24 HOURS Eating Like A Sim (Gourmet)

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Today I'm Eating as my Sim for 24 HOURS again but this time only gourmet cooking food items from The Sims 4! Including a spinach frittata, a monte cristo, proscuitto wrapped asparagus & the very difficult baked alaska!
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Runtime: 18:22


SOPHIA DICARLO - STUDENT - 9 timer siden
Is Bobby saying the intro?🤣. Des es Lauren
Alana MacNeill
Alana MacNeill - 16 timer siden
You can't ruin something by adding "too much" cheese
Lacey Powell
Lacey Powell - Dag siden
when you said you cold crack an egg my dad can do one hand egg cracking and not get it every ware
K-Starr Haisley
K-Starr Haisley - Dag siden
Lauren: now we’re gonna make desert
Me: wait 3 asparagus was dinner?
Help_me_im_b_o_r_e_d UwU
No Bobby talking like a sim💀
Erin Kadesky
Erin Kadesky - Dag siden
I just realized she never made a dinner option this episode
1B21 Kwok Ching_郭靖
probably just studied the art of gormet for 2 hrs....
Eden Todd
Eden Todd - Dag siden
If u like bread so much u should try my dads bread it soooo nice 👍🏼
Ellie A Milshteyn
Ellie A Milshteyn - 2 dager siden
Has anyone else watched this video like 100 times in the past 5 months? Or is it just me. (If Lauren sees this I will be so happy you cheer me up even when nothing else does)
katherine concio
katherine concio - 2 dager siden
Future Lauren had no idea what she had coming... 🍼👶
Charleigh McIntyre
Charleigh McIntyre - Dag siden
atchally she was preganta here on this vid toooo before she told us
Max Morgan
Max Morgan - 2 dager siden
Herascorner - 2 dager siden
Dexter away from the kitchen:
Dane Streeter
Dane Streeter - 2 dager siden
3 stars out of 5 is 6 out of 10
Mikal Player
Mikal Player - 3 dager siden
It’s a cake ring :unhinges jaw like snek
Gretchen's Island
Gretchen's Island - 3 dager siden
Absolutely nobody:
Not even God:
Not even Lauren's baby:
Lauren: Whole milk? NaUgHtY!
Carin Turner
Carin Turner - 3 dager siden
*hashtag* CHEDER GANG
CHESLEY VASSAR - 4 dager siden
Sims!! 🤩🤩🤩💎💎 (I tried to find a green crystal emoji so I used a diamond)
Madison Mills
Madison Mills - 4 dager siden
lauren's neighbors are probobly like What???????????????????????????
Shi no ko 808
Shi no ko 808 - 4 dager siden
Bakugo eggs😌😊
Sav F
Sav F - 5 dager siden
anyone realize how her birthday powers actually work?
Kayla Smith
Kayla Smith - 6 dager siden
Can you do another episode of Lauren's Sim Kitchen?
Desi Castillo
Desi Castillo - 6 dager siden
Your intro sounds like Scott
Lil poki
Lil poki - 7 dager siden
Me when she pulled her hair out: How dare she you do not want hair in the food!
Inaya Arif
Inaya Arif - 7 dager siden
I SWAER TODAY MY MOM wasS COOKING COOKIES ANd SAID cooking has to be PERFECT zith the indgredientss or it looooks disgustie or tstes disgustie
umrylee e
umrylee e - 7 dager siden
2021 anyone?
Kalai Selvi
Kalai Selvi - 8 dager siden
okayyyyyyy , when she was doing the voice over it KINDA felt like me and 4 other ppl are just there and Laurn was talking to us , JUST US , i wish dat would happen . is it just me , yeah probably is lol
Kalai Selvi
Kalai Selvi - 8 dager siden
Lauren u just showed me that I could be a gourmet chef too!
StickMan Animation MRT studios
Who remembers the burger cake
Ivy Toxic
Ivy Toxic - 8 dager siden
Lauren your being so *CHEESY* HAHAHAHAHA (i need a life..)
Ivy Toxic
Ivy Toxic - 8 dager siden
The comment below me is the best
Sam - 9 dager siden
Oh my god. I love how she’s out here like I hate ham, but then she’s like wow I love this prosciutto. Like prosciutto isn’t just a fancy word for ham 😂
SP Fourie
SP Fourie - 9 dager siden
O my god stop saying goumey sef
Haylee Koss
Haylee Koss - 9 dager siden
I mean just think that’s she’s pregnant during this whole thing.
Vaishnavi Suvendiran
Vaishnavi Suvendiran - 10 dager siden
Doesn’t she hate spicy
(STUDENT)Reagan Smith
(STUDENT)Reagan Smith - 10 dager siden
New best word, NURBLER
(STUDENT)Reagan Smith
(STUDENT)Reagan Smith - 10 dager siden
The translation isnt in the discriptiion TnT
kalela sambolah
kalela sambolah - 10 dager siden
12:15 seeing the ice cream i do not know how to say then me going CRAZY
Emma Bower
Emma Bower - 10 dager siden
Me: she will be a great mom she’s an amazing cook
Animalz Plantz
Animalz Plantz - 11 dager siden
LaurenZSide:first we need breakfast food!
Me:eating Cheerios at 12:AM
Also Me:👁👄👁💅🏼🤧🥺✨
Dil Afrose
Dil Afrose - 10 dager siden
Melkia Williams
Melkia Williams - 11 dager siden
Ben Ellis
Ben Ellis - 11 dager siden
Lauren: we have to fold in the cheese. Me: that reminds me of shitts creek
Fennec luna
Fennec luna - 11 dager siden
dang nobody concerened for lauren's phone getting egg-d...?
Reema Granger
Reema Granger - 13 dager siden
2:42 (dont mind me its for an edit)
Emmalyn Hooten
Emmalyn Hooten - 13 dager siden
Cherrixi - 13 dager siden
This vid was posted on my birthday!
I love you
I love you - 14 dager siden
For the 527 ppl who disliked your not cool. No cool for you.
Crazy Alixen
Crazy Alixen - 14 dager siden
Even me with the iq of a paper clip can crack an egg 😂
The Dank Animal Kingdom
The Dank Animal Kingdom - 14 dager siden
I have never made a fratata in my life
The Dank Animal Kingdom
The Dank Animal Kingdom - 14 dager siden
I wanted to do this but my sim wanted to eat spiders
ravenclaw ;3;
ravenclaw ;3; - 14 dager siden
why is dexter a boy version of my dog
Crafter4Eva - 15 dager siden
Lauren- "Once again I eyed it, and we know how well that's worked so far"
That's how you know she's gourmet!
Jay Robinson
Jay Robinson - 15 dager siden
Lmao you needed to whip the merengue more😂
Erik Theresa Nermo
Erik Theresa Nermo - 15 dager siden
"Whole milk..."
"Naughtyyy~ ~laughs~
Kariss Lindsey
Kariss Lindsey - 15 dager siden
laurens laugh is sooo contagious lol. something might not be funny, but lauren will laugh at it and it makes you smile and laugh
im just here as a memory
im just here as a memory - 15 dager siden
And it was said that dear old louren continued to say, "it's ......... after my birthday so you better like this" till the next year.
R.I.P lourens saying
2020 till 2021
It will be missed dearly.
Berry bear
Berry bear - 16 dager siden
Bobby is so supporting and it's so cute how Lauren is so proud of it
Sandra Zurbruegg
Sandra Zurbruegg - 17 dager siden
Just want to say this um to fould in something is that while the egg is cooking u are supposed to add it in slowly as u are cooking the egg. I don't mean to be rude but still just try it.
Todideku Shipper
Todideku Shipper - 17 dager siden
Dang Dang
Bae Kun
Bae Kun - 17 dager siden
Anyone rewatching in 2021?
Thamika Bessard
Thamika Bessard - 18 dager siden
Your texting and making something
BubbleBo Boo
BubbleBo Boo - 18 dager siden
lauren hates ham like meeeee
Sleep Mask
Sleep Mask - 18 dager siden
523 dislikes
5.12M suds
Mattie Patel
Mattie Patel - 18 dager siden
Is that Laurel Zay I see?
Brooke Estes
Brooke Estes - 18 dager siden
Why did I used to think baked alaska was fish?
Joanna Bizabani
Joanna Bizabani - 19 dager siden
...hooba es nurbler!
The Blue Crewmate
The Blue Crewmate - 19 dager siden
her cooking skills and presentation did really improved for the past years...
Baylee Kittelson
Baylee Kittelson - 19 dager siden
Makes sense why such expensive food comes in very small portions - it's unhealthy😂
Otter Love
Otter Love - 19 dager siden
Wow that’s a terrible chef but it looks so good
Madeline's Sweet Treats
Madeline's Sweet Treats - 19 dager siden
So I watched this when it was uploaded and I just started baking and when I watched it I wanted to make a baked Alaska then today I made it and it was amazing she might have not done it perfectly but it still was good and so was mine it was so much fun thank you for inspiring me to do this I love your vids and I hope you keep doing what your doing😊❤️⭐️
Alaina J
Alaina J - 19 dager siden
Lauren should make her sim pregnant so that when the child ages they can see what she looks like lol
Ilicedacow - 19 dager siden
Dexter is so cuteeeeee
Kylie Roselynn
Kylie Roselynn - 20 dager siden
lauren: im a gourmet chef
also lauren: this looks terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ItzMeAudrey - 20 dager siden
The “Suol Suol” gets me every time 😂
MyaAftonPlays Fnaf
MyaAftonPlays Fnaf - 20 dager siden
If I made the cake I would eat all of the left over cake!! I love 🎂 🎂🎂🎂.
Galaxy Gacha Unicorn
Galaxy Gacha Unicorn - 21 dag siden
0:45 woofum means dog 😂! Lauren is cooking a dog!
Abigail Topliss
Abigail Topliss - 21 dag siden
Ok, I’m not sure about that method of making baked Alaska. First, ur meant to use a geloise sponge. Then add on the ice cream ( I usually use just vanilla, but that is just preference) then Add the meringue, smoothing it around the entire cake, and either use a blowtorch or put it in the oven( high temp for short time so the ice cream doesn’t melt) and then serve. Tip: don’t drink lemonade with it. Trust me.
PuppyGirlVlogs - 21 dag siden
PuppyGirlVlogs - 21 dag siden
Congratulations Lauren, you finally swore in a video (two years first minute)
Zachary Bresnahan
Zachary Bresnahan - 21 dag siden
Is anyone watching this hungry? at like 4 in the mornin and your to lazy to go get chips or somethin
Amelia Smith
Amelia Smith - 21 dag siden
Her: 1/4 sugar JEEZ
Brooke Estes
Brooke Estes - 21 dag siden
I've actually tried the prosciutto wrapped asparagus before, my mom made it for Christmas dinner. (No, she does not play the sims). Also, now I want a monte cristo.
Gacha Xoxo
Gacha Xoxo - 22 dager siden
So I’m watching this now and I thought she said Lauren’s simp kitchen
foxquee - 22 dager siden
you like gouda but...

at my house, it's a Havarti party.
Christine Hiner
Christine Hiner - 22 dager siden
make another one of theses videos
lilys secret name
lilys secret name - 22 dager siden
"susu" lol
ANNABELLE PHAN - 22 dager siden
Lauren: We need to cut off the crust
Bobby: Why?
*Lauren eats the crust*
Jill Rabon
Jill Rabon - 23 dager siden
Just watched another sims YouTuber make the baked Alaska
Lola P
Lola P - 23 dager siden
The baked Alaska reminds me of gbbo baked Alaska gate
Lola P
Lola P - 23 dager siden
Leon Gomez
Leon Gomez - 23 dager siden
NarwhalVega - 23 dager siden
When I was 9 yrs old I cooked better than her🤣🤣

Lol ily Lauren
ffestivelizzie - 24 dager siden
The monte cristo sandwich looks so good... I wanna try it. But I’m not a great chef like Lauren. 😭
Olivia - 24 dager siden
Oh my, i just realized, im not the only person on the planet that calls it cream of tar tar and not tartar.
Bakers will know what i mean.
And when i make baked alaskas i just use cool whip bc its easier and it just tastes better and u dnt have to worry about eating raw egg whites.
Momma Mickey
Momma Mickey - 24 dager siden
Loving the guitar spatula 😍
Katie K
Katie K - 24 dager siden
Me when first sees Lauren put the whipped....stuff : it’s not AS bad as I thought it would be... it all starts to melt off. Me : never mind!
남은지 - 25 dager siden
Laurenzside VS Amai Odayaka ( Yandere simulator rival)
Coco Bean
Coco Bean - 25 dager siden
I dont think you whisked the egg whites enough
Coco Bean
Coco Bean - 25 dager siden
We ate frittata at school a lot of times-
Nunya Business
Nunya Business - 26 dager siden
FlyingWolf_games - 26 dager siden
I have to say gloom is a better Cook