him.
Miranda Cloud
Miranda Cloud - 2 dager siden
I love your videos right me back please 🤩
Oc reborn
Oc reborn - 2 dager siden
Ok lol
დანიელ გოგიბერიძე
(๑• . •๑)
brendavzquez5 - 3 dager siden
All of them are fake
*-Feather -Star-*
*-Feather -Star-* - 3 dager siden
This is one of the reasons why I’m comforted at night is the fact that my cats stay in my room and my dogs station themselves outside my door so if someone even tries to get me they bout to get attacked most likely XD
tayah edwards
tayah edwards - 3 dager siden
I love how the title is do not wach this bit yet it has 1.3M views
Lisa Green
Lisa Green - 3 dager siden
Firts one is fake
Madison V
Madison V - 3 dager siden
The one with the baby I would run in ther with a metal bat turn on the light and if it’s there hip it with the bat
Layne Hix
Layne Hix - 3 dager siden
Oh hell to mahhh that eye tho
Lilly Vue
Lilly Vue - 3 dager siden
What if your shadow was a monster and while your not looking your shadow is trying to kill you and when you sleep they will try to kill you

Why did I even write this
Amaya Mielke
Amaya Mielke - 3 dager siden
4:06 is not a true video it prodused by life of luxury called ¨her doll comes to life at night" at the frist part of the video of life of luxury says its only used for attenion for likes and videos
The real Ennard
The real Ennard - 3 dager siden
Hayatullah Kawyani
Hayatullah Kawyani - 3 dager siden
Jeez im gonna have nightmares
PeopleBananas - 3 dager siden
The screaming sounds like a teenager
PeopleBananas - 3 dager siden
The eye looks fake
PeopleBananas - 3 dager siden
The gremlins in the vents robbing her
PeopleBananas - 3 dager siden
It’s a summoning
Just a random Person
Just a random Person - 3 dager siden
Lauren my lights in my room right now are purple just for this
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller - 3 dager siden
Me: I’m leaving
Abby Royale
Abby Royale - 3 dager siden
This was uhm, posted? On my birthday!!!!
Rachael Morris
Rachael Morris - 3 dager siden
The chain thing happend when was a baby
Rachael Morris
Rachael Morris - 3 dager siden
FaairyAnimaations - 4 dager siden
That necklace makes you look pretty. 😀 (I never coment on people’s outfit’s but I noticed da necklace)
Rafael Villegas
Rafael Villegas - 4 dager siden
Yashira Batista
Yashira Batista - 4 dager siden
My name is. yariexis
Yashira Batista
Yashira Batista - 4 dager siden
Caspercat101 - 4 dager siden
is it just me or does anyone else think the one in a field with someone yelling HELP ME was kids playing
Caspercat101 - 4 dager siden
btw I guessed that because I've done that with my friends and yelled for help🤣🤣
Blueberry Muffins
Blueberry Muffins - 4 dager siden
I’m doing this at 9in the morning 😀 pray for me
StrawberryBunny - 4 dager siden
Why de person looking at baby?
Chrysa S
Chrysa S - 4 dager siden
I love Charli d'amelio and Laurenszide.
Makayla Atcheson
Makayla Atcheson - 4 dager siden
not a good idea to watch this in my living room at 5 am.... i moved to my room and locked the door
R 776
R 776 - 4 dager siden
If you don’t know me I’m a kid
Malik Demirel
Malik Demirel - 4 dager siden
The red door yellow door game is sooooooooooo real i know that because that happend to my friend
Duaa Shahzad
Duaa Shahzad - 4 dager siden
Love u