DO NOT Watch These Lost VHS Tapes ...They're Actually HAUNTED

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I found these Lost VHS Tapes on the Internet & watched them... it was a MISTAKE. They're definitely CURSED or HAUNTED... Do Not Watch!
DO NOT Download These CUTE Games ...They're Actually HAUNTED:
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Runtime: 19:18


Jacqueline Flynn
Jacqueline Flynn - 43 minutter siden
Don't mind me, just hiding in the comments!
Insertusername :p
Insertusername :p - 2 timer siden
12:31 after Lauren has been traumatized
The fire beast UwU
The fire beast UwU - 3 timer siden
Im gona have nightmares to night but i just love laing in fere in my bed
Ruxandra Caval
Ruxandra Caval - 3 timer siden
im not sleeping again im so scared not even to go to the bathroom
Amelie Warneck
Amelie Warneck - 19 timer siden
Haha some of this looks like off-brand FNaF
StickGamer - 20 timer siden
Samurai slice laurensidez like button and subscribe do the same to cory
Lord Darth Vader
Lord Darth Vader - 21 time siden
I love this!!
I mean, it gets a bit creepy but idc
how to train Indian classical for beginners
It was so scary and i was covering my mouth 🤭
Daniele Meyers
Daniele Meyers - 23 timer siden
Look up the names of the deceased that the tape showed.... all reported but no cause of death was explained..
Leila Jackson
Leila Jackson - 23 timer siden
Leila Jackson
Leila Jackson - 23 timer siden
gorly Bobaz
gorly Bobaz - 23 timer siden
Is it bad I laughed am I psycho? Yes? Good
It’s a weirdo Club 54
I searched it up They are real People it’s soooo scary
ice cat / chris afton
ice cat / chris afton - Dag siden
Me, oh hell naw why is this a thing and why I'm I here is not real help wtf help I hate this 😳😳😳😭😭😭😳😭😳😭
Awesxme_Aesthetxcs - Dag siden
*Jessii Vee has entered the chat*
Katz23 ꧂
Katz23 ꧂ - 19 timer siden
• i s w e a r i m n o r m a l •
When she was asking if those people were real i looked it up and they’re all real people the fact that they died the same year is a bit sus
Tommie Griffiths
Tommie Griffiths - Dag siden
On the ice cream one is just me when the black figure was braking it’s neck I was doing it’s movements with my neck 😂😂😂
Jade Ross
Jade Ross - Dag siden
It is 10:17 at night and... I’m going to get nightmares so.... I also might die.....GOODBYE YALL😂
Judy Chen
Judy Chen - Dag siden
4:19 4:20 10:29 10:30 14:50 17:51 17:52
Gacha Kore
Gacha Kore - Dag siden
I'm hiding in the comments who's comin with me? I know I watched this again
Da_gacha Lgbtq_person
Da_gacha Lgbtq_person - Dag siden
You know what's weird about me, when I watched all the series of the lost vhs tapes, I got scared. BUT THEN, I saw fanarts of them and I was like: O////O (I SWEAR, I DON'T WANT TO SIMP ON OF THEM!)
Natalie Lopez
Natalie Lopez - Dag siden
I’m watching this while I’m sick in bed.....

Then I get goosebumps, because I’m home alone, and I have a huge headache
That person that trys to make a animation
I almost had a heart attack watching the icecream man one i can barely breathe after watching that
Gacha_Kenzie UwU
Gacha_Kenzie UwU - 2 dager siden
Henry the puppet looks like bb and the puppets child (bb and puppets from fnaf btw) UwU
Johnny Aleman
Johnny Aleman - 2 dager siden
My sister see the dummy’s and wah
Xx_LeahX - 2 dager siden
In the first vid its just siren head tryin to make friends with some umm things
enter here
enter here - 2 dager siden
dude my legs are literally shaking!.....
Tierra Littlejohn
Tierra Littlejohn - 2 dager siden
Warning the devil is on this video on 4:29 but if u love God don't watch it UwU
SweetMintll - 3 dager siden
I am hiding in the comments
If you are reading this, you have found me :3
Don't tell those creeps where I am 😳
vanko gaming
vanko gaming - 3 dager siden
Does anyone love when Lauren suffers/Lauren suffering
vanko gaming
vanko gaming - 3 dager siden
Wait I think she’s pregnant in this part in this video right?
Ava Keelor
Ava Keelor - 3 dager siden
I’m crying I’m terrified help me stop crying say something nice to me please
Gwendolina Sandoval
Gwendolina Sandoval - 3 dager siden
When I watched the Are_Y0u_happY one my brother showed me it yesterday and I was laughing and smiling at it like a psycho path for some.... Reason I dont know why.... 🤔
꧁Weird Boi Hours꧂
꧁Weird Boi Hours꧂ - 3 dager siden
Okay I started watching this, the internet went wonky, then youtube crashed and my tablet wouldn't respond... Turned it off and back on again, everything was fine. Scared me quite a bit, not gonna lie.
ShannaCistulli - 3 dager siden
Great! All of my fears are in this video :) **cringe 🥲**
Bxblytony - 3 dager siden
Am I the only one who likes it?!
Smilr Fytbhbhgbj
Smilr Fytbhbhgbj - 3 dager siden
I get dhmis vibes from this
shadow reacts
shadow reacts - 3 dager siden
A man dressed in red with ice cream cones on his head is the red thing you he is describing the red demon the best way a child can
Susie •Soul of chica•
Susie •Soul of chica• - 3 dager siden
i looked at the one that said "two front teeth" and at the end the baby died which is just, wrong
Sumeyye Keles
Sumeyye Keles - 3 dager siden
Kill me in my sleep
A Name
A Name - 4 dager siden
My comfort oc: *why do you do this*
My feelings: you are insane
My imagination: I'm gonna have nightmares
My brain: *yessss dead dog*
C0ldCr00k - 4 dager siden
I feel haunted
artic wolf
artic wolf - 4 dager siden
Are you happy? Oh oh ho ho I'm not happy
artic wolf
artic wolf - 4 dager siden
I never.get scared but this oh heck no
Glamrock Lily
Glamrock Lily - 4 dager siden
Me get my push and eat food and drink 🥤
XxAsriel CookiexX
XxAsriel CookiexX - 4 dager siden
i shit you not corys video was right next to urs
952shadowman - 4 dager siden
Are you a Duke or a Dimwit? Does anyone get that reference or see what I mean?
Pauline Talipan
Pauline Talipan - 4 dager siden
These animations look like stuff from Popee-
DEE_MHA 2010
DEE_MHA 2010 - 4 dager siden
This is how many time Lauren said what the hell
PastelPoop Plays
PastelPoop Plays - 4 dager siden
Welcome to the safety comments store!
We have:
A block of cheese
Holy water
And food!
Like for them all!
Avery Satter
Avery Satter - 5 dager siden
I’m goimg on full screen wish me luck🤞
ItsJtinePlays Sss
ItsJtinePlays Sss - 5 dager siden
4:23 Me: -eats and dricks coke-

-jump scare comes-

-coke spills-

Tales of Forgotten spirits official channel
The funny part is that I have that hallway in my house
BREAD Galaxy
BREAD Galaxy - 5 dager siden
Hi again people I have food again and other stuff
Ok this time Lauren didn’t find the bread but here:🥖🥖🥖🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🥖🥖
Wait... ⚫️👄⚫️ ohhhh godddddddd *kills the monster*
•berribun• - 5 dager siden
me be like: oh hell naHHhHHH
A I K O - 5 dager siden

A I K O - 5 dager siden
Im scared
Brian Paul
Brian Paul - 5 dager siden
Lauren: “I HATE CREEPY CLOWN” me” Who doesn’t”
Clover Hallow
Clover Hallow - 5 dager siden
You say not to watch it and then you get 1,0000000000000 of views of people watching it ;-;
Mandy Jones
Mandy Jones - 6 dager siden
Ok that second video's end made me CRY. I'm not lying.
Mikan Tsumiki
Mikan Tsumiki - 6 dager siden
The toy maker reminds me of popee the performer
wolfy fna_f
wolfy fna_f - 6 dager siden
You should watch fnaf vhs tapes
Em E
Em E - 6 dager siden
What have I done to my self!
Marley Isobel
Marley Isobel - 6 dager siden
Me: dose not read the title
Also me: red background must be spooky
Lauren: oh yeah red background spooks time
zakery whitney
zakery whitney - 6 dager siden
lolse gray
lolse gray - 6 dager siden
More mooooooore
Felix TheCat
Felix TheCat - 7 dager siden
my daddy loves me, he loves me so, even if, he beats me though, my daddy loves me, i shall not cry, or else there¨l l be, a knife in my eye, my daddy loves me, i am a good boy, can i have a toy? no, GoOd nIgHt GoOd NiGhT gOoD NiGhT gOoD nIgHt-
Felix TheCat
Felix TheCat - 7 dager siden
idk why i made this~
Haha What?
Haha What? - 7 dager siden
Yes its real people lauren
Violet Buchholz
Violet Buchholz - 7 dager siden
plz help me :0
Jean christelle
Jean christelle - 7 dager siden
If u pause at 7:17 And look at the dog thing it has one eye
random skylar
random skylar - 7 dager siden
This made me throw my phone😂
Frances Millwood
Frances Millwood - 7 dager siden
My anxiety: dont do it
My panic attacks: dont do it
My autophobia: dont do it
My stress induced tics: girl dont do it
My brain: im just thinking about im not going to-

Me: i did it
mizuko the cat
mizuko the cat - 7 dager siden
Me watching this at night

Me: ... yep im safe
Z Wolfie
Z Wolfie - 7 dager siden
Is it me or Marcus looks like Chris afton-
Alexa Y
Alexa Y - 7 dager siden
The children are real! Google their names
Z Wolfie
Z Wolfie - 7 dager siden
Alexa Y
Alexa Y - 7 dager siden
The first one reminds me of fnaf lol
Edit- the bunny in the second one is Bonnie I
Alexa Y
Alexa Y - 7 dager siden
Every time I watch a creepy video I have this creepy feeling like someone is watching me from behind, INFRONT of me where I don’t see, or behind me on my aholder
That person that trys to make a animation
4:52 Lyrics" My daddy loves me he loves me so even if he beats me though my daddy loves me i shall not cry or else there'll be a knife in my eye my daddy loves me i am a good boy can i have a toy no" There if anyone wants to know
BISEXUAL BEAN - 7 dager siden
Great now I have new nightmares thanks lauren
Lillian Ravenscraft
Lillian Ravenscraft - 7 dager siden
Plot twist...siren head IS the doll
Martha Ignatiadis
Martha Ignatiadis - 7 dager siden
Play little nite mars
andrew willson
andrew willson - 7 dager siden
That’s my ancestor Amy Willson
•Rxsviie• - 8 dager siden
the first time i watched this i had nightmares and i couldent stop thinking abt it.
AHEHEHEHEHDH- ima die tonight.
oh and who else is watching all of laurens old videos?
Addison Williams
Addison Williams - 8 dager siden
Omg when i saw the jack in the box oh god
petrina silke/joyce
petrina silke/joyce - 8 dager siden
Welcome to our mental rehabilitation session
Wayne Zapata
Wayne Zapata - 8 dager siden
Im gonna have horrible nightmares tonight. T- T
Wayne Zapata
Wayne Zapata - 8 dager siden
Holy these tapes are horrible-
lili fox
lili fox - 8 dager siden
I- can sleep anymore..
Chlo quinn
Chlo quinn - 8 dager siden
no other youtuber:
lauren:*promotes another youtuber* Oh yeah coryxkenshin
also he has 8 mil and u have 5 mil like do u want him to be better than u
MilkDud ??
MilkDud ?? - 8 dager siden
I live this video, I watched this and the mydoll video twice each today. More?
Amber Contini
Amber Contini - 8 dager siden
To me the creepiest part is when he's like "my daddy loves me. I shall not cry. Or else they'll be a knife in my eye. "
Natalie Bell
Natalie Bell - 8 dager siden
I'm guessing the "Toy maker" Killed them and turned them into dolls I'm guessing,
Café cum Leite
Café cum Leite - 8 dager siden
My paranoia: don't watch it, that will come for u
My fear of puppets: Don't do it
The coward me: don't watch it
Me, a person who like torturing herself with creepy thing: let's watch it :D
Maya Shionis
Maya Shionis - 8 dager siden
your poor soul
Jojo Rabeaah
Jojo Rabeaah - 8 dager siden
Puppet: hi
Lauren: ew I hate it
BalloraGaming GachaGirl
BalloraGaming GachaGirl - 9 dager siden
Lauren: *Panik*
Me who's faced many childhood traumas: *unfazed* iz nice
Forever Mystified
Forever Mystified - 9 dager siden
The toy maker sounds like alastor from hazbin hotel.
Johanna Robles
Johanna Robles - 9 dager siden
Ya he kinda does 🥴
B x n n y W u x n y
B x n n y W u x n y - 9 dager siden
9:33 that bunny is all the creepypastas,nightmares and worries in the world O•O
B x n n y W u x n y
B x n n y W u x n y - 9 dager siden
9:02 my nightmares 14:11
B x n n y W u x n y
B x n n y W u x n y - 9 dager siden
No one:
No one litrally no one:
Dummy: 4:57
No one:😪😪😥😣😫😫
No one litrally no one:😓😓😥😥😫😫😪😪😢😔😲😖