3 SCARIEST Stories in Gacha Life w/ Yammy

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Reacting to MORE of the SCARIEST Stories & Urban Legends recreated in Gacha Life, Gachaverse, or Gacha Studio story but this time it's with YAMMY!
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3 SCARIEST Japanese URBAN LEGENDS in Gacha Life w/ Yammy
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Dat1Bad NightmareWolfie
Dat1Bad NightmareWolfie - 7 timer siden
the room changed so it looked like it was dark
Sarah Nichols
Sarah Nichols - 10 timer siden
Yammy made it alive!yay!
cloey elizabeth
cloey elizabeth - 10 timer siden
Dude what if you were sleeping WTF DUDE
Parul Dhawan
Parul Dhawan - 19 timer siden
yammy: don't smile in 2020
lauren: smiles
me: lauren nooooooo
lalixam - 20 timer siden
At the first one.
Me: *sitting on my bed *
Also me: NOPE, I'm out of here.
hiroshi john musni
hiroshi john musni - 23 timer siden
8:18 Did anyone see Yammy’s room? there is look like ariana grande picture frame in right is she fan of ariana grande smash like if you see it
Also LarurenZside video!
Kit Makarit Vlogs
Kit Makarit Vlogs - Dag siden
lauren mentioning the philipines once:
people qho live in the philipines or pilipinos/nas: *I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED*
KxwaiiFxrever !
KxwaiiFxrever ! - Dag siden
Yammy:No smiling
Lauren:*smiles right after*
Shannon McMichael
Shannon McMichael - Dag siden
: lauren and yammy say i told you to smile :

: then suddenly jeff the killer appears :
DragonWings - Dag siden
I think the brother was the smile demon thing
Scott Poston
Scott Poston - Dag siden
Nightmare Afton Gacha
Nightmare Afton Gacha - Dag siden
Can you guys watch The Spirt from the Oujia Board by Oceanwolf Claw?
ItzFrisky _Angel
ItzFrisky _Angel - Dag siden
OooOOooOOh the philippines urban leeegeeends are cewl UvU
Easy_as_ pie
Easy_as_ pie - 2 dager siden
My right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me my right eye is staring at me
Khloe Toler
Khloe Toler - 2 dager siden
We will Try
tiegan huxtable
tiegan huxtable - 2 dager siden
AND ITS 2021!
tiegan huxtable
tiegan huxtable - 2 dager siden
tiegan huxtable
tiegan huxtable - 2 dager siden
I hate scarey stuf😭😭😭😭!

And I love you💓
Coconut OwO
Coconut OwO - 2 dager siden
Me being so scared after i heard "filipine/filipino story" welp thats why i hate hospitals
Yasmine Mist
Yasmine Mist - 3 dager siden
Me farting: smile guy screaming like AaAah
lily wallace
lily wallace - 3 dager siden
PFFFFFF!!!! AH! 🤣😂
pixie_ twist
pixie_ twist - 3 dager siden
The one she did with Tammy with Gacha urban legends tho- I was scared of cracks between things for months after
Daniel Rosalez
Daniel Rosalez - 3 dager siden
I’m scared
Half Marco *99 years ago*
Half Marco *99 years ago* - 3 dager siden
This story is originally from roblox the first one "Smile"
Kimba The Caracal
Kimba The Caracal - 3 dager siden
My toast popped as soon as the monster came out from under the bed and now I'm terrified
yxviss manriquezz
yxviss manriquezz - 3 dager siden
ahh i stayd away of my bedof the told you to smile
Despair Mikkī
Despair Mikkī - 3 dager siden
I’ve heard of the second one
Klára Mrázová
Klára Mrázová - 3 dager siden
Ummm... Did anyone else thought about this? If they are supposed to be on the picture together... who took the pictures then? Who was behind the camera?

And also, am I the only one that gets the feeling that the neighbour is gay?
Kelsey Miller
Kelsey Miller - 4 dager siden
Smile I told you to smile I would smile no joke
Danger_Claire - 4 dager siden
“Yammy is a bish”
Lucas Harvey
Lucas Harvey - 4 dager siden
Wait my name is lu- holy s**t am I going to be erased from existence!?
Waffle Gang
Waffle Gang - 4 dager siden
Never using the elevator again
•Ãriã & Brüñëët •
•Ãriã & Brüñëët • - 4 dager siden
Yammy & Lauren: nothing
Me: no one’s going to notice that his phone says Monday, March 16 *2026* 😂
Lola Wilson
Lola Wilson - 4 dager siden
The first was the worst EHHHHHH
Caitlin Houston
Caitlin Houston - 4 dager siden
The posted this the day after my birthday
Ellie Hitchcock
Ellie Hitchcock - 4 dager siden
yay yammy
Madi London
Madi London - 4 dager siden
Watching this at 3 am makes me wanna cry and not get up so that the man doesn’t take me from under the bed ._. im scared
Valeria Munoz
Valeria Munoz - 5 dager siden
Yummy cool
R Sp
R Sp - 5 dager siden
He has a brother
raynesa gilliam
raynesa gilliam - 5 dager siden
Eve Hill
Eve Hill - 6 dager siden
Yes Lauren, when I see a crazy man running twords me at night with a night, I just go ahead and assume, "oh, he's probably just a chef!".
Princess Jianna
Princess Jianna - 6 dager siden

*Im not sleeping tonight* 😂
Aubrey Lackey
Aubrey Lackey - 6 dager siden
you guys have matching hair
Stephanie Wilde
Stephanie Wilde - 6 dager siden
Tammy's face on the first one is how I feel rn
Rushda Zaman
Rushda Zaman - 6 dager siden
8:11 Lauren: Laughing
Elizabeth Rose Zheng
Elizabeth Rose Zheng - 7 dager siden
I I think that’s a horror movie :#
Blue Wolfy
Blue Wolfy - 7 dager siden
I made it me self
Amy G
Amy G - 7 dager siden
Nothing can hide under my bed because it’s a wall bed 😃
Amy G
Amy G - 7 dager siden
Anyone else got mentalist vibes?
Red John smiley faces?
Amy G
Amy G - 7 dager siden
I was sHoOkEtH
Paridot the loveble paridot AND GREAT
what i assume happened to his brother is: (WAIT WAIT WAIT FIRST LOOK CLOSELY TO THE BROTHERS MOUTH THE SMILE WAS DRAWN!!!! now back to the back story):circus baby came and ripped his heart with the claw in her chest...

i cry :{ lol . .
Aimee Juarez
Aimee Juarez - 8 dager siden
and... a got an add that was about a s smile ...
Aimee Juarez
Aimee Juarez - 8 dager siden
ShuichiSimp -
ShuichiSimp - - 8 dager siden
This: *4 months ago* Me: *watching this in 2021 because I still love this channel*
iidxvilii - 8 dager siden
The scariest part bout this...

U didn’t subscribe.
Jesse Blake
Jesse Blake - 9 dager siden
I hate you cuz I couldn’t sleep for 2 or 3 days and I got sick cuz I stayed awake to long
Maira Ditma
Maira Ditma - 9 dager siden
My mom is from fillipins and now that i'm grown up i'm with her
Dru Kinnamon
Dru Kinnamon - 9 dager siden
Tammy used to hate gacha's now she loves them
SpeedGamersInc. - 9 dager siden
I literally know this legend, before ima watch the second legend. I think the doc will say “Don’t let people with the red tags in” creep :3.

After watching it: I was right >:3

Also I think the third legend is where the eye is staring at that gurl (girl) when she looks in the mirror, because I thought that was called “Right Eye” and then the eye has uhh strawberry jam coming out of it.
{ Çolorfull }
{ Çolorfull } - 9 dager siden
I Have covid And i LOVE your Videos
XxItz DonutsxX
XxItz DonutsxX - 9 dager siden
I heard the second story before! A friend of mine told me! And her other friend her mother worked at the hospital! And she also was told to not let people with red tags in... But see never saw anyone tho- So me and my friend just think it’s a rumor- I was terrified when I also heard the story here and I also saw it on tik tok so... 😰🙃
eduvina linares
eduvina linares - 9 dager siden
I have a rule bad smile
Vincent Aaron Manalo
Vincent Aaron Manalo - 9 dager siden
the 1st time i can no longer sleep
Meera Khandelwal
Meera Khandelwal - 10 dager siden
I love their collab
xxkermitt - 11 dager siden
*”no smiling in 2020”*

both of them: continues to smile
Malaya Burks
Malaya Burks - 11 dager siden
Lauren and Yammy at the end of the last mini movie:
Speechless and confused
Me after the end of the last mini movie:
“That makes sense....... right?”
Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas - 12 dager siden
Arianna Ward
Arianna Ward - 12 dager siden
Is the first one “I told you to smile”
Noureen Hosny
Noureen Hosny - 12 dager siden
Lauren you deserve none of those dislike I love you so much!
Parthipan Kamalananthan
Parthipan Kamalananthan - 12 dager siden
Diary: my righ aye is staring at me
Parthipan Kamalananthan
Parthipan Kamalananthan - 12 dager siden
Police: its a diary!?
Parthipan Kamalananthan
Parthipan Kamalananthan - 12 dager siden
Lauran: loking good
Parthipan Kamalananthan
Parthipan Kamalananthan - 12 dager siden
Yammy: best friands for ever
Nothing but a hooman
Nothing but a hooman - 12 dager siden
Is it just me or when the mini movie just started I started freezing
уєσηкι мιη_
уєσηкι мιη_ - 13 dager siden
"Soo Jin"
Evie Jo
Evie Jo - 13 dager siden
Lauren:yeee :D
Me:I’m just like Lauren :D
My mom: is scared
My dad: yuck yuck
My lil brother: WAAAAAAAAH
last me: :D:D I LOVE DIS
Suzzy Maluto
Suzzy Maluto - 13 dager siden
lauren: its a philipine urban legend me who lives in the Philipines: 😅
nikki Tate
nikki Tate - 14 dager siden
I heared of the dead person one..2nd one
Michael Nolan Jr.
Michael Nolan Jr. - 14 dager siden
Michael Nolan Jr.
Michael Nolan Jr. - 14 dager siden
The third one is real I've seen it on my freinds phone
Michael Nolan Jr.
Michael Nolan Jr. - 14 dager siden
I ment second
Adrienne and Kinsley’s channel
The red tags are people who died in the hospital 🏥
Bonnie Brenchley
Bonnie Brenchley - 15 dager siden
Bonnie Brenchley
Bonnie Brenchley - 15 dager siden
lovskozume - 16 dager siden
lauren: “but he’s smiling look at him he’s fine he looks like a great guy! 🥰
yammy: 😀...
Tracy Crawford
Tracy Crawford - 16 dager siden
and the memu g hc to help me
Tracy Crawford
Tracy Crawford - 16 dager siden
do the luni glitch please
Edgar Murillo
Edgar Murillo - 16 dager siden
i watched the first one and i was too afraid to get off my bed-
AVA SEPE - 16 dager siden
Lol. I love your vids. I think your vids are cool,funny and this one....SCARY!!😂😂😂
Brooke, Padilla
Brooke, Padilla - 17 dager siden
I notest the 1st story is named lucus and the 2nt IT WAS NAMED LUCUS
HereahRhyanne Flores
HereahRhyanne Flores - 17 dager siden
Something weird is when the gacha character went to the door MY DOORBELL RANG! AND NO ONE WAS THERE

i know drc
kitty playz
kitty playz - 17 dager siden
The 1st mini movie explained why I jump to bed
James Soe
James Soe - 17 dager siden
The Phantom eye
Vanillabean_gacha - 18 dager siden
I have heard of the 2 rumor. A doctor had just finished a surgery on a patient and she had a red tag. The doctor shut the elevator a fast a possible. The patient didn't get, and the woman was who the doctor was finished do the surgery on. There was a nother woman already in the elevator. She asked why he was being so rude. He told her he finished a surgery on her, and the woman in their smiled and showed him her wrists and the woman with him had..... a red wrist tag too....
Mark Bwihambi
Mark Bwihambi - 18 dager siden
It'sNotNat - 18 dager siden
Lauren: "It's a Philippine urban legend!"
The characters: *are literally white*
Me, a filipino: those are the lightest Filipinos I've every seen-
Bella2692 L
Bella2692 L - 19 dager siden
Hello laurenzide can you watch this gacha horror story called cupcake 🧁 its perfect if you like something scary
2.9d Sam
2.9d Sam - 19 dager siden
Ieva Mezaka
Ieva Mezaka - 19 dager siden
Athena May Lopez
Athena May Lopez - 20 dager siden
Trisha Mongar
Trisha Mongar - 20 dager siden
I wach that