DO NOT Visit These Animal Crossing Islands ... They're HAUNTED

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Today I visited a bunch of Animal Crossing dream addresses to islands I was told NOT to visit because they're HAUNTED. I visited the famous Aika Village creepypasta island, Hitokui Village & the Ghibli 6th Station.
DO NOT Download These CUTE Games ...They're Actually HAUNTED:
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THESE APPS... They're Haunted #3:
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Runtime: 18:32


Keira Sweet-Brown
Keira Sweet-Brown - Time siden
When I went in this I was excited because Muffy (the goat/sheep) was there cuz she's on my island and it made me more comfortable on 1 and 3
Lisa Cock
Lisa Cock - Time siden
Or they are turning into frogs
Lisa Cock
Lisa Cock - Time siden
Kayla B
Kayla B - 2 timer siden
Her character reminds me of ballora from fnaf sister location XD
Tristan laveau
Tristan laveau - 4 timer siden
The cide are DA 1182 7179 4326
Oliver Nobuta
Oliver Nobuta - 4 timer siden
pls tell me how to summon a demon-
Cocoa n Christmas
Cocoa n Christmas - 13 timer siden
hey im here to change my theory a lil
So there was this family and their life was going perfect until her family go the little girl a new doll. But something seemed off. A week after she got the doll she started to stay in her room more. There was this one night where her parents were at work until they got home. The house was super messy. They didnt know why so they went to her daughters room to ask her. But they were horrified that the doll was floating. They didnt see her so they locked the doll in the basement. they were too fed up with it. little did they know, that was actually her daughter. Possesing the doll. And there she stays, locked up in the basement.
Eva playz gacha
Eva playz gacha - 16 timer siden
7:06 so I translated this with google and got a strange result it said “Is it so much fun for people?” 4:50 i also found out her name is aika and I translated that and i got “i love mom” edit: ok so 5:18 that persons name is no.34 experiment
And um- i got “next. Make a centipede”.... what?
Arctic Foxie
Arctic Foxie - Dag siden
Me: My dog is named Aika!

Me: slowly turns head and looks at the dog.

Aika: what do you want, owner? Is that not normal?
Gracie The taco
Gracie The taco - Dag siden
I went to the first island so far and I try to go in the stores and it says “ Due to unusual circumstances, we will be closed today” and I was like 😰😱😨😥
Amelie Warneck
Amelie Warneck - Dag siden
Lauren: "Eghh what are these demons?!"
Lauren, those 'demons' are spider crabs.
elli and shadow
elli and shadow - Dag siden
I once had a dream of a villager trying to kill me


ryan logan
ryan logan - Dag siden
Ppl who r watching this in 2022,
Please tell me its a good year with corona virus cure
Noelle jean
Noelle jean - 2 dager siden
I'm dead on the
aso - 2 dager siden
Are you in the year 3009 anyone
Nathan Z
Nathan Z - 2 dager siden
Fun fact its just a japanese spider crab thats why they have long legs
Margarita Hernandez
Margarita Hernandez - 2 dager siden
The nose drip stands for the girl crying and the nose drip is the meaning of her sniffling.
Kitty Chan 555
Kitty Chan 555 - 2 dager siden
Them saying "do you remember" is a reference for chihiro almost forgetting her name and so that was probably a spirit asking if you remember who you were when you were alive
pxsteldxvid - 3 dager siden
I visit these dream islands while watching Lauren so I get less terrified. 😅
Mama Lazyness
Mama Lazyness - 3 dager siden
When I click this video, the first thing I saw is animal crossing ad xD
John and so on
John and so on - 3 dager siden
The Aika she visited isn't that scary, it's more a weird mess.
And the 6th station has a whole movie on YouTube where it shows the story, it's amazing!
Lauren Cringyside
Lauren Cringyside - 3 dager siden
Holy water
brooklynn's life of fun
brooklynn's life of fun - 3 dager siden
when you said "if you leave a digital like you will save souls look it up" and i did look it up :>
brooklynn's life of fun
brooklynn's life of fun - 3 dager siden
the first islands name was in japanese or chinese
Cara Stambush
Cara Stambush - 3 dager siden
“Oh my god...EWWWWW I HATE IT!”
Me gets ad that is simply piano.
Gacha life_sage
Gacha life_sage - 3 dager siden
Maybe the pictures are supposed to represent how she always feels alone even though she has a whole family but she still feels alonecuz the first pain was her alone but the second one was her and her family that's just my theory
Brandon Sanchez
Brandon Sanchez - 3 dager siden
7 yrs old: Im scared... I thought this was a normal place... but ITS SCARY
Madakat123 - 4 dager siden
Hello! I just got animal crossing and was wondering, how do you go to a persons specific island?
·Spooda Motha·
·Spooda Motha· - 4 dager siden
She subbed to cory!-
Tracy Hand
Tracy Hand - 4 dager siden
they are spider crads
Chris Spanoudis
Chris Spanoudis - 4 dager siden
Samantha The Ninetailed Føx
Ok nevermind I should've listened. This island send me running to my bed. The top floor sent me out
Ava Keelor
Ava Keelor - 3 dager siden
beckmant72 - 4 dager siden
Truth: the first house is what her life used to be. The second house is when aika goes insane. In the end when she runs away and kills herself
Farish Forever
Farish Forever - 2 dager siden
Yes. But if u go to the ocean and see shoes it means she killed herself in the ocean. In Japan you have to put your shoes where are u killing ur self
Sarah Silla
Sarah Silla - 4 dager siden
Happy bday demon lauren
Krystle - 4 dager siden
I wrote all the dream codes down and tried all of dem ;-;
LPS sweety
LPS sweety - 4 dager siden
You say everything's haunted
Jenni.Rob.Lizzie A
Jenni.Rob.Lizzie A - 4 dager siden
Stephanie Heter Pollock
Stephanie Heter Pollock - 4 dager siden
LOL I’m so poor I only have animal crossing pocket camp
Alphawolfqueen _6138
Alphawolfqueen _6138 - 4 dager siden
Who else has the ugly grey frog ? 🤮 I hate him
Lennon Rinker
Lennon Rinker - 4 dager siden
Demon Lauren's birthday should be October 31st
Ponie3 Plays
Ponie3 Plays - 4 dager siden
Pitfall seeds are the best 🤣🤣🤣
Louie Pitlo
Louie Pitlo - 5 dager siden
*Demon lauren*
**Demon lauren is scared of demons**
Master Daley
Master Daley - 5 dager siden
Me:-starts to have coralline references-
Ø6 - 5 dager siden
I went to one alika? Town its scary ish I stole something
Byron Hernandez
Byron Hernandez - 5 dager siden
Long horse
Frida Galindo
Frida Galindo - 5 dager siden
She was shifting to her nightmare
Sushi - 5 dager siden
Roxana Viqar
Roxana Viqar - 5 dager siden
Lauren: Demons!
Crab things: 👁👄👁 we are demons? Yes
9:20 I am watching Spirited Away and Howls Moving Castle
Pepperoni Pizza Lover
Pepperoni Pizza Lover - 5 dager siden
I made fan art my videos are called pepperoni pizza lover pls go to the video that says fan art for Lauren! :D
E.P - 6 dager siden
demon Laurens birthday should be on October (chose any day on October)
isabelle willis
isabelle willis - 6 dager siden
Girl: Do you remember?
Me: tHe ThIrD oF dEcEmBeR
sailorbubble - 6 dager siden
lauren u know the duck it said u look tasty 0-0 i think the duck was trying to eat u well theres now cannibal ducks 0-0
Ellie UwU
Ellie UwU - 6 dager siden
So I went to an island which was the first and I dressed up as Elizabeth Afton for no reason what so ever and it was fun uwu
Cloudy._.Coffee - 6 dager siden
lauren thats long horse ots a horse who is very long and long horses tail is very long
Shadow foxy on fire
Shadow foxy on fire - 6 dager siden
How to I dream in animal Crossing?
Farish Forever
Farish Forever - 2 dager siden
Ummm. You have to go to ur house and sleep in ur bed.
SlytherinShimmer - 6 dager siden
I can’t see any of the comments even though it says there’s so much so I guess I’m the first
hi trump 2020
hi trump 2020 - 6 dager siden
Hahaha not true 😑😑😑😐😑😐
Arisha Critchliu
Arisha Critchliu - 6 dager siden
if only Lauren could've read what they were saying when she was there...
TheGibbette - 6 dager siden
Can I know you’re dream address I really want to know it I love your channel Lauren
Purple Crewmate Vegan Squad
Purple Crewmate Vegan Squad - 6 dager siden
Aika Villiage is now called a japanese word I can not understand. Because I went there.
Brianna _isTired
Brianna _isTired - 6 dager siden
you pronounce studio Ghibli wrong it’s pronounced studio jibli (I’m a huge fan)
lnxely _vibes
lnxely _vibes - 6 dager siden
The *'Do not'* in the title:
Baby,I'm not even here...I'm a hallucination
Charlotte Eden
Charlotte Eden - 7 dager siden
Shooketh Elmo
Shooketh Elmo - 7 dager siden
6:55 how I want my wedding to be like 😌
Joe Friars
Joe Friars - 7 dager siden
Cuxoi - 7 dager siden
Can you friend me on the switch?
N e g a t i v i t y
N e g a t i v i t y - 7 dager siden
..Ok so, Lauren Aika village the first house is how she thought it was that doll was Aika's doll she was pretending to be nice happy and cute Story:

Aika was a single child. Her mother and father had fights often, and Aika was scared for their relationship.
Her life was very different then how she though it was (first house) (Second house was how it actually was)
One day, Aika's mother gave her a Doll. Aika loved the doll, and would always be near it, or have it in hand.

But the Doll hated Aika's family. The Doll was jealous of Aika's mother and father because they got more attention.

The Doll spoke to Aika sometimes, telling her things only they could understand, as the parents were oblivious to it.

The Doll, one day, slaughtered Aika's mother and father. Aika was in tears. But her Doll knew that it would get more attention since Aika has nobody. The Doll eventually took over Aika, and Aika had forgotten about her mother and father.

One of the rooms in one of the houses in the Village represent Aika trying to run away from her troubles. Another room represented voices speaking to Aika, the room making an eerie sound getting louder as you get close to it.

Another room has a party scene, with Aika's Doll bearing an Axe, hiding it so it'd be unseen. This represents the Doll pretending to be lovable and sweet.

If you go to the beach in the Village, there will be red shoes on the shore, representing that Aika attempted suicide.

Aika lives by herself now, with her Doll always by her side.
N e g a t i v i t y
N e g a t i v i t y - 7 dager siden
(Found on Wiki tell me anything I need to know) This comment was not made for seriousness it was just for the spooks 👻
I love Varian
I love Varian - 7 dager siden
Do you remember the 27th Of December
I love Varian
I love Varian - 7 dager siden
9:58 teenage mutant killer Turtles
Daisy Herrick
Daisy Herrick - 7 dager siden
iam gabrial
iam gabrial - 7 dager siden
Japanese spider crabs are the things
Emmalyn Hooten
Emmalyn Hooten - 7 dager siden
i think i went to the Ghibli 6th Station once
Tom Meyer
Tom Meyer - 7 dager siden
How did you even make that face O_O
l e m o n l o v e s
l e m o n l o v e s - 7 dager siden
Lauren: “Don’t sit on the bed nooo”
Her animal crossing character: *but I’m tired*
l e m o n l o v e s
l e m o n l o v e s - 7 dager siden
OCTOCAZ GAMING - 7 dager siden
in the wedding place, that's supposed to be a church, and the basement was a crypt. (I think)
Princess Alliah Perez
Princess Alliah Perez - 7 dager siden
Lauren you see those umbrellas those dead people in and crossing
Eve Ronan
Eve Ronan - 7 dager siden
i did
The Queen Demon
The Queen Demon - 8 dager siden
I have my camera off on my zoom for school and I am watching this and I went to every island

Lauren told me not to so I wanted to, you are my favorite youtuber
Store house
Store house - 8 dager siden
Your bg: purple when said u nightmare bg: turns red me: the hell ×_× oop dont believe me check on start
ALEXANDRA BAHNARU - 8 dager siden
that things with long legs are spider crabs
0922kane - 8 dager siden
The most creepiest villager that said things was the last one the mummy man he said you didn’t escape this land...... he he he
Tania renteria
Tania renteria - 8 dager siden
No u have to say yes creepy yes not no ew 🤮.
・Little Lemon・
・Little Lemon・ - 8 dager siden
Me “ Aight gimme some dream addresses“
Lemonlimetime56 - 8 dager siden
I sleep in the basement
Juliana - 8 dager siden
I think the origin sorry in the girl in the red dress is that she loved her parents and she loved her dad but her mom is always mean to her when her dad wasn't around so then she had enough hills her pet dog killed her mom and her dad and then did herself and now she's like a spirit
Kylie Harnack
Kylie Harnack - 8 dager siden
On The first one I found a house that’s supposed to be her room and it’s just decked out with trophies
Kylie Harnack
Kylie Harnack - 8 dager siden
The first one I dreamed with you !
gd sandstone
gd sandstone - 8 dager siden
Haha you look tasty
Chicken from cannibal island 2020
Glitch - 8 dager siden
I did that to👇
Kitty Queen
Kitty Queen - 8 dager siden
10:14 why do they look like Daron Malakian eyes
Foxy - 9 dager siden
Lauren:what are those demons!?
Me:there spider crabs!And that’s there actual name!
fishy flop original
fishy flop original - 9 dager siden
Lauren every episode: eww i hate it ewww i hate it ewww i hate it
Me: *s a m e*
Isabella Rivera
Isabella Rivera - 9 dager siden
Me: spider crabs, but taller than they should be
Brandy- leigh
Brandy- leigh - 9 dager siden
😨 see umm ;-;
Xx_niko Potato_xX
Xx_niko Potato_xX - 9 dager siden
AVA SEPE - 9 dager siden
AHHHH! Pretend you were in animal crossing,right? AND SOMEONE KIDNAPED YOU TO ONE OF THE ILANDS IN LAURENZSIDES HOUSE!!! I Would try to well...RUN!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣
Kathryn High
Kathryn High - 9 dager siden
Did anybody notice that in the first house she walked to before she went to that weird room with all the objects that there was the outfits of the family like there was the mom’s green dress the girls red dress and like the dad’s blue suit
child friend-shapeshifter From Mando-and vany
I know what the story meant so there was wants a happy family the mom didn’t like her daughter so the little girl tried to perfect
But it didn’t work so the little girl left the house and packed up her things and left so she Make her house(she is a parent)look like her old house
And scribbled out her self and told a message in every room soon she died and she haunts the house 💀
child friend-shapeshifter From Mando-and vany
(She is a parent now*)
Rachel Wohler
Rachel Wohler - 9 dager siden
the first one is explained in a video i forgot the name but i thinitwas the deep meaning toanimal crossing AND ITS SO FREAKY