DO NOT Download These CUTE Games ...They're Actually HAUNTED 3

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Found these 3 Super Cute Free to Download games ...but quickly realized they were actually CREEPY SCARY HAUNTED!! Played Saiko no Sutoka, Egg Friend & a pet shop after dark.
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Runtime: 18:12


delilah paz
delilah paz - 4 timer siden
I have a tamagotchi and I hate it TnT
I keep pressing reset on it to so I never get to use so much . _.
I D.M - Dag siden
"I hatched a demonnn"
Little Bean
Little Bean - Dag siden
reacting this vid at 11:00 pm :)
Ava Simas
Ava Simas - Dag siden
food for hiding in the comments
Khloe Rance
Khloe Rance - Dag siden
omg omg omg omg omg the begining was s-s-ssoooooooooooooo freking skery
Alyssa Horner
Alyssa Horner - Dag siden
Lauren : WOW you set a trap you idiot
Her: *stands there*
Also her: *lets you grab key*
ALSO HER: *murders you after you grab key*
Iwona Raczycka
Iwona Raczycka - Dag siden
2:52 i just droped my food and for a heart attack like my mom Run to my room and sayd OMG IS ALL OK?!!! and im like wach this she saw it and shes like your scared from this? Meh and im like MAM
Madette De venecia
Madette De venecia - Dag siden
Ok I’m scared of the first game that’s gonna be my nightmare 😱😱😱
Green Teaツ
Green Teaツ - 2 dager siden
4:00 that fps is everything
Gacha_playz - 2 dager siden
Umm I played these today and download them 😂you did it with me
Cevanna’s Corner
Cevanna’s Corner - 3 dager siden
Theesee games maey seem cute, But they stalk you

"flash back to nurse luck from gacha
Todorokiキラ・カン - 4 dager siden
This is Senpais perspective when he’s around ayano
Onyx Hebron
Onyx Hebron - 4 dager siden
I’m a kid ;)
WhiteStar Armada
WhiteStar Armada - 5 dager siden
Saiko no Stalkers gotten a huge overhaul now and is 100% cooler, should try it again =3
Bright Star 2110
Bright Star 2110 - 5 dager siden
Gave me a mini heart attack 2:53
Sagine Derilus
Sagine Derilus - 6 dager siden
I am never watching please video ever again I almost had a heart attack
Indianna Dawes
Indianna Dawes - 6 dager siden
The first attack made me literally throw my iPad
Nayzilla Athalia Zelda
Nayzilla Athalia Zelda - 6 dager siden
🍪 on 🥛
Nayzilla Athalia Zelda
Nayzilla Athalia Zelda - 6 dager siden
The blue Griffin 201
The blue Griffin 201 - 7 dager siden
I don’t think they do you know you know you definitely know would kill her son by and less like she’s super crazy and or is a demon
The blue Griffin 201
The blue Griffin 201 - 7 dager siden
This is how every senpai feels when someone is super obsessed with him
•Føx_Ørdønixx• - 8 dager siden
•Føx_Ørdønixx• - 8 dager siden
Saiko no sutoka
Esme Lou
Esme Lou - 9 dager siden
It’s like I just died when she was stabbing you in the game
artsy abby-gaming
artsy abby-gaming - 9 dager siden
I sTilL hAve A tOmoGaCHi
Ace - 9 dager siden
On the next game the girl with the hat is Breaking the fourth wall
Summer Kennedy
Summer Kennedy - 10 dager siden
i know# heart attak like oh my god
Kristi Caylor
Kristi Caylor - 11 dager siden
i was dinking my dr.peper and she came outa NOWHERE i jumped and hit my mouth on the cup lol lamo
Juliana Da Noob
Juliana Da Noob - 11 dager siden
2:54 jumpscare warning
It scared me SO BAD
Ashley Lynn
Ashley Lynn - 11 dager siden
Can’t play the first one have done multiple downloads and just gives me files I have turned pop up blocker off and done everything just tells me there is no application with the download. Finally was able to download on our google tablet through google play
Lilah Varney
Lilah Varney - 11 dager siden
Hi 🙋‍♀️ buyyyuuikjhghhhggg
Lilah Varney
Lilah Varney - 11 dager siden
Lilah Varney
Lilah Varney - 11 dager siden
Love 💗
Lilah Varney
Lilah Varney - 11 dager siden
Demøn Angel
Demøn Angel - 12 dager siden
I'm only here because I'm looking for apps to download. 🤦🏻
Brenna Clark
Brenna Clark - 12 dager siden
Lauren ive watched this vid but i saw that you had covid-19 hope you feel better also your so pretty and i played tomadachi life and my cousin stole your husband because you took saki (saki from yandere sim and shes a boy) then bobby so my cousin took bobby instead
Cookie Lyrics
Cookie Lyrics - 12 dager siden
I love how lauren hates alot of things
She hates the first game, she hates the yellow baby, she hates ellie and baby hazel, she hates working at that store game, ✌✌😂😂
gacha oof
gacha oof - 13 dager siden
you can get a good ending in egg friend but i forgot how to do it
kayla kuromi
kayla kuromi - 13 dager siden
Nargis Sultana
Nargis Sultana - 13 dager siden
2:55 I Got So Scared I Almost Dropped My Phone
cheryl0679 - 14 dager siden
I can't find the link...
Lady Mya
Lady Mya - 14 dager siden
Her thinking that she left. Ok she is gone. cute girl :appears in front of her
Lady Mya
Lady Mya - 14 dager siden
I will never play tat game - 👁👄👁
Starblox plays roblox
Starblox plays roblox - 14 dager siden
Who remembers talking Angela and talking Tom creepy
Monica_4ever - 14 dager siden
What about yandere simulator?
sapna kumari
sapna kumari - 15 dager siden
This game is creepy it all be more fun when it wll be more creepy
lyla burkett
lyla burkett - 16 dager siden
i hate jumpscares omg really lauren u had to do that
School girl Simulator tips and tricks
i just got scard when the pet changed
¿?rookieofficial¿? - 17 dager siden
The voices suit the characters so much 😂😂
Yuki MCXwX
Yuki MCXwX - 17 dager siden
Me scared of death
Cadence DiFiore
Cadence DiFiore - 17 dager siden
The first game was giving me MAD granny vibes
megan hutchens
megan hutchens - 18 dager siden
I felt like I died those Jump scares on the first game
robloxian rex rexthecat213
robloxian rex rexthecat213 - 18 dager siden
Ahem."Cute girl? Cute girl? Cute girl?"
Jun Molon
Jun Molon - 16 dager siden
Lucy Myers
Lucy Myers - 18 dager siden
Lauren: did she steal my heart!?
Main character: fades a way.
Me: Lauren, i think she took your soul.
Eri Chan
Eri Chan - 19 dager siden
Omg I just scream outside and my friends like:Are you okay?
Alexis Steffey
Alexis Steffey - 19 dager siden
Lauren : Hello cute girl?

Bobby in the other room : I married a crazy woman
Raquelnayares nayares
Raquelnayares nayares - 20 dager siden
Why is she murdering you if she loves you
Victoria Chuchon
Victoria Chuchon - 20 dager siden
im a kid and i cried so hard my mom herd
GachaWolf xyi
GachaWolf xyi - 20 dager siden
The first game is literally yandere simulator from senpai's view
Leila Edde Feghaly
Leila Edde Feghaly - 20 dager siden
Thanks for the nightmares
Chhaya Thacker
Chhaya Thacker - 20 dager siden
2:53 just had a mini heart attack
Urshita Anupam Triwedi
Urshita Anupam Triwedi - 21 dag siden
and played it myself... I got shivers
Urshita Anupam Triwedi
Urshita Anupam Triwedi - 21 dag siden
hey lauren you should put a game called the diner to these cute haunted games trust me I watched kassie's video on it
Urshita Anupam Triwedi
Urshita Anupam Triwedi - 21 dag siden
I want the lights game but I can't find it... I wanna play it myself
Aubrie Williams
Aubrie Williams - 22 dager siden
fdont do that i gonna be scard for my party for life!!
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan - 22 dager siden
Everybody who watch this video and laughed so hard they died👉
Queen Mara-Luna
Queen Mara-Luna - 22 dager siden
Lauren: perfect, you idiot! Yay!
Queen Mara-Luna
Queen Mara-Luna - 22 dager siden
Ok, warning,
2:54 has a horrifying jumpscare!
Queen Mara-Luna
Queen Mara-Luna - 22 dager siden
"She wants to show you how much she loves you. BY MUDERING YOU."
LaurenZside. 2020

"I had multiple stabs but I'm ok!"
LaureZside, 2020
Tuzo pamokos
Tuzo pamokos - 22 dager siden
Lauren: ~hides behind the door~
the girl: hmm i saw her come here but she's gone is she teleporting?
Leah McKee
Leah McKee - 24 dager siden
Seen this before going back to rewatch it. With the anime girl one I was holding my lapttop and almost dropped it when Lauren turned with the anime girl right behind her. LMAO About 3 min into the vid if ya want to know
CandiedApplez - 25 dager siden
The code was, when I played, and if I remember correctly, 6308? I played this MONTHS ago, so I'm not quite sure!
CandiedApplez - 25 dager siden
The code for Seiko yu soika?
Cute Mangle
Cute Mangle - 25 dager siden
I love this game
Amy Gardner
Amy Gardner - 25 dager siden
GalaxySisters -TheRealGalalxy

Lauren - Ugly!

Yandere - *cries*
GalaxySisters -TheRealGalalxy
I feel bad for you lauren.
Allyson Ashcraft
Allyson Ashcraft - 25 dager siden
It has been 12 days sence Laurens birthday subscribe if your new or else she is gonna come for you leave like before you go put a comment below YEAHH
gail donovan
gail donovan - 25 dager siden
gail donovan
gail donovan - 25 dager siden
I usally love anieme but this is scary
Ruby - 25 dager siden
My cousin in a call with: 0:59
Me:-_- I just want the roblox code
Peytne Equestrian
Peytne Equestrian - 26 dager siden
Lauren you NEED to try talking Tom and friends it has all the creepy cats including a weird dog and a bunny...I’m to terrified to open the app after your reveiw on the others
wolfie cakes gacha
wolfie cakes gacha - 26 dager siden
lauren the numbers where on the keys
Dominick Jones
Dominick Jones - 27 dager siden
omg that scared me so bad *2:53*
lovey lover
lovey lover - 27 dager siden
Me right before the third $tab in the first attempt before she d!ed I was like I will not jump back and be a scaredy cat and get scared then Lauren had to look back and when she got $tabbed I jumped back and got scared.
Jake Swanson
Jake Swanson - 27 dager siden
Lauren: oh in oh on oh no oh no oh no. Demon baby: * crashes the game
Jake Swanson
Jake Swanson - 27 dager siden
The first one is so flipping scary
Diamondo Sparkle
Diamondo Sparkle - 27 dager siden
Lauren:i hate this girl!
The girl: :''(
Samantha Gaulton
Samantha Gaulton - 27 dager siden
Please play sally face
Tiffanie Cathalea Bernas
Tiffanie Cathalea Bernas - 27 dager siden
The first one is Yan-chan's sister. She wasn't just got put in yandere simulator. and as you can see she is also a yandere like ayano (yan-chan). Idk how she and ayano were born yanderes lol
Kaitosimp - 28 dager siden
2:05 that’s just off brand Akane Owari
Korunx - 28 dager siden
XxCookie_ DoughxX
XxCookie_ DoughxX - 28 dager siden
Me: sees DO NOT in title
Kid Matters4
Kid Matters4 - 28 dager siden
the 3rd one 'job job job' 'what?' 'do you want the job' 'yes?' 'good!'
Jamie bridges
Jamie bridges - 28 dager siden
Win the girl poped owt she scared me ☠️
david varazashvili
david varazashvili - 28 dager siden
the first game really seemed cute tho

*sarcasm intensifies*
Peet van Rooyen
Peet van Rooyen - 29 dager siden
Omg i had a hard attack
Lyn Lyn
Lyn Lyn - 29 dager siden
Lyn Lyn
Lyn Lyn - 29 dager siden
What ummmm coolllll? Ummmmm
Kennedy Taylor
Kennedy Taylor - Måned siden
That jump scare
Desislava Hadzhidimitrova
Desislava Hadzhidimitrova - Måned siden
Jana Hatem
Jana Hatem - Måned siden
Wtf I was watching the intro in the bathroom LAURAN 🚽😂😂😅